FRINGE: John Noble On Why Final Season Is ‘Best Season Ever’ – It’s One Big Serial!


In a new Fringe interview, John Noble weighs in on the show’s heavily serialized final season and promises it will be the best chapter yet.

Speaking to The Morning After, Noble said that the final season is one that is geared towards the sci-fi serial’s most devoted fans:

“For the hardcore fans this will be our best season ever, because we’ve written and prepared as a homage to them”

He went on to touch on the way that each episode will weave directly into the next as the Fringe team battle the occupying Observers:

“What we have is a like a big serial or 13 hour film which covers our attempts to rescue the world back from the Observers. But in doing that, we also conclude the grand story arcs which we’ve built up over five seasons.”

You can watch Noble’s interview in the video below:

We may already know that the final season of Fringe is set to be the most serialized yet, but let’s be honest, after spending years crossing fingers, toes and just about everything else for the show to embrace its serial DNA (something that started to happen from Season 3 onwards), it’s not something you tire of hearing.

A final season where each episode is focused on the main storylines and character arcs is absolutely the best way to say ‘goodbye’ to Fringe. With the right format in place, the challenge for those telling the story is to to put the right pieces in the right order to bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

The final season of Fringe gets underway from Friday, September 28.

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    I’m pretty sure they said season 4 was an “homage to the fans” as well. 😉
    Kidding, I didn’t think season 4 was THAT bad… Really looking forward to season 5!

    Like: Thumb up 2

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