FRINGE: Family Reunion, Broyles Surprise, ‘The Pattern’ Final Season Status Revealed


With Fringe well into production on its final season, more details are starting to find their way online.

The first episode will give fans the chance to see Peter, Olivia, and their daughter Henrietta just before the amber ripped through their little family unit. According to Zap2It, they were “as close to a normal family as one might imagine.”

The 2036 Fringe Team reunion will have to wait, however, as Broyles wont feature in the first episode. Lance Reddick explains:

“They’re going to be establishing more of the world before he shows up in the first couple of episodes. I can promise you Broyles will surprise you when he shows up this season.”

One of the defining images of “Letters Of Transit” was that shot of Broyles discovering Walter’s red vine, recognition washing over his face. He must surely know they are back, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Elsewhere, more Fringe interviews from Comic-Con have found their way online courtesy Hitfix:

J.H. Wyman talks about what he hopes to achieve in the final season and why he wants it to be an “odyssey” for the main three. Plus: less ‘tricks’ and no further Pattern/ZFT resolution:

Joshua Jackson on Peter’s evolution:

Lance Reddick on the final season and life after Fringe:

The final season of Fringe begins Sept. 28 on Fox

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