FRINGE: Much Has Changed — New Season 4 Promo


A new Fringe promo teases the highly anticipated fourth season premiere with some smashing new footage. But how much has changed?


The promo aired during last night’s Kitchen Nightmares. Thanks to JD for the tip.

It’s difficult to get a sense of how much has changed from that footage, other than the fact that September says it has. But that’s the interesting part for me. He (or they) led us down this path and it only “appears” that much has changed? I like the use of that word.

As we’ve discovered, they know what ‘needs’ to happen, but they don’t know what will happen, exactly, until choices are made. Much like the Walter experiment back in The firefly, or even Peter out-loopholing himself in the BBM, the results of their experiments are only known once choices have been set. It’s all in constant motion.

I’m still curious as to who September is talking too on that phone of his, but, at this stage, I’d put my fedora on it being the First People (perhaps Walter or Peter, specifically).

Fringe Season 4 launches September 23 on FOX

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  1. Mirela says

    Oh my God! I am dying from anticipation! What will happen in these first four episodes and which Peter will manifest? The one we all know and love? Or a new Peter? If the Peter we all know and love comes back, what if the others don’t remember him? How will he get them to remember if he never “existed” in their current timeline? Or will the timeline reset and go back to our normal timeline? So many questions and so many possibilities. It’s such an exciting thought, I just really hope that the writers don’t disappoint. I haven’t been disappointed with Fringe yet and it’s so far it’s been getting better and better. So I am quite confident (or at least extremely hopeful) that it will keep getting better and that season 4 will be the best season yet!
    Now,if only I could fast forward the next 24 days…any ideas on how to make a time machine anyone?

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