FRINGE OBSERVATIONS: 4.18 The Consultant


Welcome to Fringe Observations — your weekly guide to the clues and connections throughout all four seasons of Fringe. This week, we comb through “The Consultant” for the story within the story.


  • The money-driven exec getting his comeuppance may be a tongue-in-cheek dig at the pressures of keeping a network serial on the air. Aartz may also be a nod to Leslie Arzt from LOST, who also met a grizzly demise. The “A” stops short at being overly similar to the famous aleph.

  • Possible religious symbolism? A sacrifice Jones demanded..

  • Walter realizes the case may be linked to the alternate universe, as he peers at a reflection of himself and the team. Reflections have long been a part of the storytelling language of Fringe, and it’s neat to see the characters themselves acknowledge their poignancy.

  • “CHECK POINT 20-36” is likely to be the next episode clue.

  • In a nod to the previous episode, Walter observes the reduced list of hot-spots. The use of green, red and yellow (amber) offer thematic tie-in.
  • You could draw a parallel with the ‘amber timeline’s’ recent ‘re-population’ with various memories from the timeline that was.

  • Altlivia tells Walter that it’s getting better, “the bridge is helping to heal our world,” as he peers down at an actual bridge/pier, reinforcing the sentiment.

  • The Observer can be seen walking up the stairs when DRJ meets Broylnate to give him the device for the BBM.

  • Chris’ condition is healing as a result of DRJ’s treatment.
  • In “Everything In Its Right Place,” both Lincolns confirmed that their mothers had died. So who was the woman at Lincolnate’s funeral who said “..our children aren’t supposed to die before we do”? Most likely his step mom or a continuity error.
  • Walter: “It’s a miracle we made it in one piece, you drive like a daredevil.”
  • Continuing the spiritual themes, Walter makes mention of the “wrath of God,” playing into the DRJ themes.
  • The notion of an “invisible hand” brings back memories of the ‘computer hand’ from “The No Brainer.”
  • “That will be $18.47” — Bad Robot’s number 47 pops up again.
  • The cab Jones targeted went over a bridge, adding to the ‘Bridge’ themes.
  • Altstrid ran the list of 108 names that Altlivia gave to Col. Broyles — 108 is a nod to LOST.
  • Ninate and Broylnate’s cell numbers: HC-326, HC-324 — any significance?
  • The glyph for this episode spelled SIMON.

Previously on Fringe Observations: 4.17 “Everything In Its Right Place”

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  1. Rick Terry says

    One thing that really stuck out to me this episode was the DRJ was sporting one red and one Blue eye. Of course this is due to his “condition” but I think a nod to the collapsing of both worlds too.

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  2. says

    The glyph for this episode is Simon…?
    Makes me think of the game “Simon Says,” and the absolute control that Simon has over the game, just like a totalitarian view of life in Letters Of Transit.

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    • Pwnsauce says

      I was puzzled as well, and the only things I could come up with were Simon Phillips the Cortexiphan mind reader and Dr. Simon Paris, aka William Bell. Neither of these seem likely to have any relevance, so I’m really stuck. Your explanation could be what they were going for, but I can in no way say yes or no to it.

      Roco, any thoughts on the meaning? It’s only a name, so it’s gotta be about someone or something named Simon, right?

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      • says

        “Roco, any thoughts on the meaning? It’s only a name, so it’s gotta be about someone or something named Simon, right?”

        Pwnsauce, I had the same thoughts as you and others mentioned here — Henry Ian Cusick’s character, Cortexikid Simon, Simon Paris, or perhaps a Simon Says reference. The first is perhaps more likely. (although Simon Paris did remove a portion of Walter’s brain and in this episode Walter apparently has a brain injection, according to the photo descriptions. It’s very unlikely, but an indirect reference?)

        As an alternative, I was thinking it could be the name of another character in 2036. The Observers are usually named after months, but who knows what this departure installment will bring?..

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  3. Red Balloon says

    Did anyone happened to notice that Alt-Broyles’ SHOW ME card says 31/12/1969 on his date of birth?…Is that correct?, I thought he was older.

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