FRINGE Producers Observe Importance Of 2036 Return; Why It’s Not Everything


Fringe showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman preview the fifth and final season of the serial-favorite in the new issue of SFX Magazine — Read on for a snippet.

While we already know that Season 5 will revisit the totalitarian Observer State from “Letters of Transit,” here’s what Wyman said when asked that question in the new issue of SFX:

“Yeah, I think it’s safe to say you will [see that]. Part of our storytelling is about reveals and re-contextualizing what you think you know and what you’ve seen and putting it in a different mind frame for the viewer. It’s good to say that future is important to our storytelling but it’s not the be-all and end-all. The critical question is always why do we do flashbacks or flash-forwards and for us there is always a reason. Does ‘Letters Of Transit’ have further implications? It does. You need to understand what it is, or was, in order to fully grasp the thematic things we want to tell this year.”

Fans seem divided over the relative merits of “Letters Of Transit” (or rather, the positioning of it), which offered an intriguing look at the future trajectory of the overarching story, but due to its time-jumping format also removed a fair amount of wind from the sails of subsequent plot reveals.

As I think I mentioned at the time, this was unfortunate; there are pros and cons to almost every storytelling decision, and sometimes the jump has to be taken to lay the track. The good news is that there is a final season which should bring further context to the Observer takeover and all that ensues.

SFX #223 hits shops on Wednesday 30 May.

Source: SFX

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