FRINGE: Joshua Jackson Knows How Series Ends, Teases Massive Sci-fi, Emotion-Filled End


While previous seasons have seen the cast of Fringe in the dark about where the show is going, this time it’s different. Indeed, Joshua Jackson knows exactly how the final season of Fringe will end, the actor has revealed.

While Jackson doesn’t give away any specifics, he reveals that showrunner J.H. Wyman has let the cast in on the different arcs the final season will hit and where it all ends, including the spectacular-sounding final set-piece of the series. Speaking at The Hollywood Reporter’s Comic-Con Roundtable, Jackson said:

“Because this is our last season, we have what I think is a very cool wrapping up of the entire series. This year [executive producer] Joel Wyman has been kind of shockingly forthcoming, our show is pretty impenetrable usually, but because this is the last year he wants everyone engaged [..] and everybody to know exactly what they’re doing.”

Jackson describes the ending as both macro and micro, in-keeping with some of Fringe‘s very best storytelling:

“It’s a big, massive sci-fi set-piece, the ending, but with a really important and finale-esque emotional center to it.”

As for whether said conclusion will be satisfying, Jackson erred on the side of caution, noting that while he thinks the ending rocks, it’s impossible to please everyone. He said:

“There’s never a good way to end a show, because you’re going to piss somebody off, because part of what’s fun about a TV show is that people get to fill in the gaps for themselves about who these characters are. But when you come to an ending, you tell them where those characters finish up.”

Jackson also confirmed that he and the other main cast members had a say in where their characters end up. Watch Jackson’s explanation of the final season of Fringe in the video below:

It’s an interesting move to let the cast in on the final piece of the Fringe puzzle from the get-go, though it sounds like Wyman really wants everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction for what will hopefully be a satisfying end to a good story. My personal feeling is that if they can get these last 13 episodes right, Fringe can go down as a legitimate classic. Fingers, knees and toes crossed.

Let the speculation on how Fringe ends, begin.

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  1. roneo says

    Now I’m really thrilled. Can’t wait till September.

    I think/hope that knowing the end-date is going to be the best thing happening to Fringe, in order to get that proper wrapping. And, given the amount of commitment that the cast seems to have with the show, it looks like giving them a say will be also very positive.

    Like: Thumb up 3

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