FRINGE Producers On Peter’s Problem & Returning Character


You cease to exist for one minute and the whole world forgets you. Peter must have broken a lot of mirrors in the other timeline because from a certain perspective he’s not having a lorra luck right now. EPs Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman offer their thoughts on Boy Wonder’s predicament and tease the return of a Seriable favorite.

Spoiler Alert..

Peter was kept at arm’s length in “Novation” as the team tried to get a handle on who he is and how he knows top top secret information. Pinkner explains:

Peter is an unknown quality. Peter is a fringe event. And they need to appropriately treat him as such. They’re certainly way — he knows information that as far as they know is impossible. Walter, obviously, has a deeply emotional reaction to the fact that this boy is claiming to be the grownup version of his son. And treating him with anything less than delicate kid gloves would have been irresponsible. It also speaks to [Peter’s] condition which is, “Wait a minute, what? [Laughs] I’m being held prisoner?”

As for the reports of a certain David Robert Jones returning to the fray, the producers are mindful of spoiling the fun, but Wyman teases the issue:

We’ve never really said in what capacity — you know Fringe. We do things that…I think we’ve said before: if you said to us, “Hey, we heard that there’s going to be a love triangle between Peter and Olivia and some other person,” and people reported that, only Fringe could twist it so you were kind of right, but you were kind of wrong. It was really between Peter and Olivia and another Olivia, which is a whole other dynamic. We’re allowed to do things that are really weird.

Pinkner adds:

To what extent and what the character is and who the character is and how the character is, those are things that we don’t want to spoil.

You can read more at Give Me My Remote. (HT: Allie).

It must be hard for Peter, to be fair. There’s not much wiggle room once you know your own destiny lies in the BBM’s grip, but somehow he found a crack and came back to a world where he’s treated like a criminal. Well, technically he is a criminal, and that Fringe Division intercom wont repair itself (unless it’s a shapeshifting intercom), but from his perspective things have certainly been better.

But isn’t this what sacrifice is about? Did he really think they could cheat the rules of time without any consequence? That said, he could be dealing with it a lot worse. Sure, he’s been a bit smug at times but, as I said in our review, I appreciate the way he’s handled Walter’s handling of him.

Is Peter the problem as suggested in the recent teaser:

Oh, he’s a problem alright, but he can also be a solution once again. BUT he’s got to earn it. Anyone can put their arms in the BBM and clench really hard (though he does do it rather well), but solving this particular dilemma will really earn his stripes. Let’s see what Boy Wonder is made of.

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