FRINGE Cast Tease Huge Winter Premiere In ‘Back To Here’ Video


This Friday Fringe returns with its first episode of 2012, “Back To Where You’ve Never Been”. Before then, FOX has released a new video with the cast teasing what you can expect when you tune in live. Watch “Back To Here”.

Friday’s episode was originally the midseason finale, until baseball happenened — but John Noble calls it a “kind of blessing” as the show launches back with a huge episode. Also in the video, Anna Torv teases the introduction of the season’s big baddy (hello, you), Seth Gabel the two universe collision that everyone wants, and Blair Brown describes the “recalibration of the way the world works in Fringeland”.

Watch the entire video, which includes one or two new frames from the episode (plus the thoughts of Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson), below:

I think the most impressive thing about that is Jasika Nicole’s hair. The 4.08 tease isn’t back either, good to see Seth Gabel hit the nail on the head with the mythology hook, although for a scary moment I thought he was going to say everyone’s been looking for the two Lincolns to collide. Phew!

Oh Lincoln, the much maligned Lincoln. He’s been getting the brunt of fan frustration of late. Is he really that bad? Yes and no, but serial offers redemption and he’s not the first character the run the gauntlet. It really is a test of ‘character’, so let’s see what he and the rest of our Fringies are made of in 4.5.

Premieres Friday 13 at 9/8c, on FOX

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  1. Underseer says

    Yeah, if I was Seth I wouldn’t want to read all the hurtful venom directed at not just his character, but at him personally. He’s been held responsible for ruining Fringe, which is sheer nonsense.

    The ones responsible are the showrunners who’ve failed to keep the writers disciplined and the plot focused.

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    • says

      “The ones responsible are the showrunners who’ve failed to keep the writers disciplined and the plot focused.”

      Very good point. I am fan of Seth Gabel, but not a huge fan of his character ‘Lincoln’. He was fine as a reoccurring character in the red-verse last season, but the writers haven’t done anything with him as a series regular this year.

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    • mlj102 says

      Personally, I don’t think anyone should be held responsible for “ruining Fringe” because I don’t think it is ruined. Sure, it has had some below standard episodes, but I think it’s far from ruined. Ruined, for me, implies something that’s over and done, something beyond repair, and I don’t think Fringe is anywhere near that point. I see the first episodes of this season as being the calm before the storm, that they’ve been setting the stage for much bigger things to come and it will all make more sense in retrospect.

      Regardless, Seth/Lincoln has taken the blame for what people perceive as lower quality of Fringe this season and I agree that that’s nonsense. He’s not my favorite character, but he also doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of the show. I have to say, I think there are many Fringe fans who are way too worked up over small things that aren’t a big deal.

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      • Underseer says

        mlj102: point taken. I’ve also been caught up in the negativity over this season, and it’s easy to go overboard when you’re so emotionally invested in a show.

        Some of it is premature, you’re right, we should only pass final judgement when the season is complete.

        That said, I still think that if an episode or season is sub-par, the buck must stop with the showrunners. They sign off on a script, on a take, and on production values. But yes, it should also be said that these are the same showrunners that have given us the best of Fringe too, so credit where it’s due.

        I think perhaps the problem is that Fringe is, ironically, a victim of its own success.

        It has set the bar so high that we’ve come to expect it to meet a very high standard indeed. We micro-analyze and dissect the show because the its attention to detail warrants it, to a degree few others can match. But that places enormous pressure on it to stay at those heights.

        I loved Stargate SG1. It had nowhere near the standards Fringe has, so I didn’t expect too much from it other than pure escapism. It committed gaffes I wouldn’t tolerate on Fringe, but I expected them.

        We expect Fringe to have much higher values, simply because we know it can.

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  2. says

    I just don’t get all the hate either.
    Same thing when they introduced Bolivia … the reaction and backlash was a very negative/positive split of opinions.

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