FRINGE: International Filming Locations Desired, New Comic-Con Artwork Unveiled


While it’s highly unlikely that any of the remaining 13 episodes of Fringe will be filmed outside of Canada, it doesn’t stop the cast of the sci-fi serial from dreaming.

In a new FOX video, the show’s cast share their most desired Fringe filming locations:

Elsewhere, Warner Bros. TV and social networking site GetGlue have teamed up for exclusive Comic-Con stickers for several Warner Bros. seriables. The adhesive items will mailed out after 20 virtual ones have been unlocked at the GetGlue site. Fans attending the Con panels can also grab stickers, swag and other exclusive items. Here’s the Fringe sticker, which is a ‘rendition’ of the Season 5 poster we shared with your earlier (HT: TV Line):

We’ll of course keep you updated on all things Fringe throughout Comic-Con and beyond at our dedicated Fringe portal.

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  1. trancefreak says

    You would think the Promo cover would be for a new TV show if you dint watch Fringe and saw this big they are coming logo. Good Stuff.

    Like: Thumb up 1

  2. Kira says

    Everytime I see Anna I miss her more!
    I miss her Olive so much. :(
    All the cast too, but Olivia is my goddess. 😀

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