FRINGE: Anna Torv On Saying Goodbye To The Dunhamnator, Pregnant Olivia Flashbacks?


Like the Fringe faithful, Anna Torv isn’t ready to let go of the Dunhamnator, aka Agent Olivia Dunham.

With Fringe renewed for a fifth and final season, the tale of Olivia Dunham and her small, but mighty, band is nearly at a close. Ahead of this year’s EMMYs, Torv spoke to TV Line about the prospect of letting go of Dunham and what the final season has in store for the intrepid agent.

Torv is not yet privy to how far forward in time the show will jump in its final season, but 4.19 “Letters of Transit” is a marker for where the story will go, as the Fringe team (Olivia’s daughter, Etta, included) attempt to relinquish the hold the Observers have over future Earth.

As for where Olivia is in the future (she was notably absent in 4.19) and whether we’ll see a pregnant Olivia on the way to 2036, Torv says:

“I’m not sure where Olivia is. I don’t know if they’ll go for it [laughs] but I would love for her to have not been put in amber [like her team mates], but for her to have been hanging around…. sitting on the sidelines and teaching [daughter] Etta the ropes, sort of pulling the strings from behind, where the Observers can’t get her.”

As for saying goodbye to Olivia Dunham after the final 13 episodes:

”I don’t think anybody’s really thinking about that [yet] but there will definitely be tears at the end, because it’s a huge chunk of my life – and a massively important one, too.”

John Noble: 2036 Is The Way Forward in Season 5

With her seriable cred pretty much set in stone following Fringe, Torv is “absolutely” game for another crack at TV after she hangs up her ‘Northwestern’ Tee:

“It’s interesting because after the first season, which was really rough — you don’t know what to expect, and I felt like a deer in the headlights – I was like, ‘I’ll never do TV again. I just couldn’t.’ But after the second year you start to see all of the good stuff. And then after the third season you’re like, ‘Absolutely.’ And now? Absolutely.”

Source: TV LIne

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  1. YourPique says

    So…season 5 will NOT pick up where season 4 left off, apparently, if Anna is correct that we will not a see a pregnant Olivia.

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    • mlj102 says

      I was thinking perhaps they’ll pick up a couple of years later, so it will be the months leading up to the observers taking over. I do like the idea of them skipping over the drama of the pregnancy and such and getting straight to the heart of the action that is supposed to be the focus of the season. Then they could go back and forth between the “current” events (the purge, how the observers take over, what happens to September, what happens to Olivia, how William Bell returns, what led to them ambering themselves, and all the other little holes to fill in) and the future we saw in Letters of Transit and their fight against the observers.

      Like: Thumb up 3

  2. Red Balloon says

    I don’t even want to think how much I’m gonna miss Olivia Dunham, Fauxlivia and all of her dreams, states of mind, dialogues, swag, hair!!!, face!!!, tank!!!, introduction “Olivia Dunham, FBI”, etc, etc, etc, endless list of satisfaction all over my sad normal self, haha. She’s the best part of Fringe for me, always has been, even if I love all of Fringe’s surroundings, the Dunhamnator will always be THE symphony of Fringe structure. I’m so proud of Anna Torv’s beautiful being, with so much sweetness and respect for all. I’m sure Olivia Dunham won’t be the last we’ll see of her career, she’s so much to give, and she works her ass off!!!, really!. The best lady in town for me.

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