FRINGE: Lance Reddick Wants ‘Broyles Heroics’


With production on the fifth and final season of Fringe shut down until August 7 while John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, receives treatment for a sleep disorder, much of the course for Fringe Division’s final battle has yet to be painted. But that hasn’t stopped Lance Reddick from imagining what the story holds for his character, Phillip Broyles.

Reddick, who is not in the first few episodes and claims not to have read the scripts, felt comfortable sharing his final season hopes for Broyles in an interview with Coming Soon.

Basically, Reddick wouldn’t mind a heroic Broyles RIP. He said:

“I’d love to go out with real heroics. But wow, for the show, I’d love to see us win. I don’t know how, with the Observers controlling the world and being so much more advanced and powerful, mentally and technologically. And I’d love to see Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) live happily ever after. I’d love to see all of that.”

A Broyles sacrifice would certainly bring a lump to the throat, I suspect, as would a Fringe Division victory. The notion of them ‘winning’ is an interesting concept. Other than themselves, the Observers really are the biggest challenge they’ve faced. How do you defeat a ‘superior’ force?

I suspect whatever the outcome, it’s going to be the manner in which it unfolds that matters most for lovers of the serial journey. Any story can end with victory or defeat, but it’s how you get there that lives longest.

The final season begins Sept. 28 on Fox

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