FRINGE Producers 70% Confident Over Season 5 Return


While the future of Fringe is still up in the air, the show’s executive producers believe there’s more chance of the show returning for a fifth season than not.

Speaking at today’s Fringe WonderCon panel (Sunday, March 18) Jeff Pinkner said he thinks the odds of the show coming back are good:

“I think we’re 70/30 that the show is coming back. We’re inside of it and we’re very hopeful, but those odds may be skewered by our own aspirations.”

J.H. Wyman, however took a more cautious stance towards renewal, noting that nothing is set in stone:

“I’ve been in the business for so long, you never know. Something can always change at the last minute, so that’s what’s so precarious.”

The producers also reiterated their intention to continue the story should FOX pull the plug on the sci-fi serial, with Wyman saying:

“We were thinking, if things ended, we would make a very special edition or triple edition of the [Beyond The Fringe] comics. There are so many ideas and stories we want to do, so for our fans it would be a big deal. So for this show, more than any other show, it’s a possibility.”

We’ll update with more Fringe news from WonderCon shortly.

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  1. says

    Roco, I am just wondering, worst-case scenario, if Beyond The Fringe was the result of failed negotiations, could Pinkner and Wyman face trademark inFRINGEments ? Who owns the rights to the name ?

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    • says

      @Betty: Can’t say for sure, but shouldn’t think they’d have problems. DC Comics, etc, should have their backs covered.

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  2. Belle says

    I haven’t been reading the comics because I’m not confident that the comic’s writers are enough a part of the show to know where it’s supposed to be heading.

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    • says

      I have been reading them fairly regularly. josh jackson wrote the story for the “where peter went” when he became the “first person”. it fit nicely with what you’re seeing on the show.

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