FRINGE: Joshua Jackson ‘If They Put Lincoln In The Peacoat, It’s On!’


Thank goodness I’m not the only one who misses Peter’s dashing peacoat. The important questions are certainly posed in Fringe Fans Ask..

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    • says

      Like Mark Twain said, ” Clothes makes the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”

      A man in plain clothes is a man … Peter, in his peacoat, is a 10 !

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  1. Red Balloon says

    Lol with the question…”WE MISS THE PEACOAT A LOT”…oh! and you too PETAH really!

    ha ha… awkward?…nahh, she intended well

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  2. Kira says

    😀 😀
    Well, since Peter meddled with Lincoln’s glasses…nah…
    A peacoat will make him feel at home on the amber timeline, and maybe everyone would remember him. 😛

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    • Kira says

      FYI :)
      These are some of the answers Roco has given:

      >>Roco January 23, 2012
      Yeah, FB is currently down. I’ll post an update on Seriable once it’s back up. Apologies for the inconvenience.<>JM January 21, 2012
      Roco could you give a guestimate as to when fringebloggers will be back up i am pining for it :(

      Roco January 21, 2012
      I’d rather not as I don’t want to put a fixture on it. But it shouldn’t be too long. I’ll post an update here once it nears reentry — apologies for the inconveniece.<<

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