FRINGE: Episode 4.03 Title Is Oh So Lonely


The title for Fringe Season 4 Episode 3 has been revealed. But what is it, and what does it mean?

As revealed by FOX’s Masked Scheduler, Fringe 4.03 is titled “Alone In The World“:

So that’s “Alone In The World.” Not to be confused with Home Alone 1, 2, 3 or 4. (or 5 if you happen to live in the alt-universe.)

But what does it mean?

I think we all know the general theme of the season — even if you haven’t seen any of the teasers or promos, it was clear from the moment Peter disappeared that season 4 would explore the characters from a new perspective.

The question of what life, both internally and externally, is like without Peter — at least the Peter we knew — will no doubt come into focus as the season progresses. Something teased in this teasing tease:

I imagine “Alone In The World” will further contextualize our Peter-less characters in the new Peter-less timeline, and may even shed more light on Peter himself.

These concepts might be reflected through an investigation or weird circumstance, though I’m hoping that it will be tightly interwoven with the overarching story and not too ‘case-of-the-weaky.’

Dare we see Olivia on a bridge, holding a violin?

Another thought: “Alone In The World” can also be considered somewhat literally. Given that we’ve already dealt with multiple instances of consciousness, perhaps we’ll get a peek at what happened to Peter’s original timeline consciousness when he vanished? Or maybe we’ll see those first brave steps into the distant past to bury the BBM?

Those are both far out and unlikely possibilities at this stage, but it should be interesting to see exactly how the title relates to the episode.

Fringe Season 4 premieres Friday, September 23 on FOX


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  1. Kaz says

    Saw it on IMDb last week I thought they were lying again. I also thought it didn’t sound Fringie enough but this will be interesting. I hope it is about Peter..SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

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  2. matt says

    I wonder if we’ll get flashbacks/flashback episodes that go back to Peter and the machine in the very distant past alone on the planet or something, that would be something!

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  3. says

    You want far out Roco? My theory is that Peter left himself alone in a world of his making when he bridged the two Universi. (New word.) All the machines and artifacts are still there it’s just devoid of people. He can watch everything in the Blue universe through Walter’s old view screen and hopefully can configure the BBM to make his “heroic” return. Only the Observers stand in his way.

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  4. blind says

    I would say the “alone in the world” painting may have significance. Only because the promo photo’s have the geodesic dome that happens to be in Paris as well…

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