FRINGE OBSERVATIONS: 3.22 The Day We Died – Season 3 Finale

Welcome to Fringe Observations: the comprehensive guide to the clues and easter eggs from the Fringe Season 3 finale, episode 3.22 – The Day We Died”.

We also dive deep into the mythology, symbolism, and resonating factors to explore the meaning and unlock the interconnected mystery of Fringe.

20-26 Vision

As we predicted last time out, the episode clue from “The Last Sam Weiss” for “The Day We Died” was the number on the police car – “2026”- in reference to the year that Peter’s future place.

Fringe Revision

A close look at the revised Fringe Division logo of the future. ‘Over Here’ have adopted the parallel “F” thematic that was used by the alternate universe Fringe Division.

Dead Red

Red is a popular color in Fringe. In part, the color is a thematic marker for the alternate universe. Here we see Moreau (“More AU”) continue his mission to bring about the end of days – Walternate’s revenge for Peter destroying his universe. The red is almost a homage to his world.

The light-bomb that Moreau employs issues a variant of the famous green-green-green-red color sequence – a mythology pattern with ties to the Observers, it was first introduced in the Pilot on Olivia’s uncle’s kayak.

Here, the sequence runs backwards: red-red-red-green. Perhaps there’s something in that?

The famous blue flash, seen here in the form of energy as Moreau’s light bomb destroys the opera house..

..causing it to snow. Olivia used her emotions to make it snow in “Subject 13”.

Incidentally, this is the same opera house that Olivia, Walter, Nick Lane, Sally Clark and James Heath used to cross over there in the Season 2 finale, Part 1. We find out that Walternate’s End-Of-Dayers targeted locations with these ‘soft spots’ to accelerate doomsday.

As an aside, it’s somewhat interesting that Walternate is again involved in accelerating a natural process, after speeding up the birth of Baby Henry in “Bloodline”.

Future Fringe

The new Gray title sequence contained the following Fringe sciences of the future:

They all relate to things that are in short supply in this branch of the future.

The “Observers Are Here” easter egg is still present.

Another Look at the Future Fringe Intro Sequence!

Rocket Poppeteers!

The Rocket Poppeteers poster outside of the Orpheum Opera House is a viral clue (inset) relating to the upcoming JJ. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie, Super 8.

You can visit the Rocket Puppeteers viral site here.

Pen-ny For Them

There have been many pen references over the past season or so. Here’s another vague reference with Peter using his pen to pick up Moreau’s light-bomb dud.

Grin And Beard It

A bearded and disheveled Walter in prison echoes the St. Claire’s scene from the Pilot (inset). We often talk about the circular nature of the story, this is another example in one of the most overtly cyclical Fringe episodes to date.

Window Seal

Walter looks at Peter through another window, in a thematic callback to “Peter”. The physical distance between them is small, but Walter’s level disconnect with ‘Peter’s reality’ is fairly large due to his time in confinement.

An Eye Phill

Broyles loses his right eye at some point in the future. This may be connected to the “Detroit” incident that obviously holds great meaning to him and Peter.

In an artistic sense, it may symbolize an ‘imbalance’ in Broyles.

The most evoking connection comes from the fact that in the alternate universe Broyles’ son, Chris, was blind. Another example of the way nature appropriates balance, and the sometimes gradual onset of this effect.

Lab Of Honor

Peter reintroduces Walter to his old lab in a scene that parallels the Pilot episode (inset).

The Walts And The Loop

Walter spins around in his swivel chair before twirling Olivia around moments later. Both actions mimic the time-loop that the characters are travelling in.

Draw Forward

Amanda from across the street draws a picture of Olivia, Peter and their ‘future’ child. The child is holding Peter’s hand but not Olivia’s – foreshadowing of some kind?

The drawing is similar to the one that young Olivia drew of herself and Peter in “Subject 13”.

Prized Possession

The word “POSSESSION” can be seen under the magnifying glass. It could refer to Peter ‘possessing’ his future consciousness, and the general melding of consciousness seen in this episode.

Amber Central

An aerial look at the wormhole in Central Park, encased in amber.

Here it resembles a yellow ambered road to the past.

Ride On Reiden Lake

An interesting look at the vegetation around Reiden Lake, the location of the Zero Event. Despite the alternate universe being destroyed several years earlier, this may well be a sign that the Blight continues to manifest over here. (indeed, it is implied throughout the episode).

Off His Chess

Chess board – game reference.

Projection Walternate

Walternate tricks Peter using a projection of himself – something that is there, but not. This is the latest in a long line of projection references, a few of which include:

Projection Peter – Olivia’s subconscious representation of Peter, who helped her to find her way home from the alternate universe during the early part of Season 3.

The many projections encountered in ‘LSD’, when Walter and Peter went inside Olivia’s subconscious to rescue her from her own confusion.

By the end of “The Day We Died”, Peter himself becomes a kind of projection, as he doesn’t exist in the new time-line that he created.

Only Sept

Olivia, Ella and the Fringe operatives are knocked unconscious by the vortex blast. The overhead shot reveals the words: ONLY SEPT.

This may be an intentional easter egg relating to September, particularly given his prominent focus at the end of the episode and his increasing ability to correctly perceive the choices the characters make.

September is also the ninth month of the year, and the 9 characters appear to be arranged in the shape of a “9“.

Fire + Water

Olivia’s Viking-esque funeral incorporated fire and water. Water is representative of the subconscious – a prominent theme in Olivia’s journey. Fire (pyrokinesis) is also one of Olivia’s most portrayed abilities.

The increasing occurrence of vortexes may also mean that more people burn the bodies of the dead, rather than have them disappear into oblivion.


Peter’s vision of the future spanned days, however it only lasted just over 60 seconds worth of linear time in the ‘past’.

It takes Peter around 6 minutes to join the two universes, making the change that Future Walter talked about.

I’ll Join Blue Together

Peter joins the two universes by tearing holes in both, leading to the Machine room. The process is accompanied by the famous blue flash.

This act would also imply that there is now one BBM.

Observing The Observers

Ten Observers (one is slightly obscured above), including December and September, converge outside the Statue of Liberty.

Informing Quotes

Future Peter tells Olivia that he feels “just like new“. This is interesting in a time-liney-wimey sort of way.

Astrid: “The end of days. That’s one of my father’s favorite sermons. When the world dies and the saviour arrives to end the suffering and usher all the worthy into heaven.”

Peter on needing Walter’s help: “I think now it might be past time.”

Peter to Walternate: “I’m sorry for destroying our world. If I could take back that choice, I would.”

Walter to Ella: “Truly, if I could go back in time and change things, I would. I’d do anything to be able to go back and make different choices.”

Other Observations
  • The recurring ‘Bad Robot number’ returns, this time with Peter’s age in this vision of the future – 47.
  • Broyles’ initial resistance to granting Walter’s temporary release parallels the Pilot, when Olivia needed to get Walter out of St. Claire’s to save John Scott.
  • Future Olivia wears brighter colors, as opposed to the grays the Cortexiphan subjects were conditioned to wear.
  • Olivia asks Peter “how you holding up?” In Over There Part 2, William Bell says to Peter: “you’re holding up better than I would have thought.”
  • Walter notes that Walternate’s light-bomb technology is 10-15 years ahead of its time. It’s interesting to consider that Walternate is still ahead of the curve, even though his universe has long been destroyed.
  • Without Walternate’s technology, Walter may not have realized that he was the one who sent the Machine back through time. This in turn adds another layer to time-loop and the almost sentient entanglement of both Walters.
  • Red doors carry thematic weight, particularly since “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide“. Peter enters through the red door of his old beach house.
  • Duality reference: Peter calls Walter and Walternate, Yin and Yang. This concept also signifies balance, and relates to the loop that our characters are caught up in.
  • Olivia seems to deactivate the BBM when she approaches Peter, though it could be argued that his vision was naturally coming to an end. The former makes sense in that Olivia is the “fail-safe”.
  • The glyph code for “The Day We Died” is NO MORE. As is in no more alternate universe (for a while), and no more Peter (in some context), and the ‘undoing’ of the future glimpsed in Peter’s vision.

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  1. Alaina says

    “The light-bomb that Moreau employs issues a variant of the famous green-green-green-red color sequence – a mythology pattern with ties to the Observers, it was first introduced in the Pilot on Olivia’s uncle’s kayak.”

    I was rewatching the pilot and caught an earlier green-green-green-red easteregg. Right before Olivia sees the kayak, there is a close-up of the machine monitoring her brainwaves and the lights on the machine are green-green-green-red. :)

    Like: Thumb up 0

  2. Red licorice says

    Very clever as always, Roco.
    About Broyles…doesn’t seem curious that Broyles has lost his RIGHT eye, just like Nina lost her RIGHT arm? This makes me wonder once again what is exactly the nature of the relationship between Broyles and Nina. Still not forgetting that strange kiss…!!

    Like: Thumb up 0

  3. Underseer says

    Just some ideas for the future concepts in the intro sequence:

    TEMPORAL PLASTICITY: Retrocausality –

    Ignore the ‘This is not considered part of science’ comment at the beginning of the Wikipedia article. Some wiki articles betray a dogmatic and narrow minded tone – the very thing Walter (and I) detests.

    In fact, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century, John Wheeler, proposed a ‘delayed choice’ experiment on subatomic particles that would demonstrate temporal plasticity. The mind bending thing is that three physicists at the universe of Maryland actually conducted this experiment and showed that retrocausality seemed to actually be happening.

    This is why quantum physics is sometimes referred to as ‘the invisible revolution’, because few outside the field are aware of the mind blowing implications.

    If you want to freak out even further, look up an interpretation of the ‘world line’ concept in physics, known in some quarters as ‘perdurance’: – in the fourth dimension (time) we are all interconnected ‘ribbons of light’ as someone put it.

    CHAOS STRUCTURE: chaos theory: and probably the most relevant implication, the butterfly effect: in which a small event – the flapping of a butterfly’s wings – can trigger a massive one – a hurricane. In the context of Fringe, a desperate act of love – Walter trying to save alt-Peter – triggers the (potential) downfall of two universes.

    Haven’t had time to look at the others, although bio suspension seems to be suspended animation – is that why Walter looked younger than Walternate – was Walter in some kind of suspension as punishment, like Sylvester Stallone’s character in Demolition Man?

    There has been criticism from pedantic people that many of the ‘so-called science’ in Fringe is in fact pseudo-science. To them I say: roughly 20% of the Universe’s matter has been shown to be composed of something called ‘dark matter’ and 70% of the universe’s energy is composed of something called ‘dark energy’.

    We know they’re real because they bend starlight in gravitational lensing. But they interact only very weakly with light and their nature is completely unknown to us. Some physicists believe they indicate the presence of a parallel universe.

    Be that as it may, when (roughly) 90% of the Universe’s composition is comprised of forms of matter and energy of an unknown nature, who can say what is ‘not possible’?

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • Darth Simous says

      Thums Up to the Underseers ‘remarks, especially to the Universe structure of (mainly) dark matter & dark energy.

      Like: Thumb up 0

    • Blind says

      with the blight it would be easier to use suspended animation on prisoners rather than having to feed and water them. It would use less resources

      Like: Thumb up 0

  4. Aaronia says

    Thank you, Roco, very interesting observations. Since I decoded the “No More” glyph code, I interpreted it as an addition to the title: “The Day We Died No More”, meaning the change in fate of this fateful day after Peter’s new choice.

    Like: Thumb up 0

  5. says

    Hey Roco, When I saw Peter place his gun on the chessboard I thought it was symbolic of Peter saying “Check”. As we learned, Walternate really had the upper hand and as he disappeared it was more like “Checkmate” in his favor. I guess you could say Peter conceded the match without him knowing it as he lay his gun down much like toppling his King in defeat.
    I noticed the soldier who presented the colors at Olivia’s funeral was named “Reese”. Much like the character, “Kyle Reese” of Terminator fame. Both were Sergeants from the future that had seen combat. Perhaps a subtle nod to that time traveling movie.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Dave, very nice interpretation on the chessboard. I like that.

      Also good catch re: the Terminator reference, I think that was indeed a nod.

      Thanks for the share!

      Like: Thumb up 0

      • Darth Simous says

        And, ofcource many thanks to you, Roco, for your precise Observations…
        May the Fringe Side of the Force be with you, always…

        Like: Thumb up 0

  6. edgesight says

    Anyone notice Walter flinch when Peter disappeared as he turned toward Walternate? Walternate didn’t even blink.

    Like: Thumb up 0

  7. Real1 says

    Very nice as usual Roco .

    When Walternat assassinated future Olivia , and she was at the ground with opened eyes .. same with s2ep1 when she was at the ground after the car accident same with s3ep8 when she came back from over there and collapsed at the ground in the lab … all these scene Olivia had her eyes opened .

    Like: Thumb up 0

  8. CH says

    My sister and I believe the glyphs for this episode and the last one are intertwined, “multi no more” meaning now they can become one…

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  9. g33k says

    I think the coffin being burned on the water and Peter subsequently going back in time to save her life was a call back to the scene in Brown Betty when Peter rescues Olivia from the coffin she’s thrown out to sea to die in.

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  10. Mike Mike says

    I remembered why I stopped watching Fringe when they decided to throw this into this series. I am speechless. This is very lost-esque of them. Start more before answering any.

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    • Patafamilius says

      Mike, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it, I am sure Fringe could do without one fan.

      Like: Thumb up 0

  11. Dac says

    I happened to be watching this episode last night and when Peter reaches into the freezer, next to the vodka is a couple can of “steak”. Nothing in Fringe is “just there” and wanted to share =)

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