FRINGE: 4.19 Letters Of Transit — REVIEW


Did “Letters Of Transit” deliver the overarching story goods, or was it a self-contained installment with little relevance to the central story? Read our review..


  • The look and the feel of the episode was a significant plus point. From the opening backstory crawl, to the dystopian surroundings, to the aging prosthetics on Broyles’ face — I thought it was well conveyed.
  • The opening 10 or so minutes were the highlight for me. It was a compacted but immensely absorbing peek into the future trajectory of the story.
  • The episode shares some connective tissue with the current storyline. It also deals with consequences of future events in the story, expanding the narrative even further and leaving some potentially interesting storylines in-play.
  • The fact that this future wasn’t pulled from a dream (ala “Brown Betty”) makes it more tangible and relevant to the overarching story.
  • The episode didn’t exceed my seriable expectations, but it didn’t disappoint them either. This is important for my overall enjoyment of the episode at this time.

  • It’s probably no secret that ‘goofy Walter’ is my least favorite version of the character, so that period of the episode represented something of a lull for me.
  • I wasn’t as invested in Simon Foster or Etta as much as I felt the episode required.
  • The drama connected with extracting Walter from amber and finding the rest of the team was surprisingly lackluster at times.
  • I’m chuffed that the episode has some relevance to the overarching story, but I’m worried by the likelihood of yet more baby melodrama with lil’ Etta.
  • The ending was a bit jarring and it will be disappointing if we don’t get to fight the future to its proper conclusion.

The scrolling intro set intriguing context for the episode, and will have been particularly helpful for those coming into “Letters Of Transit” having not observed the promotional hype.

The setting and themes present in this near-future evoked many pop culture fedora-tips. At times, I was surprised by the level of authenticity. The opening shot of Etta walking through the street like a young Olivia Dunham was pretty awesome. It’s too far early to bless her The Ettanator, that has to be earned, but we’ll keep it on ice.

It’s interesting to see how aggressive the Observers have turned by 2036; they’ve gone from a skewed stance of non-interference to blanket control. Much like LOST, I guess the science team were the first wave? (indulge me).

It’s a useful pocket of the story to explore given the power that the Observers have always had at their disposal, to see them abuse that power not only offers a cautionary tale but directly explores the consequences of it.

The warning signs were always there with August and September adjusting futures and making people ‘important’. What’s interesting is that while December and his cohorts have done their fare share of meddling, and are now viewed as antagonists, their ethos conflicts with these ‘new-age’ Observers who are running things in 2036.

Going into this episode, I wondered whether perhaps their totalitarian rule was a short-sighted attempt at preventing humankind from destroying itself — the whole “native on native” concept — but it seems more to do with the fact that they destroyed their own future and fancied taking ‘ours,’ as Walter so eloquently put it. It seems the Observers (some of them) have learned very little from observing the past, or perhaps too much.

I thought Captain Windmark was one of the most intriguing characters introduced in this episode, an intense Observer who would crush the likes of December with his eyes. Interesting that he’s not named after a month, though it was explained in “The End Of All Things” that they are the designated names for the science team, so it makes sense.

The Windmark/Broyles scene was a particular highlight, providing insight into the political juggling that Broyles is still doing in 2036, fighting bald oppression from behind a desk, but doing it admirably. It also expressed Windmark’s lack of humanity, with the notion that “killing cannot stand..” on his watch. Very by-the-numbers and all-too believable.

I get the sense that while Broyles complies with Windmark’s rule, he does so as a buffer — fighting the ‘good fight’ in the best way he knows. As Windmark put it: “your Division is in charge of native crime. Was you rather I was in charge of native crime? I don’t think you’d like my methods.”

Extracting Walter from amber was a bit of a laborious process, but I guess it could have played less effectively had it happened too quickly. The amber in itself was a neat callback that adds to the mini mythology of a substance with such close ties to both Walters.

In some respect, I could have done without the Walter ‘brain damage’ storyline and subsequent mission to rescue the grey matter, but it’s significant to see him now ‘complete’ in that department, particularly as the loss of his memories made him a better man in many respects. The reemergence of a pre-brain surgery Walter offers quite remarkable potential going forward. Assuming there is a forward button on this piece.

It also led to a nice bit with Nina, who when we first meet her seems as cold as her hair, though that’s all a front to prevent the Observers from reading her. This further brings into question Getta’s ability to block the Observers from reading her mind, which is most likely an ability passed down from The Dunhamnator — Cortexiphan Kid, indeed.

Simon and Getta got a bit more character development during the Massive Dynamic break-in. I connected more with Etta’s short backstory reflection — perhaps because her connection to Olivia and Peter was clear — but I’m glad we at least got something to explain Simon’s drive to vanquish Observer rule.

His exposition also puts a timer on when the Observers invaded. Hopefully the remaining story uses the future presented here to good effect.

The other standout moment from the episode saw Astrid extracted from amber and the trapped figure of William Bell. This implies that he is alive in this timeline after all, and that at some point he meets up with Walter and the Fringe team.

Interestingly, Walter leaves him behind but takes his hand, telling Astrid “we have everything we need.” This is one of the developments from this episode that could initiate a season 5 story arc, while Walter’s contempt for what Bellie did to Olivia is very interesting to note.

Simon’s sacrifice didn’t move me as I would have hoped, but it certainly moved Peter which is the important thing, I guess. In all seriousness, it’s difficult to feel too much for the character, but ‘broken wand’ contrivance aside, I like the way his journey rounded off and wouldn’t mind seeing him again. “See you in another life, brotha.”

Broyles getting to see his agent encased in amber was a nice touch — the momentary disappointment followed by the discovery of Walter’s liquorice and the flicker of optimism that flashed across his face. It’s just a fantastic visual that will live long in the memory.

I don’t recall it being explicitly mentioned but it’s implied that Olivia died (or something) prior to the amber, which ties in with September’s warning. Walter’s comment perhaps offers hope that she can be saved (though he may be referring to the creation of the device), and it’s interesting to see the final scene between Peter and his daughter Henrietta with this in mind.

If anything, this episode felt like Part 1 of a much extended story. Whether the show gets the chance to continue this story remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a sandbox I’d like to revisit.


  • Windmark seems to think humans in the relative past are “animals.”
  • Walter fixed Nina’s arm, showing that he still had scientific prowess even without his full faculties.
  • Interesting when Etta lets her guard down for a moment prior to her meeting with Nina, enabling an Observer to read her mind.
  • “Shoot first, I’ll read them later”
  • “In that case a little more focus and a little less pontificating and we might have the job done by now.” If only Walter and the Fringe team of 2012 could hear that message RIGHT NOW.
  • Etta has a crushed bullet pendant — this may have significance with Olivia’s apparent demise (or what-have-you).

  • The Observers destroyed the planet in 2609 A.D. and traveled back to conquer Earth in 2015.
  • The Fringe team discovered a way to get rid of the Observers — a device that Walter was unable to finish before he was ambered. He believes he can still built it.
  • The Fringe team apparently “saved the world before,” this could hint that David Robert Jones *swoon* is defeated.
  • William Bell was alive in this timeline. He was caught in the amber along with the Fringe team.
  • Olivia is seemingly dead (or what-have-you).
  • Etta is short for Henrietta. She is Olivia and Peter’s daughter. She was four when she last saw them.
  • Something “unexpected” happened to September during the resistance

  • Why, specifically, did Walter amber himself and the team?
  • What became of the parallel universe. Walternate? Altlivia? (etc)
  • So, William Bell didn’t die in this timeline after all: Did he escape death, or was it a cover up? Was DRJ involved in either possibility?
  • How was Olivia ‘killed’ (or what-have-you)?
  • How will Walter use Bellie’s hand?

Best Moment: Windmark putting the squeeze on Broyles.

Best Performer: Michael Kopsa (Captain Windmark)

Best Quotable: โ€œI like you Phillip. But be assured, bite my hand, and I will put you down..โ€ (Windmark to Broyles)

8.5/10 Seriable Stars

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    • WaySeeker says

      Then he said, and I almost missed it: “Move along.”
      Seeing that quote pop up here was quite a joy. Much like how it was used in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” But this was even better!

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  1. JM says

    ROCO some other people on fringebloggers were thinking that william bells cut off hand may have been the hand seen when walter and peter found walters old car back in season 1, i for one think that it would be very cool if they were connected, what do you think?

    Like: Thumb up 5

    • WaySeeker says

      Shoot I forgot all about that … and still can’t recall :p

      It also felt like a call to the show’s Hand Glyph.

      What did the glyphs spell out this time?

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    • Aria Mohtadi says

      I read that too, good point.

      Also, someone mentioned something about the lack of
      “female” observers, if there are any. What if by “destroying the planet” they meant “infertility”?

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  2. TFT says

    I thought Leonard Nimoy retired, is he coming back for another episode? It’s got to be explained what he did to Olivia.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Pwnsauce says

      Who knows, BUT, Joel Wyman confirmed on his twitter that it was actually Nimoy there, not CGI. So maybe Nimoy just loves the story and keeps wanting to come back!

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 10

      • Lincless says

        I think he is officially retired.
        But when he did the episode LSD he said something like he would always comes back if the asked him (although I don’t know if he was completely serious)

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  3. FringeBa says

    the code that Simon used to enter massive dynamic is 21th September 2012 which is Friday and I hope we see first episode of fifth season that day

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • edgesight says

      9-21-12 may end up being the Season 5 premiere. Season 4 started on 9-23-11.

      05-20-10 was used in the Massive Dynamic lab also. That was the same combination that Walter and Bell always used. Ref: Season 2 Episode 15 “Jacksonville”. This was the combo on the lock at the Jacksonville daycare. This was also the date of the Season 2 finale.

      Like: Thumb up 4

      • TFT says

        No, you’re utterly wrong, september 21 2012 is on a friday, that’s not the day when a Fringe episode usually ai–

        Oh…. wait…

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  4. Aria Mohtadi says

    Thanks for the review Roco.

    Great episode, great arch,
    I loved it as well. Though I agree with you about the weaker parts.

    Somehow Observers being the “superhumans” through scientific advancements…makes me wonder where does the whole emotional aspect of Fringe stand…I think as the new futuristic opening suggested, we’re gonna witness a battle between Reason and Imagination.

    And considering Olivia’s likely death in Amber universe’s future (I mean, the Observer dictatorship) – i think it’s safe to assume that perhaps Mr.X is the general concept applied to the multiple people who will have killed Olivia in all possible futures…

    Walternate in the season 3 outcome…William this time..

    Like: Thumb up 4

  5. WaySeeker says

    I was enthralled with the beginning! I can’t say exactly why, but it just felt amazing!
    But, how is this out there? 2 was a drug-induced dream, 3 was animated inception, this one was … Fringe as Future Noir?
    I wish the episode itself had remained focused. It felt like it was an episode in the middle of a season run where it would have time to breathe. As a stand-alone a lot is missed.
    Especially — the ending! It just ends on a hug? It’s nice, it felt good. But so much was going on this only serves as the ending of an episode inside a season not as a stand-alone.
    So, I find myself intrigued with this taste. If this could be expanded to an entire season I think it could be fascinating! What if DRJ *swoon* manages to collapse the 2 universes. And that turns out to be OK somehow. Then where do you go from there? Well, you have the Observers coming in saying “hey! that’s the last straw!” and you get a whole complete universe BUT Observer Dystopia in it’s place.

    Fringe has my vote to make this episode into season 5. There is a lot to explore here. If they expand these ideas and keep focus and not pontificate we could get so much from it! It would be great fun to go to Observer World to see them living in a dying world and setting up to Observe us. But, in the future dystopia, we could see different factions of Observers. I don’t think they are human enough to fight each other emotionally, but maybe with logic and experience and tech.
    I mean, we could have one group of Observers who want to create a future where the humans do not re-create their mistakes and destroy their future, too. They could take over and shape events where it is a kind of Utopia. They end our waste and environmental destruction, end wars by manipulating who gets into power/stays there so all nations get along, choose people to gain power who don’t want it for power alone and thus all work to make the world a better place (maybe they could use the 6-‘s as a template and the n60’s culture items could make an appearance in that world’s culture.) Money wouldn’t trump people instead you got things if you worked. We’d have better tech, cleaner tech, and it would be a world where we have shuttles to bases on the moon and mars and whatever.
    In other words, in rebelling against Observer Rule, you’d be fighting against some things that are better than where we were heading! And at least this Observer faction would not understand rebels except as bringers of chaos and destruction because of all the good they have brought us. That would make for great nuance and depth!
    BUT at the same time we could have a faction of Observers that are simply tired of humans mucking things up and are jealous that they still have a world and are destroying it as if they have a death wish, so they don’t have a future to return to (dying world) so they decide — why not just take THIS place as their new home! These humans certainly don’t deserve it and why should we suffer when we could have a Home again.
    Then you could have a very small faction (like the likes of August and September) that want to help the humans simply so they can have their own lives no matter the consequences. That know interference is wrong, but sometimes not interfering/or interfering is what you must do. Like when August saved the girl, or when September saved both Walter and Peter from their watery grave but did not interfere to erase Peter. So, you’d have that third element.
    THEN you’d have all the factions of humans! You’d have at least 3-4. Regular humans who just want to go about their business, ones who want to rebel (some could be more peaceful trying to work inside the system to convince the Observers to free things up a bit, others are more military who want to fight), ones who just want chaos and the ones who help their oppressors either because they can get some kind of power from it they are forced to from love interests or they give up or they feel the Observers bring more harm than good or any number of reasons.
    You could explore so much territory with this alone! So much of humanity and philosophy and good drama can come from this layer alone.

    But it can be so much more with the Observers in the fore-front! What powers do they have? Do they recruit/build more of themselves? What if a human could be turned into an Observer? But retain some of their humanity deep down somehow? Would hte Observers control by having a ton of themselves around the world at every moment of choice stopping peole or convincing them to make this choice or not? Could it be you are sitting at home on your weekend off just relaxing and you decide “I’m going out to see a movie, I haven’t been in ages.” and as you start to sit up an Observer pops up in your living room and tells you you cannot go to the movie or all these bad things will happen. Or if you are having a great time flirting with someone flirting back and get their number but you turn a corner and an Observer stops you and takes the phone number away from you. It could be very much like The Adjustment Bureau I suppose, but done Fringe-style!
    We could have “Chinatown” noir mysteries of corruption of Observer power or humans creating trouble for the Observers that would cause MORE trouble for the humans so they have to be stopped even though what they would do would hurt the Observers, or Observers being a bit more human and finding ways to abuse power.
    The potential is endless and intrigues me! I’d help them think of ideas to make a great Season 5, just ask me! ^_^

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  6. YourPique says

    I also wondered about the altverse. The intro was blue…does that indicate that the orange timeline is gone? Did they save our world at the expense of the altverse?

    It was never specified that OLIVIA was Etta’s mother! It still could have been Bolivia. Also, was Henry Higgins involved in this new timeline also, or did Peter just subconsciously pick it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I think this might be an entirely different universe/timelime altogether. Etta stated that she hadn’t seen her parents since she was 4. If Peter was ambered in 2015…she had to have been born in or before 2011…

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • edgesight says

      The observer told Peter that he had a son named Henry in the original timeline is episode 14.

      Like: Thumb up 3

      • YourPique says

        Right, WE know that. My point is…did the producers think of the backstory of how Etta got her name?

        Like: Thumb up 2

        • Rick Terry says

          I think Peter just like the name Henry, So she became Henrietta. Maybe Peter fesses up to Olivia at some point about what happened in the last timeline between him and Alt Liv. Maybe she liked the name Henry for a boy and Henrietta for a girl. Perhaps there is someone in both their lives she is named after. Alt Live called her kid Henry for a reason, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it was after the cabbie.

          Like: Thumb up 3

  7. edgesight says

    In the screen cap above, the front on the club, there is a poster for THE EPICENTER CLUB. After seeing the next episode preview this is undoubtedly the clue for that next episode! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Edgesight says

      The previous episode clue was on the dock. CHECKPOINT 20-36, as in year 2036. Rocco caught that already.

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  8. Mel Duff says

    I first caught that glimpse of the ambered Bell with his hand extended and thought it was a “Live long and prosper” call-out.

    Like: Thumb up 1

    • Rick Terry says

      I thought about when he used his power to get them back over here in season 2. He did a very similar hand move then.

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  9. FringeCharacter says

    Ok, I might be having a senior moment or a FRINGE moment, but when I saw the Simon glyph (a week ago), I thought of Simon the mind reader from Concentrate and Ask Again.

    In Letters of Transit, the observers’ club looked like the same setting from Concentrate and Ask Again. The same spot where an observer was spotted.

    Is there a connection?

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    • Pwnsauce says

      I wouldn’t say that connection is wrong, but I think the main focus of the Simon glyph was for HIC’s character. Though the way the Observers read people’s minds was the exact same way Cortexiphan Simon did, so I think the glyph may be a loaded glyph.

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  10. Red Balloon says

    I always enjoy reading your reviews, and your POV is very appreciated, at least for me do wonders, when I’m feeling lost on the fringe of things.

    “The Observers destroyed the planet in 2609 A.D. and traveled back to conquer Earth in 2015″

    I don’t think the observers destroyed the planet, but humans constantly abuse of Planet’s resources did it, but the Observers took a chance on revisiting the key moments to see if they could reverse the human effect, and when they did find it, they decided to prevent it from getting destroyed again by conquering it.

    This makes me question this: Humans are the bad ones and Observers are the ones who are trying to save the planet, but after being on top of commands for while (lets say a couple of hundred years), wouldn’t they most likely fail to?. That scene at the club did it for me, showing that they really can lost perspective when being too comfortable without no one to focus their goal. Besides, do you think that they could sacrifice themselves for the greater good if they witness their own fail future outcome, since they are monitoring the Planet existence?

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    • Red Balloon says

      When Windmark said “I like animals”….maybe he was talking about Noah’s Ark species.

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        • Red Balloon says

          I guess that’s what he meant. But they sure know about Jones’ zoo and maybe they appreciated more the mutant species than 100% natural humans?

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  11. Red Balloon says

    As from this episode, I’m making a list of what characters I would like to keep in Fringe’s future story, that could make the series finale worthy of an awesome outcome. I would keep and develop-round up the story arc in 2012:

    -William Bell (Mr. X)
    -DRJ and Noah’s Ark
    -Nina Sharp as closest to Olivia and Walter as possible
    -Windmark in 2012
    -Rogue September in 2012.
    -Walter with full brain a la Walternate with a clean goal.
    -Olivia with lots of FBI business and showing abilities
    -Peter without hugging everyone and without a gun, he works better in the logistics & math departments.
    -Broyles as a mole in favor of our team working with Windmark
    -Henry the taxi driver
    -Nick Lane with possible nexus to Lincoln
    -Someone from the military with knowledge of the upcoming war (maybe working with Nina)

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    • Pwnsauce says

      I agree with most of this list.

      However, how can you be sure that Bell is Man X? Man X was in the Zeppelin that Peter, Walter, and Bell were using in Olivia’s mind, so how could he be Bell? Man X also looks more like Peter than William Bell. I’m just not sold on the notion that Bell is Man X.

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      • Red Balloon says

        I see it more like Bell was inside Olivia’s mind, and perhaps the red door was Belly’s private thoughts and allowed Olivia’s subconscious to know that he would be the one causing her death. The animated projection of the character was just a red hearing for us.

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  12. Red Balloon says

    The actor who played Windmark was outstandingly creepy…good choice!.

    John Noble amazed me with his impersonation of the true Walter in him. He doesn’t seem to take a lot of effort in doing his excellent expressionism in his voice and I believe him every time. I hope we get to see more of that, either with Walternate or Walter, but I think it fits more than goofy Walter now that we are heading to more dangerous than ever things in the finale.

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  13. Pwnsauce says

    I don’t know if people know this here on Seriable, but I just checked, and TVLine has upgraded Fringe renewal to A Sure Thing!!

    I assume their info is pretty rock-solid, so this is incredible news. We should get that 13 episode 5th Season!

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  14. Underseer says

    Awesome episode. Whole new expansion of the Fringe mythology that showed other series how it’s done. And I loved the tribute to Blade Runner in the intro (listen the music at the very beginning of BR – it’s near identical).

    I also feel my earlier observations (pun intended) about the anti-transhumanist slant underlying Fringe were vindicated.

    The grim fate of the Observers is a very possible, real-world outcome of unchecked trans-humanist tech. In seeking physical immortality, they lose their humanity, and not just in the literal sense. I suspect that implicit in the Observers mythology is that their consciousness is transferred from disposable body to body, rendering them immune to physical death. (Perhaps the Beacon contained September’s imprisoned mind?)

    But a race that is physically invulnerable may well lose its ability to understand suffering, thus lose its empathy and then quickly thereafter its compassion. When you suffer, you learn compassion for those who suffer also – you ‘know what it feels like’.

    Perhaps that’s why there’s suffering in our world. It’s an unpleasant thought, but could the utopian, pain-free alternative ironically lead to the soulless self-made hell that the Observers seem to have imprisoned themselves in?

    Actually if you read HG Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’ carefully this is precisely what happens to the Martians: through technology they have become almost pure ‘brain’ augmented by interchangeable machine bodies. They no longer feel real emotion.

    Their world is dying, and their ruthless prime motive is survival at any price – including invading and annihilating us. The Observers behave no differently.

    It seems clear to me that what this episode was saying is that the Observers have been guarding (or manipulating) historical events to ensure their version of the future comes to pass. That’s what they’ve really been up to all along, no altruism just cynical self-preservation.

    A timeline with Peter in it threatened to derail that. Hence the attempt to erase him.

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  15. says

    Excellent review, Rocco, as per usual.

    I enjoyed this episode immensely including both Etta and Simon–I vested in them almost immediately. I didn’t know for sure if Etta was the daughter of Peter and Olivia, but hoped it wasn’t some new love interest for him (hopeless Polivia enthusiast :)).

    I actually think Alcatraz may have benefited from the actress (name alludes me) who played Etta–I immedately connected with her.

    If season five continues this story, I hope they keep Walter as the ‘take charge’ suffer no fools personality'; as much as I adore the lovable guy, it was fantastic seeing him so strong and sure of himself.

    Fringe continues to amaze me with their ability to keep things interesting; albeit, I’m still not sold on the need for the season 4 story arc. I can appreciate the motivation behind it, but I think the pace was off — we knew Peter was already home and the addition of Lincoln still doesn’t work for me.

    In any event, I adore Fringe and hope to see a season 5 (full order is my preference).

    As we come to the end of the season, I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed this journey with Rocco and company. I have never engaged so much in a television series, so this has been an eye-opener and loads of fun. Thank you!

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  16. Christine says

    I honestly believe that this episode was the โ€œoriginalโ€ timeline. Or, rather, the Observer-corrupted original timeline in which Walter et al actually sent the machine(s) back in time, which, in this theory (like most Fringies, I have multiple theories), resulted in the creation of the Red & Blue universes (as opposed to this ONE universe).

    While watching this episode (and my subsequent viewings of the screenshots), I noticed that this universe has an amalgamation of things from both the Red & Blue verses. Iโ€™ve thought for a while that Red & Blue were originally one universe or reality or whatever, that were split (so-to-speak) by SOMETHING (and with the introduction of the BBM, I assumed that the BBM is what created this split).

    This theory also reinforces my idea that the Observers (and subsequently all humans, etc) ARE the First People. They said in the first season, I think, that the FP were an advanced people who caused the destruction of their world. The knowledge that the Observers destroy their world in 2609 would reinforce that idea.

    I think through the entirety of the show, September has been rogue. I suspect this whole time he’s been trying to prevent exactly what we saw in this episode from happening.

    And for my grand theory finale? All four seasons of this show have been THE mythology, all resulting from/leading up to/with a goal of preventing exactly what we saw in this episode.

    What do you guys think? I just find it hard to believe that the writers would be showing us something (season 4/this episode) so disjointed and not related to everything that’s happened so far (especially since they’ve said that everything leading up to this season happened, etc). If you put the entire span of the show into the context of someone (September, I think) manipulating time to try to prevent this (or some) horrible future from happening, EVERYTHING seems to make sense.

    Sidenote: This being the “original” timeline/universe/reality/whatever would be a good explanation for William Bell both being alive, and doing something awful to Olivia. If this was supposed to be the Amber future, then either William Bell faked his death, the WB in the alternate universe never died, OR a continuity error (they mentioned earlier this season that WB is dead).

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    • Christine says

      When I talked about the FP in the 1st season, I meant the 3rd. But honestly, I can’t remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd.

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  17. Alt-Lex says

    Thank you Roco for a great Review :)

    This Episode was fantastic!!! After the last Episodes, i was at a point, where i said, it was enough, when they give us a 13-15 Ep. Season 5. But after this one i like to see at least a 22 Ep. (full budget) Season 5.

    This Ep. show so much of creativity and for me it give the Series a 2nd life. For Season 5, like some said, i hope for alternating episodes between now (the actual blue universe) and this future universe. in “Now Universe” we should see the beginning observer Invasion, what happend to Olivia and so on, and in the “Future Universe” i like to see how they fight the observers :)

    So hopefully they surprise us with a full budget 5th Season, but like before this episode i hope at least for a reduced 5th.

    Keeping fingers crossed from Germany :)

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  18. Tallulah says

    I got into the promo hype and knew what was coming, but I had no idea it was NOT a two-parter. So you can imagine my rageface when I watched the promo for this week which was all back to normal! (besides universes colliding etc ;D)

    My favourite thing in this episode was Broyles. Lance was brilliant. This was a man who had lost his family – both of them – had lived with that and his world being taken over for 25 years, and is still in command dealing with it all. He had the weight and despair of a world and a lifetime on his shoulders, and you can tell by his gaze and the way he breathed, even. Brilliant.

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