FRINGE: Letters Of Transit — Teaser #2


[UPDATE: Teaser #3 has now been released]

A second teaser for the upcoming 19th installment of Fringe Season 4 has now been posted, offering a little bit more of what fans can expect to experience on April 20th.

Spoilers for 4.19 follow, please continue at own discretion..

Billed as a ‘departure’ episode in a similar mold to 19th installments of seasons past, “Letters Of Transit” looks set to be one of the most talked about, easter egg-filled, outings of the season.

As we previously reported, LOST alum Henry Ian Cusick and Aussie actress Georgina Haig guest star in the episode as Fringe agents with ‘ties’ to our Fringe team, while the official release promises a time-jump, where those temporal Observers engage in a ‘game-changing’ battle with the Fringe team.

If you haven’t seen the first teaser, check out it out here. Then toggle back to watch this brand new second teaser in the player below:

‘Observer X‘: “Your Division is in charge of native crime, would you rather I was in charge of native crime?”

Do you have any thoughts on this latest tease (and those easter eggs)?


HT: Ari Margolis

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  1. Red Balloon says

    Hi Roco, There’s this letters on sec 7…though I don’t think it’s anything related to the original video…do you?


    BTW.- Will you help me with my user in FB because it’s not posting anything since today…Thanks!

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  2. says

    Easter eggs you say… second 3 shows an inverse of a blonde woman who doesn’t seem to be Olivia; the two X logos have an inverted briefcase as a background with some sort of device in it… ; second 6 shows a gent in a black collared shirt grappling with a very soviet looking officer, and the Observers seem to have gone ever farther back in terms of their dress. What are YOU seeing?

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    • Red Balloon says

      Great!, thanks…I also noticed that when the two X logos have the image of Peter? opening the briefcase, there are people’s heads silhouettes crossing down the screen, like in theaters, under layers of red and blue over the large amber tone.

      The words changed their order
      COMMUNITY was added,
      FREE WILL didn’t appear

      And now they also end with “NO”


      “Observer X‘: “Your Division is in charge of native crime, would you rather I was in charge of native crime?””

      I’m not sure if the man who says this line is an Observer, because at this time, the man appearing has a brown coat and seems to be military but with a fedora. At least I’m sure he wasn’t wearing black.

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      • Red Balloon says

        One more thing…Maybe my hearing isn’t that sharp, but I’m hearing “Walter Bishop is in charge of native crime”….instead of “Your Division”

        Perhaps COMMUNITY isn’t new…I don’t remember well.

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      • says

        The guy at the end is wearing a brown suit and a derby hat, but otherwise looks Observerish; that’s what I meant when I said their styles seem to be going backwards, but perhaps he’s not an Observer as we’re used to. Quite intriguing.

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  3. starg8fans says

    I may be terribly slow on the uptake, but this is the first time I noticed that the last image centers around an Observer’s tie, but that it’s sideways – just like the ‘4’ was in the teasers at the beginning of the season. I wonder if the 90˚ rotation has something to do with the Amber verse?

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  4. ari says

    there seems to be backwards speech at the beginning of this teaser. reverse the audio and i bet theres something there…

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  5. ari says

    yup i was right it says “agent he died”
    im going to try the first teaser to see if theres backwards audio
    ps im a different Ari

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  6. Romy says

    Maybe a strange thought, but:

    If the words are translated one on one from ‘Observian’ to English…
    … Doesn’t that provide us with a letter-based codex, so we can decipher the ‘Observian’ text used early on like in the notebook of September?

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