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  • Among the historical records on Edwin’s data cube is an account of Fringe Division’s “new role” within the Observer-run society.
  • No doubt Broyles did some political bargaining to reposition Division between society and the Observers. This may have began with the best of intentions, but where does Broyles stand when push comes to shove? “Letters Of Transit” suggests he’s still fighting on the side of the angels, but the proof will be in the pudding when it comes down to it.
  • Broyles also makes his first appearance of the season as a projection.

  • Other records include reference to oxygen levels reaching “new lows” (we know from “Transilience” that the air was too oxygen rich for the Observers so they built pollution machines) and “thousands of libraries burned to the ground”, most likely the Observers’ attempt to erase humanity history.

  • There are also records on the Fringe team being called out of the shadows of secrecy to help fight the invaders, and a later account of their presumed demise, though where Edwin got those Fringe promotional photos from is a question! 😉
  • A clear shot of Gene, who lives on under the amber arch.

  • A reflective Captain Windmark gazes into his ‘mirror’ at the world he has re-created.

  • The most intimate depiction of the high-ranking Observer to date, his reflection here does two main things — reiterates the omnipresence of the Observers, while suggesting the separation of their hold over humanity.
  • The ‘washed out’ nature of Windmark’s reflection might further imply that defeat is on the horizon.

  • With the future in the balance, Windmark observes a projection of the Fringe team — the threat to the system, the awakened souls who could yet topple Observer rule and free humanity from the “program”.


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  1. Nico says

    Doc Jensen over at ew noted that olivia actually relayed the wrong coordinates, the real ones being for a spot in Canada, so there might be something to that.

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  2. says

    Now my sunday is complete!

    Great observations, I didn`t notice the dates in Olivia memory, so that`s probably a mix with something from present time, I don`t know.

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  3. Peanut says

    Etta was cute when she let Olivia know that her mommy was even more awesome than advertised–Etta must have wondered what Olivia was really like based on all of the stories that she must have heard over the years. Because she lacks the hubris that is so typical of heroes, Olivia is less likely to make the mistakes that accompany that particular heroic tendency. Instead, I think that she has a healthy self-doubt that makes her questioning herself & her own actions a largely positive trait.

    Appreciate your observations, as always, Roco.

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  4. matt says

    cubes reminded me of dr. who slow invasion cubes

    the comics were awesome. walter looked like the crazy scientist from something. maybe guy at end of alcatraz or person in one of the fringe comics or something, but either way cool

    i thought they were going to say the guy waiting for walter was william bell. i wonder who it was! its driving me nuts! def important. very intriguing. wonder who the heck it could be?!

    still wondering why the observers didnt build breathers/masks like they had in river’s comic rather than scorching the atmosphere if they really want to save earth/humanity from itself (which, until we leqrned their methods and what else theyve been up to, i actually thought was quite admirable and that they might not be as bad as they seem but smog machines? not cool…)

    you mean proof is in the butterscotch pudding right rocco lol

    gene in amber is both hopeful and sad. poor cow…

    apple pill is a horrible thought. hope it never comes to that. i love food way too much to take apple pills…

    interesting thought with the stasis ruines and the portal idea was interesting as well. maybe walter is going to go ahead with bellies plan after all (cause he wasnt as bad as he was made out to be – i still think his plan had something to do with avoiding/preventing observer conquest right from the beginning with the storm talk and snow globes given that he knew something about observers, enough in fact to make guns to defend himself and stasis ruines to stop em in their tracks) and needs an energy source to pwer the creation of a new sans observer universe?

    anyone else think the laser thibg was a bit hoaky? how could they possibly be accurate enough with one to cut down the amber right to the surface or something without melting that something? they shoulda just had them cut out blocks then remove things from em the way they did with people. woulda been a little more believable yaknow?

    walter finding his old stash and making the regroup excuse to stay around and cone up was great. if i had a nickle for every time i tried to pull something like that to lax and burn one instead of going somewhere…

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  5. Jim says

    Gene in amber just makes me sad… I hope they get her out before the end of the season!

    Btw, hitman Donald from ”August” might still be alive in the new timeline. Although I doubt that it’s the same guy.

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    • says

      @Jim – good point about Donald *shakes fist at timeline*. Yeah, don’t think it’s him though. Still, interesting that they went for that name, perhaps to be cheeky.

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  6. Aria Mohtadi says

    Great observations, thanks!

    The pill also brings Olivia’s (or little observers’?) “pills” mind…and perhaps Morpheus too. 😀

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  7. YourPique says

    It’s very possible Broyles cooperated w/ the Observers to protect his family – allowed them to maintain their lifestyle to some degree.

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  8. Karen Sutton says

    In the picture grab you have of the 2 Observers dragging Donald away the Observer on the right is wearing a long coat that looks like the one Widmark is wearing.
    Can’t see his face but his coat is very much like his.

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  9. jade86 says

    “Walter notes that “in 1923 a mine collapsed in Peru”. Another Peru reference after Simon Foster argued that the Fringe team were not in Peru.”

    If i remember correctly, in 1×06 Nina and Peter were talking about something precious found in Peru.

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  10. Sanj says

    That dragon…I think you may be stretching your interpretation. More likely the “dragon” is a reference to MIT/Caltech adventures in spelunking the steam tunnels. It’s been done before…the movie “Real Genius” has steam tunnels with “Here be dragons” spray painted in them (and Real Genius parodies CalTech quite extensively). Heck I think that Tom Hanks did an awful movie called “Mazes and Monsters” about D&D in campus steam tunnels that drove him crazy. Hence Walter’s comment “I’ve been looking for you for a long time!” to the dragon.

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    • says

      How about chasing the dragon, as in the use of preferred drug to get the uttimate high. Maybe Bellie and Walter roamed the underground tunnels, under the influence, and left dragon markers to find their way back to the lab.

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  11. James says

    If Donald is who we think he is, then he may not be dead, because Peter wasn’t around in this timeline to kill him.

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  12. DadzBoys says

    It’s very little to go on, but from the image of “Donald” he look sto me like Sam Weis. His size, his jacket, hair, jeans. All very Sam Weis-like.

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