FRINGE: Lance Reddick Excited For ‘Fully Serialized’ Final Season, Wyman On Ending


Lance Reddick has expressed his enthusiasm for the “completely serialized” final season of Fringe.

Speaking to Digital Spy at Comic-Con, Reddick, who plays Phillip Broyles on the sci-fi series, said he’s excited for what the final season holds for the his character and the show as a whole:

“I’m excited about what I think my character is going to do. I’m excited about the story, because on a show like Fringe it’s incredible that you can say it’s something we’ve never done before.”

He continued:

“Because, in some ways, this season is going to be more completely serialized than any other season because of the nature of the story, so I’m really ready for it to happen.”

A sentiment echoed all around Seriabledom. While Fringe has always had serial DNA and planted many ‘serialized seeds’, it took a while to fully embrace it serialized element until towards the latter part of Season 2.

It’s now one of the most complex serials on broadcast television, and while Season 4 had too many mythalones/standalones for our taste (something which seemed at odds with where the show was in its serial maturity), as Reddick says, it’s exciting to think that 13 undiluted serialized episodes await.

For showrunner J.H. Wyman, the story of Fringe is one that “has taken four years to unfold,” and while he doesn’t rule out a movie or “Astrid spin-off” happening somewhere down the line, he’s excited to bring this particular saga “to a beautiful ending.”

Watch the interviews in the player below:

Elsewhere, production on the final season of Fringe has halted for 2 weeks while John Noble and Blair Brown recover from illness. Noble is said to have a sleeping disorder.

The final season begins, Sept 28 on Fox

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  1. Page 48 says

    “Noble is said to have a sleeping disorder”

    No doubt the excitement about going ‘completely serialized’. I can hardly sleep myself.

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  2. Pwnsauce says

    Jet lag?

    So are you buying or selling on what Reddick is saying? I really want to believe we’ll get full serialization, but it always seems like the writers have made it more of their MO to emphasize thematic developments over serial developments. With the ‘resolve the relationships’ mentality Wyman has alluded to many times at Comic-Con, I’m afraid he’s more partial towards getting the themes he wants across and sacrificing plot, aka more contrivances.

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    • says

      I’m definitely a proof is in the pudding kinda guy. Like Page and Noble, I share Reddick’s excitement for the prospect of fully serialized, but like you I’ll believe FS when I see FS!

      I do believe that the ‘thematic developments’ should go hand-in-hand with the ongoing narrative, so I don’t anticipate a lack of seriability. At times in the past they’ve either gone half in, half out, or have overcooked elements that could have done with a light boil, so there’s always the possibility that those less sturdy aspects could be emphasized, particularly in a bid to underscore a certain message.

      That being said, if they adhere to the serial and mythology foundations of the show, they’ll stand a better chance of pulling it all off. They wont please everyone, but they can put the seal on a great story. Everything crossed.

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