In this edition of Fringe Observations we tear “Worlds Apart” for clues and overarching connections.


  • Walter’s illustration of the universe collapse brings to mind Nina’s snow globe demonstration of the ‘great storm’; explaining what would happen if the two universes occupied the same space.

  • The Observer finds himself at Sydney Harbour as Sally Clarke prepares to activate her end of Jones’ plan.


  • Cortexiphan, though it’s not exactly clear whether it’s administered to Olivia or Alt-Nick. In the previous timeline non-Cortexiphaned adults died from Walternate’s Cortexiphan treatments, though it seems they received more than one dose.
  • If Alt-Nick was the recipient, a minimal dose was presumably safe in helping facilitate Olivia’s ability to ‘see’ Nick through his doppelganger.

  • Nick still has his “2” scar in this timeline.

  • A reflective Lincoln lee moment, perhaps foreshadowing his later decision to remain in the alternate universe at the closure of the Bridge, while reinforcing the severed link between the two universes — worlds apart.

  • The likely clue for the next episode is a “Liberty” sign with the logo of a bell, surely in reference to William Bell, who was revealed to still be alive in this timeline. Earlier reports of his demise were much exaggerated.

  • Bad Robot’s recurring number 47 pops up again.

  • The creation of the Bridge was underlined by Olivia’s “we’re here now.” As they come full circle, the dissolution of the Bridge is marked by Walter saying “I think shall miss them..” Not important in and of itself, but those two lines encapsulate the healing that has taken place throughout this past arc. His “..more than I imagined” is also interesting given the ongoing creation themes.

  • Perhaps nothing given that it occurred in a different timeline, but it’s somewhat interesting that William Bell disappeared into Olivia’s subconscious during a ‘storm,’ and his potential return to the story comes amid DRJ creating storms (and the like) with a view to crafting a new realm. With Olivia having regained her memories from the other timeline, it’s not out of the question that a part of Bellie is still rattling around inside her. Not that I think he’ll necessarily return this way, but it’s worth noting.
  • Nick and the other Cortexiphan kids are (for the most part) wearing dark clothing, as per the original ZFT mythology.
  • Walternate quotes Marcus Aurelius: “The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” This can be looked at in several ways, though I like attaching it to DRJ’s quest to essentially shape a new world from his imagination.
  • DRJ’s activation of Cortexiphan kids in this timeline may suggest that he was behind their activation in the original timeline, though with Bellie recently confirmed as still in-play, we could get a different retrospective answer. As for the current timeline, it could be that DRJ is working against or with Bellie.
  • The glyphs for this episode spelled ALIVE — perhaps in reference to William Bell.

Previously on Fringe Observations: 4.19 “Letters Of Transit”

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  1. hsa says

    Thank you Roco. These are wonderful observations. How many time do you watch each episode in order to pick these up? On Fringeblooger, no one seemed to pick up on the observer in Australia.

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    • says

      Glad you enjoy them, hsa. I usually watch the episode clean thru making mental notes for the review and Obs, then I go back and grab the screencaps. So it works out between 1-2 times.

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      • hsa says

        Thank you Roco. I thought you would need to rewatch it more than a few times given your detail. I think I will print all of the observations from the beginning as they show the layers and references so well.

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  2. DougieFresh says

    Your thoughts sir……

    I recently bought season one and started watching it again. In 1.2, when Walter takes Peter to the garage to find his old car, Peter pulls out a glass jar with a hand in it….he says “friend of yours.” Walter responds “lord I hope not.”

    Interesting enough he just cut off his “friend” William Belles hand….

    Any way there is a connection?

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    • says

      @DougieFresh – I think that’s an interesting theory. I’m a fan of time-loops in Fringe, so I guess it could come into play in some form.

      The fact that the hand is seemingly severed in a different iteration might pose an obstacle, and there would also need to be a reason for it to end up in the ‘past’ (since nothing seemed came of it in the original timeline). That said, there could be a connection, either direct or indirect, so it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

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  3. Ben S says

    Anyone else notice the kind of last supper composition near the end of the ep with all the fringies sitting together at the table before deciding to part ways forever? kind of a nice little visual nod to the apparent final gathering of everyone.

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  4. Morgan Faets says

    I know the shot of Sydney is CG but they could have done it a bit better.. haha geographically it doesnt work, the opera house is on the wrong side!

    also.. wouldnt the time difference make Sydney in the dark?

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  5. May says

    I know this is ridiculously late but they were definitely administering Cortexiphan to Alt-Nick, not Olivia. You could see the tube containing the the red cortexiphan going into Alt-Nick’s arm (screenshot). Plus, a later angle clarifies that it was definitely positioned next to Alt-Nick, not Olivia (screenshot).

    It does seem kind of silly since he wasn’t given cortexiphan as a kid as you pointed out…

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