FRINGE: Anna Torv Happy To Bring Series To Focused Conclusion


When Fringe was picked up for a 13-episode final season in April the show’s dedicated following, cast and crew breathed a collective sigh of relief as it meant the show would end on its own terms despite years of walking the ratings tightrope.

Anna Torv spoke to Hollywood Outbreak about her gratitude at the chance to bring the reality-blending saga to a highly-focused conclusion. Watch her short interview clip in the video below:

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the prospect of a fully focused Fringe with all its eggs in a serialized basket is mouth-watering.

Elsewhere, Fox released another ‘Fans Ask’ video, this one with Jasika Nicole reflecting on ‘Astrid’s’ backstory. Watch below:

The final season of Fringe kicks off September 28 on Fox.

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