Lost In The Multiverse? Check Out The FRINGE MAP

If you’re flicking back and forth between universes and you happen to get lost, you could do a lot worse than consult this Fringe Map.

Cartographer Jonah Adkins describes his Fringe map as follows:

“The Fringe Map”. The Multiverses of Fringe is my attempt at mapping multiple universes/parallel dimensions of the TV Show FRINGE.

Hit the jump for the larger view.

Click to make big:

Jonah (who also made the LOST map) points out the following items of note:

  • The differences in state names and boundaries (as per the differences between two universes).
  • “Hot-spot” type analysis of Fringe Events in the Alt. Reality.
  • The “pattern”.

Oh, The Pattern. Whatever happened to you?

Should you be interested in purchasing Jonah’s Fringe Map, you can do so here. You can find more information at the link below.

Thanks to Michael for sending this through.

Source: FringeMap

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