FRINGE: Inside Enemy Lines Spoiler Tease & Michael Massee To ‘Terrify’ As New Big Bad


Another small Fringe tease puts the moles amongst the pigeons ahead of Friday’s return, while Michael Massee is tapped for a ‘memorable Big Bad’ role.

Spoiler Alert – Stop reading if you want to remain completely spoiler free!

As we know from the various teasers and previews, Friday’s winter premiere sees Peter travel to the other side to seek the help Walternate as the emotional complexity of that relationship deepens. To further complicate matters, it turns out the over there Fringe Division has a mole in its ranks, and he’s in cahoots with someone TV Guide describes as “a pretty nasty guy who we’ve met before.”

Which seems to tie in with a couple of other things we know:

But who’s the mole? The easy pick — if they’re going for notable ‘nastiness’ — would be Brandonate (who is technically Science Division, I know). In a twist, Jones could be the mole (not that I would describe him as “nasty”), which might further explain this Big Bad. It could go in a couple of directions.

Michael Massee Tapped For Big Bad Role

Speaking of that new Big Bad, it’s just been confirmed that Se7en star Michael Massee will don the prosthetics in Episode 4.15.

As we already knew, the character, who is covered in prosthetics on his face and hands, will “do terrible things to serve his own bent logic.” EP J.H. Wyman sheds some additional light on the character:

“His character promises to be one of the most memorable, guest bad guys we’ve ever had. A terrifying journey with a man pushed to the limits by intense loneliness.”

By our count, Massee will appear in the first Fringe episode back after a short break following 4.14 — “The End Of All Things“. Massee’s serial TV credits include 24 and FlashForward, among others.

They’ve given the character the big sell and have an actor who really should be able to deliver the kind of performance they’re looking for. Now to deliver this ‘terrifying journey’ and tie it to the central story. As touched on earlier, there are a couple of ways this could be done.

Source: TV Guide

Warm up for the winter premiere with a sneak peek below:

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