FRINGE: Code-Ready Season 5 Episode 7 Title Revealed (Plus Possible Connections)


Just as Fringe gets its longest ever episode title, following it will be one of its shortest.

Earlier, showrunner J.H. Wyman revealed that the sixth episode of the sci-fi serial’s final season will be called “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There,” now we have the title for the seventh episode. According to Give Me My Remote, 5.07 will be titled, simply: “52010” (Update: or “Five-Twenty-Ten“).

As you may recall, this sequence of numbers has been referenced on several occasions throughout Fringe. In the season 5 primer, “Letters Of Transit”, Walter entered the code 052010 when retrieving his old brain tissue from Massive Dynamic (see above image), while in “Jacksonville”, Walter used the combination 5-20-10 (also the date of the Season 2 finale).

With this episode coming after the titular Walter mouthful, it seems we’re going to get that Walter Bishop “odyssey” Wyman previously mentioned.

Keep track of all confirmed titles, and the final season schedule as it evolves, with our Season 5 Calendar.

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