FRINGE, GRIMM Top 2011-12 DVR Ratings


The DVR ratings for 2011-12 are in, with Fringe and Grimm the highest percentage gainers.

Per Zap2It:

“Fringe” and “Grimm” gained the highest percentage of total viewers and adults 18-49, respectively, but they were also starting from much lower numbers. “Fringe” added 55.3 percent to its viewer totals, growing from a little less than 3.1 million viewers in same-day ratings to 4.8 million in the Live +7. “Grimm’s” 18-49 grew by more than 70 percent thanks to DVR viewing, going from an OK-for-Friday nights 1.5 to a respectable 2.6.

With Fringe ending its run next season, maintaining last season’s level would be nice for those concerned, while it will be interesting to see how Grimm‘s audience (both live and time-shifted) shapes up in year two.

Source: Zap2It

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