FRINGE: Lance Reddick On Broyles Return and Emotionally Shocking Development


Phillip Broyles resurfaces on tonight’s Fringe, and it’s going to be emotional according Lance Reddick.

As glimpsed in the previews for “The Bullet That Saved The World,” Broyles makes his first physical appearance of the season — and the big question concerns the direction of his loyalties.

For Reddick, it’s a case of how Broyles feels about the resistance and what he deems to be the best way to serve humanity. He tells THR:

“Which way he decides to go, and how he decides to help in whatever capacity he thinks is best is going to be what’s most interesting for Broyles this season.”

While Broyles’ perspective may or may not clash with the resistance’s methods, one thing not in question are his feelings towards Olivia and his former crew. He says of the emotional reunion:

“It’s like coming across family that you thought were dead for 25 years. When everyone sees him again, he doesn’t show up by accident.  That was the scene, that was great.”

It may be a case of family reunited on one hand, but the Fringe lords taketh away with the other, as death is seemingly about to knock at someone’s door. Reddick describes the development as “shocking”, one that “rocks the Resistance and the Fringe team to the core emotionally.”

See how it all unfolds tonight at 9/8c on Fox

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  1. June08 says

    Cough…It seems like it but hey, it’s Fringe, we are meant to imagine the impossible 😉
    So I still have my doubts or maybe :
    1. I’d like it to be someone less important than Etta because it will devastate P&O and we just began to know her
    2. I’d like it to be someone else for the WTF effect.
    Anyway, wait and see…

    Like: Thumb up 2

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