FRINGE: John Noble Teases Final Season ‘Observer War’, Nimoy On ‘Ridiculous’ Snub


The upcoming fifth and final chapter of Fringe is expected to be Fringe Division’s most difficult battle yet, and with good reason. Referring to the Observer-run world of 2036, showrunner J.H. Wyman has described it as “the worst position they’ve ever been in”. He told TV Guide:

“It’s the worst position they’ve ever been in. Just by the very nature of an Observer, they think much faster than you, they have abilities that you do not have. They just know more about everything, about time and space. They’re going to have to really get it together to beat these guys.”

The show flashed-forward to 2036 in last season’s “Letters Of Transit” where the original Fringe team was freed from amber by Simon and Etta, Olivia and Peter’s grown up daughter, but bringing the ‘weird family unit’ back together doesn’t guarantee victory. As hinted in 4.19, the intel locked away in the recesses of Walter’s mind may be the key to defeating the Observers, something John Noble believes will be a journey in itself:

“He’s not a whole man. He’s damaged to some degree and will be further damaged, and he needs to find a way to go back and gather everything he knows to reclaim his memory to use that to resolve the issue that we have with this common enemy. We are going to be damaged in the process. It’s a war, so all of us will be damaged getting there.”

As for how our heroes came to wind up in amber in the first place, that’s a mystery Wyman wants fans to be asking:

“What happened? How did they get in amber? The day the Observers arrived, what did it look like? How did Olivia and Peter and everyone get separated? Why were they all together? Why was Bell there? The history will surprise you when you realize there’s a lot of emotions going on for reasons that you don’t know yet, but you will.”

Elsewhere, Leonard Nimoy who plays the elusive William Bell on the series, has described the show’s latest EMMY snub as “ridiculous.” He tweeted:

“No Emmy nomination for Fringe. Ridiculous.So much talent. So much hard work. So much imagination.”

Nimoy further expressed his disenchantment, saying:

“Shouldn’t be so surprised about Fringe. Emmy has given short shrift to Star Trek for 46 years. Amazing.”

Speaking of Nimoy, it remains to be seen whether he’ll return to put the seal on Bell’s arc in the final season. The Fringe team have his hand, of course, so it will be interesting to see how that comes into play and whether Bell will make a pre or post-amber appearance. The last we heard on the matter, he said there would be conversations, so we’ll see.

Finally, for now, here’s a light-hearted Fringe ‘Fans Ask’:

Season 5 kicks off Friday, Sept. 28 on FOX

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