Fringe ‘Olivias’ Wallpaper Echoes Echo And Dollhouse

Fox has released a brand new Fringe season 3 wallpaper featuring a pair of gun-toting Olivias. I’m guessing that’s Olivia on the right and Altlivia on the left, though I’m not sure it really matters.

It’s a cool look for sure, but while I could maybe (possibly) picture Altlivia rocking a pair of guns, I’m not sure it’s quite Olivias style. She’s more of a one-handed, one gun kind of girl. So they were obviously going for a ‘hyped’ up look.

To be honest, they remind me very much of those Dollhouse promotional photos of Echo from a couple of years back.

Dollhouse’s Echo:

Very similar style-wise. I don’t think I was ever the biggest fan of these Echo images (flashy but lacking substance), but they were more in-keeping with the style of that show, and the character.

It’s only a wallpaper, but it’s one of the growing signs that Fringe is becoming a different show. And not ‘new chapter’ different.

You can download the latest Fringe wallpaper over at FOX.

via: Fringe Bloggers

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