FRINGE: Michael Cerveris Teases September’s Finale Secrets, Season 5 Trajectory


What role will our favorite Observer play in tonight’s Fringe season finale? Tony nominated Michael Cerveris provides a few teasers on that, and where the finale could take the overarching story in its final season.

Here’s what Cerveris, who plays September, had to say in an interview with Insider:

Insider: I was thrilled when last week’s promo revealed September would be back in the finale. What can you tease about the episode?
Michael: Yes! I was relieved to hear they’d let that much slip so I can confess to having been there. He does show up in Friday’s episode with some key bits of the puzzle to explain. But even he is caught off guard by some things that happen in the episode, which is nice because he’s normally a few universes ahead of everyone else. Some things happen that surprise even September – and will surprise the viewers for sure!

Insider: How would you categorize the finale in terms of what’s come before?
Michael: On a 10 scale, it’s 12 [laughs]. Jeff and J.J. Abrams described to me early on, in broad terms, what they were going to attempt with this show: battles between universes and heaven and earth and gods and men and I was sort of like, “Um … OK. We’ll see how that turns out.” [laughs] But they are really coming through with it. The questions and the stakes that get raised in the finale are nothing short of the survival of reality and the survival of humanity as we know it. Satisfying in a sci-fi way, but also really satisfying in a philosophical way. And as always, with Fringe, able to be reduced down to something as simple as the relationship between a father, a son and the woman he loves. It opens the door to the future and this dystopian Observer-land. Which one would hope has room for little old September somehow.

Insider: Well it seems like he can’t be killed, so I’m sure that reality will come to pass.
Michael: Yeah, well thank God there are enough universes for him to hide in. And what happened to him after he disappeared from Walter’s lab is specifically addressed in the finale.

Source: The Insider

Observe the Fringe Season 4 finale, Friday, May 11, 9/8c on FOX

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  1. trancefreak says

    Best program period. I cant believe a show like this can’t compete with at least 7 years of great Fringe. i will surly miss it unless ut pulls some weight to advance to another network. The Writers are amazing and I am sure if it did get more than 13 Eps they could always go another direction Fingers crossed but we know what will come to pass :(

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    • trancefreak says

      I meant I will surly miss it unless it could get more eps or another network contract.

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