FRINGE: John Noble Returns To Final Season Filming Following Treatment


John Noble is back on the set of Fringe following treatment for a sleep disorder that brought production to a halt for two weeks.

Noble is used to seeing people walk through walls on Fringe, but when shooting the opening episode of the fifth and final season the actor hit the wall mentally. He told Entertainment Weekly:

“I couldn’t even think, mate. I was working and going: ‘This is really hard.’”

With a shortened final season that everyone wants to get right, the powers were able to give Noble 10 days off to seek treatment in LA.

Rested and recuperated, he’s now back at work in Vancouver, filming the second episode of the season. Says Noble:

“People were so bloody supportive, it was really touching. I’m feeling more well rested now and sleeping better than I have in 20 years.”

Noble has suffered from insomnia and sleep apnea for a number of years but coming off the back of a hectic summer of overseas travel, culminating in an emotionally-charged final Comic-Con panel, Noble hit that wall:

“I basically hit a wall, and we had to deal with it. I went to the hospital, had all the tests, and we put the strategies into place to deal with both of those issues, including the space-age mask that I wear to bed now. [laughs] It’s pretty unsightly.”

The final season of Fringe is still set to launch Friday, Sept. 28 on Fox.

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  1. Page 48 says

    I feel John’s pain. I know when I have trouble sleeping, I spin a few episodes of Season One.

    It’s a deep, restful sleep!

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  2. humberto says

    John: If you are reading this. We love you! Get well soon, and keep giving us one of the BEST mad scientist characters sci-fi has ever seen. Thank you for all your hard work. Screw the Emmy people. They wouldn’t know quality acting in this universe or the next. We all know you deserved a nomination.

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