FRINGE: Blair Brown Talks Nina Arc & Upcoming Events


Blair Brown featured heavily in the 14th installment of Fringe Season 4. In a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on The End Of All Things and what the story has in store when it returns late March.

The following contains spoilers for “The End Of All Things”

The End Of All Things brought confirmation that the Nina Sharp who has been dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan is in fact alternate Nina, who has been working with Big Bad extraordinaire David Robert Jones (Jared Harris).

Brown describes playing two different Ninas as “really fun” and hints at more to come:

Well, it was really fun because every now and then I’d sort of want to give it away, but I couldn’t do that, of course, because I didn’t want to give it away to the audience at all. Eventually we’ll seeĀ [alternate Nina] as her real self, not pretending to be Nina, so there is a little chance for them to be different.

When the show returns in March, Brown says viewers will learn more about the Jones/Nina faction and how it affects the other relationships:

[Jones and Nina will be] going back and forth [between universes] because you’ve got to figure out a lot of these [forces] in this world trying to deal with what’s what and how do you know and how it affects all of these relationships. What’s interesting to me is now you have these complicated things obviously between Olivia and Peter in all of their multiplications, but even how this works in with Walter. You know, in our world, there’s this huge history; in the other world, it appears to have no history. So I’m curious to see– we don’t know yet– how the Walternate and Jones, how did that end up? And where’s Broyles in all of this? We have a lot of story to unravel!

On whether the bond between Jones and alternate Nina will be further explored on the show’s return:

We don’t really get the backstory yet, you know, because there’s so much front-story. [Laughs] We don’t need to go back. But it starts to become clear that the bond is BIG and what the history is.

On whether the two Ninas will face-off in the upcoming episodes, Blair Brown said:

I hope so! I want to suggest that! I think they both might [have a lot of things to say to each other]. I see a terrible fight. You know, Olivia and Altlivia have always been pretty controlled with each other. We sense the tension, but it would be good if these two really got out of hand because I think our regular Nina is so controlled and has such a way about things it would be really nice to see. But you know, she does have a mother lion quality so it would be great to see them together. We haven’t had a good catfight on Fringe! It’s about time!

Brown also revealed that alternate Nina agreed to chop off her arm for the cause (allowing the carrot-topped maiden to pose as Nina from ‘over here’).

Fringe returns March 23 on FOX. Watch the teaser for 4.15 A Short Story About Love.

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  1. Rick Terry says

    Wow so this woman is so married to whatever her and Jones’ cause is, that she chopped off her hand to play the part of Our Nina to convince Olivia, and she still didn’t lie well enough to convince Olivia? Seems a bit drastic…Or like a convenient explaining away of the contrived plot device. I mean honestly, until Alt Nina revealed her bionic arm I wasn’t even sure if Nina actually still lost an arm in this timeline. Seems like the writers didn’t think this one through enough. Or maybe I’m overthinking it. Well at least I can stop wondering about the bionic arm question.

    Like: Thumb up 2

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