FRINGE: Jasika Nicole Says Goodbye (Maybe, Possibly) To The Alternate Universe


In a newly-released interview, Jasika Nicole talks about the possible goodbye to Fringe‘s alternate universe.

Astrid and the rest of the Fringe team weren’t the only ones saying goodbye to the alternate universe in “Worlds Apart.” While the parallel universe lives to fight another day, ‘over there’ hasn’t felt this far away for quite some time.

Personally speaking, I loved the idea of the alt-universe. As a conceit it opened the world of the show, as an exploration it meant there was no turning back from the show’s serialized path.

Of course, the alt-universe could come back into play at some point, perhaps even this season, but closing the Bridge means any return might be under a different premise.

In this interview with Give Me My Remote TV, Jasika Nicole shares her feelings on the possible farewell to the alternate universe, and more. Watch below (not the greatest sound quality, unfortunately):

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  1. Underseer says

    Olivia still has the ability to cross between universes. Especially since she’s regained her OT self.

    And Altlivia (Fauxlivia no longer seems a relevant or appropriate name) has the same genes so presumably could get all cortexifanned up and do the same. In the entire series I don’t recall that possibility ever being explored – have I forgotten something?

    Also since Peter created the Bridge I don’t see how it’s such a leap in logic that after they’ve stopped DRJ he wouldn’t simply harness up again and re-open it. He would have strong motive to – to resume the healing of his home universe, which has been halted by the closure.

    I found it slightly silly that they didn’t seem to even consider this in the last episode. So this teary farewell was more for emotional effect than logical.

    Also, since he now knows alt-Elizabeth is in fact his real mother and not just an alternate timeline version, why on earth wouldn’t Peter want her there to say goodbye? Wouldn’t she? Obviously they couldn’t get Orla Brady in, but they could have at least made up some pretext.

    I do love Fringe, and will remember it fondly, but it’s things like this, which are hardly pedantic points but quite strange oversights, that do irritate. No show is perfect I realise, but the showrunners’ job is to catch these kinds of inconsistencies. And it would be easy to eliminate them.

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    • Karl says

      I think Peter would be hesitant to re-open the bridge, as he was erased from time the last time he did it. Walter even feared that just turning off the machine could make Peter disappear again.
      Peter says specifically in this episode that he does not regard the alt-universe to be his home. Also, Peter has no strong relationship to any of the alt-characters from the new timeline, – and certainly nothing that would be worth trying to maintain at the risk of loosing the relationships with Walter and Olivia he’s been building all season.

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      • Underseer says

        “I think Peter would be hesitant to re-open the bridge, as he was erased from time the last time he did it.”

        Wrong. He was erased by September not saving him in Reiden Lake. His erasure had was not caused the machine or the bridge he created with it. This has been made very clear across several episodes.

        It seems what the writers are saying is that since only Peter could turn the machine on and only he could make the bridge, the Observers ‘waited’ until he had done so before erasing him. He had then ‘served his purpose’ as September put it.

        I think the near-simultaneous timing of the two events – the bridge creation and Peter’s erasure – has confused a lot of people. The first half of season 4 had some shockingly sloppy writing that didn’t help either.

        “Walter even feared that just turning off the machine could make Peter disappear again.”

        Yes, but no rational or even remotely scientific reason was ever given for that, since, let me repeat, the Observers erased Peter and not the machine. And Peter knew this when he entered September’s mind. September told him!

        “and certainly nothing that would be worth trying to maintain at the risk of loosing the relationships”

        Nothing? Are you serious? The alt-universe is still damaged! You know – massive vortexes and large uninhabitable regions? They’ve already said that while they’re getting better they’re still there. It has been indicated that the bridge was healing it and that this would stop if it was closed.

        Our side, Walter – and in an indirect way, Peter – are responsible for that. But who cares, right, as long as Peter and Olivia can get pizza on Friday night? I think the stakes are a bit higher than their relationships!

        What you’re saying suggests that Peter would be prepared to leave the alt-universe damaged just so he could ‘keep his relationships’, even after David Robert Jone’s plans are foiled.

        The truth is that the closing scene of the last episode was, as I’ve said, poorly thought through. Sadly this has pervaded season 4, although the second half was a vast improvement. Since the machine didn’t erase Peter, there’s no reason to turn it back on when the coast’s clear.

        “the relationships with Walter and Olivia he’s been building all season” Uh, no he hasn’t been building jack until recently. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The only thing he cared about was ‘getting back’ right up until he learned from September he’d been home all along. Right up until that point his relationship with everyone had been pretty cold and lame actually.

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        • Underseer says

          I meant “there’s no reason NOT to turn it back on when the coast’s clear.”

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