FRINGE: 4.15 A Short Story About Love — REVIEW


Was “A Short Story About Love” a serial killer, or did it advance the overarching story?


  • The resolution of the Peter/Olivia flip-flopping gives the story a chance to move forward with purpose.
  • Peter’s journey to September’s MythosDen brought about some useful answers/insights.
  • I really enjoyed Nina’s contributions to this episode.
  • Some of the cinematic and musical choices seemed to bring more out of the episode.

  • The episode is unfortunate in that it further highlights several problems, such as the fact that Mr. high IQ Peter didn’t consider the possibility that he was already home.
  • ..Meanwhile, Jones wreaks havoc, the universe is under threat, and the Fringe Team are chasing random serial killers. It may be reflective of larger themes, but it’s is an ongoing issue the show has yet to figure out.
  • Significantly, the serial killer story didn’t move the needle on the main story.
  • The lack of Broyles is a shame, particularly as Lincoln looks evermore the plot device.

  • The opening scene was interesting and visual. A sombre reflection of where Olivia is following her ‘split’ with Peter.
  • The villain-of-the-week, serial killer Anson Carr, was certainly creepy.
  • But while he had some quirks, he felt rather one-dimensional. He was also captured with relative ease, and I felt his admission to Olivia was overly talky and unearned.
  • I look for these standalone elements to impact the central story (not just reflect the themes). I feel that’s where serial and procedural work better together. That said, it was a “short story about love,” so my expectations were not floored.

  • Peter’s mission to retrieve the Beacon was one of the more engaging elements. It was great to see continuation from the previous installment and have Peter follow the clues to September’s apartment (a sad indictment of Observerdom!), before locating the Beguiling Beacon.
  • I’m sure some fans will call contrivance over September’s ‘theory,’ and the lack of scientific explanation from the time-travelling scientist as to how Peter returned home – and to be fair there are some holes in the bucket.
  • But it works well enough for me, and isn’t far removed from where I was at the start of the season when it seemed very clear (perhaps too clear, hence the subsequent run-around) that our heroes were subconsciously holding on to Peter and vice-versa.
  • So while we’ve speculated this, that and the other, I do think the answer — that Peter has been home all along — is the natural one. The surprising thing is that Peter hadn’t given serious thought to this notion until the spoon was half way down his throat. :)
  • It’s also problematic that Peter should just take the word of the guy who let him drown and almost erased him from existence. But I guess dramatically it makes sense for Peter to believe, though maybe he should dial down his impulsiveness.
  • What I liked about September’s appearance (aside from the fact that our hopeless romantic lives and has officially gone rogue) is the how much he enjoyed giving Peter the good news. I mean, look at his little face.

  • While the love story was more about Olivia and Peter, the one that really resonated with me was that of Olivia and Nina. The latter’s capacity to let go of the Olivia she knows, so that she may pursue her heart and experience a kind of happiness, speaks volumes for the character.
  • It can be easy to be selfish in love, or with those that you love, but Nina was heartbreakingly attuned to Olivia’s needs and is a champion of her independence. (perhaps something gleaned from her own mother, who gets a nod).
  • Their ‘goodbye’ conversation felt like it was taking place in a dream or something, such was the sense of surreal acceptance.

N: “How long do we have?”

O: “I don’t know, neither does Walter”

  • Similar to how the final scene of last season’s finale resonated with me, this moment with Olivia and Nina had that kind of appeal. Characters moving to a ‘new place’ out of necessity, yet desperately holding onto their invisible connections, while speaking words of wisdom.

  • I do find it interesting that Olivia essentially stopped competing with herself, admitting that her memories are from a better version. It wasn’t too long ago that this ‘better version’ was Altlivia, and that was a problem.
  • But there’s a proximity difference that makes it easier for her to accept.
  • This better Olivia is her, just with more experience in love. So I can understand why she’d be defeatist, because it’s not really defeatism. She wants to succeed, even if that means throwing her ‘old memories’ under the bus.
  • While Olivia could be deemed brave, it’s actually a psychological game that she’s playing with herself. She may have been whinier than a whine merchant, of late, but she’s not stupid.

  • Sure, it’s disconcerting to see someone devalue their life, but her experience has got her to the point where she’s made the choice to toggle on, and it’s not a ridiculous decision in and of itself.
  • So again, I’m pleased with Nina’s capacity to let go, and also Olivia’s indelible note:

“When the day comes, if I don’t remember this. I want you to try and build something with me again. Don’t give up on me. I love you Nina.”

  • And who doesn’t love Nina? With her orange hair and heart of gold.

  • Nice to hear Walter tell Peter that he’s a better man than he is. A callback that landed in the sweet spot.
  • Poor Lincoln, he offers Olivia anything (wink-wink), and all he gets is the hand of friendship. I don’t that love affair, but it must be difficult for him to see a potential kindred spirit switcheroo on him. That said, it was only soup, dude.
  • The difference between loving someone and being in love with them — commentary played out over Olivia and Lincoln, who are both reflecting in different directions.
  • For what it’s worth, I’m glad Olivia made a choice irrespective of Peter’s floundering. Don’t want her to devolve into a helpless buttercup, now.

  • The Observers took September from Walter’s lab. They ‘hid the universe’ from him and locked him up.
  • Peter activating the Beacon allowed September to find his way back.
  • Peter has been home all along. September believes their love for one another prevented him from being completely erased.

  • What next for September? How will he escape the wrath of December? Consequences of his actions?
  • When and how will Walter and the others remember? Will they?
  • Will Olivia completely forget her ‘old’ memories? Any consequences?

Fringe has largely been more about the science of humanity than hard-core science; something built on the back of the incredible father/son journey, with Olivia driving the story forward (until a certain point in Season 3). For me, the Peter/Olivia romance has fragmented the story, but I almost fainted when P&O run-hugged.

As for Peter’s discovery, nothing’s really changed, in that we still have characters who are different versions of themselves as a result of his ‘disappearance.’ But this stage of the resolution was needed. Most of all, I like the idea that our heroes have been allowed to experience new perspectives, lose certain prejudices and grow. A worthwhile experience for them to undergo, though padded out for melodrama. Now let’s move on to the main course.

Best Moment: Olivia and Nina saying goodbye.

Best Performer: Blair Brown

Best Quotable: Nina/Olivia farewell.


7.5/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. JM says

    LOL ROCO, just LOL.

    My favourite bit: “Poor Lincoln, he offers Olivia anything (wink-wink), and all he gets is the hand of friendship. I don’t that love affair, but it must be difficult for him to see a potential kindred spirit switcheroo on him. That said, it was only soup, dude.” Thats why i just cannot abide his little looks at her through this episode, hes acting like she left him and shes got a new boyfriend, when IT WAS ONLY SOUP.

    Finally, LOL yes the run-hug, was a bit much. I did actually find myself laughing hysterically at it though, we finally know where all that comes from (J.H Wyman) But ive seen worse, theres been cornier… I agree it will move the story onwards now though. Onwards and upwards!

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    • JM says

      Ill just add that im glad you have noticed the (IMO) tragic underuse of broyles this season. Ninas part in this episode, just proved she should be in the show more, and as she is yet again in a promo, im overjoyed shes on a little run of consecutive episodes, and astrids little parts are great, but she needs to be in it more aswell!


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      • Lincless says

        Exactly my feelings.
        Nina: I was surprised to see Nina in this episode and she looks to be in the next one as well. She’s never been in four episodes in a row before, if I’m not mistaken…very good.
        Broyles: Unfortunately, they reduced Broyles’ presence to minimum at the same time. I hope there is something to come with AltBroyles…
        Lincoln: I just ignore him by now, but it was amusing to see him in that scene with Olivia, when he said he was there and she just said “I know” and thought “but Lincoln: you suck”. 😀

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  2. Aria Mohtadi says

    Thanks Roco!
    Great review, like always.

    Apart from the…let’s say…dull Serial killer episodic plot,
    I was pretty much satisfied with September’s (lack of) explanation.
    At least, Fringe doesn’t get overwhelmed under its own weight, by the “Abrams team” standards; which is sadly what happened to Lost, imo. (Particularly speaking about how season 5’s mysteries stood out.)

    ~”How will he escape the wrath of December? ” ~

    Hmmm…could December turn out to be The arch villain of the show?
    Season 5 anyone? 😀

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  3. Iván says

    My final comment.

    I was a fan, but now, I am not going to follow this series anymore. Too many changes, now a love story is the center of the plot and I do not like this version of the universe (for example: Nina a mother figure?).

    PD: The first season was incredible.

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    • charliefan19 says


      I hear ya. I’m sticking with the show, but the love story has always driven me crazy.

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    • Tallulah says

      What the hell, it has never been central, or at least has been central on par with other stories, it’s only recently it’s been a complete thing. Aaaaaand now it’s fulfilled somewhat, and we move on…just like the article says.

      I never understood how people say the first season was their favourite, when the first season was basically exposition and trolling. The story is about alt-universes and everything that comes with that, not the procedurals and let’s-get-to-know-the-characters that was season 1.

      Also, next week’s ep is about a season 1 case, so, all in all, totally your loss.

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  4. says

    Nina is such a classy woman, and a woman of value who values the happiness of Olivia. That scene left a lump in my throat. Nina’s reaction was so authentic.

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  5. Ian S. says

    I know everyone is wondering why Peter didn’t think of that fact that he might already be home, but personally I believe he did think it, but it scared him too much so he pushed it to the back of his mind. I mean, imagine that, he would have started to believe this is his home, but he doesn’t like it here, and he has nowhere to run back to, no one waiting for him? That would scare me too and I would keep looking at all possible answers until I could see no more possibilities, which is the conclusion he reached at the end of this episode.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 22

    • MISSNETT says

      I agree. I think Peter thought this could be his home, but no one knew him, the past was different. That would make anyone question it. Besides Peter had been fooled before(yes he should have known then too, but anyway). He didn’t want to make that mistake again. Especially after what September told him about Henry. Sure Olivia was getting “his” Olivia’s memories but then everyone was saying that that was his fault. What was the man suppose to think! I’ve got to say, I liked September’s explanation. I always said Olivia would be the one to bring Peter home and in a way she has. She and Walter didn’t let him go. Now that’s love!

      The end scene? Could anything be better. No words. Just Peter and Olivia looking into each others eyes as they went to each other. I don’t think there is any other couple on TV who can say so much to each other with only their eyes. That little bitty romantic in me just swooned! But now that all that is resolved(for now) let’s get on with the story. Let’s see what David Robert Jones is all about!

      As a side note. I think Lincoln represents the “love” verses “in love” part of the wife’s speech about her marriage. He loves Olivia but he is not in love with her and realized that Olivia wasn’t in love with him but with Peter. Just look at his face. You see that realization but also his disappointment. Maybe Altliv will fall in love with him!


      Well-loved.: Thumb up 19

    • says

      I totally agree. Also, in the very beginning, Peter did think he was home. He said to Olivia in the lab “this is my home . . . ” in the episode TWLB. In any event, Ian, your explaination works for me.

      Rocco, loved your review. The Lincoln comments are always classic. I’m missing Broyles as well, but Lincoln seems to be the showrunners focus, much to my chagrin.

      Looking forward to next week’s episode.

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  6. Penny Laine says

    I agree with your rating, I went with 7 because I saw way too many tens! 😉

    The problem with this episode, IMO, is that the MOTW was too convenient but didn’t add to the bigger picture at all. Anson Carr’s story didn’t get to me, he didn’t succeed in creating an emotional reaction, I think, so he came off as a convenient villain to help with P/O’s storyline.

    I really enjoyed the two other stories, Olivia-Nina and Peter-September. The last scene between Olivia and Nina was beautiful! After 4 years of doubting Nina I felt incredibly touched when she let go of Olivia. That was inredibly selfless and heartbreaking, I feel terrible for her.

    It was great to see September and to learn what happened, but they still have to explain the shooting. And why didn’t he tell Peter that he was home the last time he spoke to him? When Peter was in September’s mind, why not then?

    I missed Broyles and DRJ too, but I feel like having the facts straight about Peter being where he belongs, the story can now move on pretty nicely and focus on DRJ and the Observers.

    “Poor Lincoln, he offers Olivia anything (wink-wink), and all he gets is the hand of friendship.” LOL. Lincoln doesn’t bother me that much anymore, but I’m quite indifferent towards his contribution (or lack of it, for that matter) to the story. He just doesn’t add anything at all, so why have him???

    Anyway, I enjoyed this episode although not as much as I thought I would because the MOTW was weak. Mythology was great. Peter and Olivia were great. 😉

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  7. grace says

    It’s always a pleasure to read your reviews because you have such a clear view of the show and I’m so confused (or disappointed).
    I hope this episode is just the beginning of the resolution of Peter arc and that the first three seasons will be rescued. I have been confident that Peter was home for a long time. So this was not a big answer for me.
    Do anyone else think that the characters are inconsistent? Peter and Walter are supposed to be genius and now they need September to explain everything to them. Sometimes I don’t recognize Olivia. As if she can’t be the strong, intense woman we know and be in love with Peter at the same time. This has been a problem for me since the second half of season three.
    They have to deal with Robert Jones, the alternate universe, Olivia imminent death and inexplicably keep investigating (boring) cases of the week. I miss the pattern. And Broyles. And Charlie!
    I liked Peter journey in September’s world. The scenes between Nina and Olivia were so intense and well acted, but again I don’t think the choice of Olivia is consistent with the character I know.
    I really need a fantastic season five.

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    • Belle says

      I agree that Olivia feels different. I didn’t really start noticing it until this season, but for the last several episodes (since she started remembering Peter), her reaction/character have felt off. As a strong, independent woman with trust issues, I would have liked to see her struggle a little more. I think it would have felt more authentic.

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      • says

        Guys, I totally get what your saying — my feelings were the same at the backend of season 3. However, after rewatching certain episodes and analyzing Olivia and this season, I believe she has kept her badass badge, but has also brought a nice bit of vulnerability and softness that works for me. I believe this season’s Olivia is truly the result of the journey she (our) began last season with opening herself up to love. I know it sounds corny, but I believe it rounds out her character.

        Actually, once she started regaining her memories, she seemed to have taken more control of the investigations. Remember in the beginning of the season, Lincoln was the ‘thinker’ of the team; that was more annoying than Olivia being more vulnerable with Peter.

        We basically have our Olivia from season 1-3 who is more emotionally confident and trusting.

        Nina and Olivia’s scenes together were just terrific. I’m really interested to see where their relationship is going. If you think about it, Nina has had a soft spot for Olivia from day one of the series. I wonder if it’s a result of this conversation . . .

        I give this a 10/10 — I’m a shipper through and through :)

        I do agree that the MOW wasn’t as compelling as I thought he would be. Nonetheless, he was quite creepy and I couldn’t watch it when he was kissing those women.

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    • says

      i think we are watching her “imminent death” — the olivia who was present at the beginning of season 4 is dying and is being replaced with the olivia we know from the past.

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    • Ari says

      I know I’m a bit late to this party but it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot. I don’t think that in previous seasons Olivia has been less “badass” – I think that the Peter relationship has added another dimension to her character. AmberOlivia is, however, different in her badassery than Olivia of the original Blueverse. AmberOlivia seems less aggressive, more wounded, it’s hard to put an adjective to it, but I have a theory.

      The idea is a world without Peter has made her different. A basic reading of that is that the lack of her “soulmate” has left a void. Fair enough, but that can’t be all. I think back to “One Night in October”. The piece of information about Olivia that made Altlivia (and me) do a double take, was that she had killed her stepfather. Not so in the Blueverse. Now somehow Peter’s absence from this world influenced that action (something to do with Walter, the trials, maybe not having anyone to talk to in a field of flowers, who knows?) and when the time came, in the Amber world, she did not hesitate and killed him. In the Blueverse, Olivia saw her inability to kill her stepfather as a weakness when it appears to be something of the reverse. In the world where she killed her stepfather she is a more empty adult (despite having Nina to care for her). In the Blueverse NOT killing him was a fuel in her drive to be a badass agent/military whatever. In the Amberverse it not only takes that away, but I get the sense that actually killing someone at the age of 9 doesn’t aid one’s development into a confident badass adult but rather hinders it.

      I’ve always seen the nods to this childhood event in the differences in the Olivias. For example I thought it was so indicative to the character of Altlivia that she was an Olympic shooter. She has a picture of herself holding a gun with a big ole smile. She is the more carefree. Guns to her are a sign of accomplishment, pride, and pleasure. For our Olivia, guns will always be a reminder of a childhood spent in an emotional wasteland and the pressure (rather than the satisfaction) of achievement.

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  8. YourPique says

    Good writeup. I agree with alot of it: Nina’s performance, for example. As I already mentioned, I hope that we will get resolution of September’s answer…I believe the 2 questions in your Questions section pertaining to it will satisfy me, if and when answered.

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  9. Christine says

    One thing that I’ve yet to read anyone comment on was a line Olivia said to Nina at the restaurant. When talking about being in love with Peter, Olivia says, “It feels like I’ve known him my whole life,” (or some iteration of that phrase). In the “previously on” that happened before the show started, they showed a flashback in the white tulip field when P/O were kids.

    What I’m curious about, is that in the original Blue Universe, P/O don’t remember that they met as children, yet Olivia seems to remember it now that she’s remembering her old life. What if she’s remembering both of her previous lives as Olivia?

    I don’t have a solid theory about this yet, but I’ve suspected for a while that we’ve been seeing memories from the original universe (before September originally made his mistake). There are also small nuances; I read a comment from someone last week about how maternal Nina has been toward Olivia since the beginning as being some iteration of this Amber universe seeping through to the Blue one.

    I’m not sure this is making much sense, but I guess I’m really beginning to wonder if all these versions of the timeline (the original, the post-September mistake Blue ‘verse, and now this Amber version) are starting to bleed into each other.


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    • lizw65 says

      I like this idea; I also believe that several timelines are happening at once. This ties into my theory that in the old Blue timeline, Nina remembered the Amber one, which is why she kept pushing Olivia to have a relationship with her in Season One. The same thing could also explain why, in the Pilot, the first thing Walter does is check Peter’s eye (memory of the Observer chip bleeding through from the new timeline?)

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      • MISSNETT says

        Is this the timeloops that was theorized way back after the last season? Are they remembering all of the previous timeloops that they had trying to get things right?

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        • lafra08 says

          I like this idea with timeloops!!! I think this could be a possibility and an exciting one! I can´t remember exactly but I think William Bell said to Olivia as he took her to Altuniverse at the end of season 1 something like that: he had seen the history repeating itself for several times and that she will need Peter on her side and than in 2.22 when Altlivia Peter and Walter were about to cross back to Ourside W. Bell said to Peter: You are holding up better than I thought…? But now I think it could all makes sense: my suspect (only my thoughts)is Peter Walter and Olivia are trapped in the timeloops created by the Observers in order to undo Septembers mistake by distracting Walternate in finding the cure for Peter in the first place so they developed this so called BBM, some kind timemachine which is capable of creating and destroying of timelines and are trying to restore the very original timeline but every time they try something happens which disturb the proper unfolding of the timeline so they have to reset the timeline and rewrite it so that they become another outcome more similar to the original one, Maybe this is only possible with the BBM and because they cannot use it personaly this must be someone within the timeloop so they chose Peter can only activate the BBM, the BBM only responds to his DNA, If so than Peter Walter and Olivia could be the First People and especialy Peter and Olivia they are possibly parents of the first more advanced human being : Olivia super powers and Peters high IQ so that many generation after the Observers race can exist but only if the very original timeline is restored! What do you think…?
          That being said I think it could be so exciting if the last season of Fringe hopefuly 7-th or 8-th would be all about the very original timeline as it should have been without Sepembers mistake: imagine Walter and Bell could work together possibly discovering a way to cross to the Altverse also thanks to the Cortexifan children especialy Olivia who could be able to cross on her own and meet AltPeter and than they could meet again as adults because the universes must work together probably again against possibly DRJ and they fall in love with each other, and than get married and become Henry and than we are in the future and see how The observers live looks like and the than the Observers decide after they finally managed to restore the right timeline to give up on travelling back in time to obsreve things because it is too dengerous that any intervention even if not intended can change the future and it must be a happy ending so we could see in the last ep the normal life of the Bishops family: Peter and Olivia going to work by the FBI, Granddad Walter showing little 5years old Henry,who can control everything with his mind and has IQ of 190:), funny experiments in the Lab……….- ehh A scifi Fan can DREAM!!!!!:)))

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          • MISSNETT says

            I think timeloops could be a big idea! Walter said in the pilot ” I knew someone would come eventually”. Nina telling Olivia “I would say this to my own daughter”. What you said about Bell. There are others I can’t think of right now but it all points to timeloops. I wonder if this is the last loop? Maybe DRJ is aware and trying to stop this. I also wonder if Bell was aware of all the loops. Everyone else just has the subconscious knowledge of them. I think Walter and Peter could have built the machine. Walter said they could cheat time. Peter not existing was suppose to be the last loop but Olivia’s and Walter’s love brought Peter back. Is this what DRJ is trying to stop or even exploit for his own gains? I don’t know just a theory. I’m having a hard time explaining myself!

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            • lafra08 says

              I also think that maybe Peter not existing was supposed to be the last loop but it is still interesting why it was better to not have Peter at all for the Observers because we know now he is important and his relationship with Our Olivia is important and they are actually supposed to have a son, who possibly could be an ancestor for the future human race…..hmmm?

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              • MISSNETT says

                Yea I thought of that after my post. So maybe this isn’t the last loop. Olivia and Peter have to have a child to have the observers. Like I said I’m having a hard time keeping it all straight and being able to write it out. :)

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                • lafra08 says

                  Missnett its cool to share the same timeloops- idea with you!!!:) curious to find out if we are right at some point!!! From Septembers point of view things are slowly falling into the right place for now Peter and Olivia are reunited…. I think cool stuff coming up till the end of this season!!! AND THERE MUST BE A SEASON 5!!!!!

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                  • Christine says

                    Whew. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one going along this line. And I agree, this CAN’T be the last loop, at least not based on the foreshadowing that happened at the end of last season/beginning of this one (with Man X and “I think he’s going to kill me” and “Olivia has to die”). I’ve thought for a while now that baby Henry must be important, since they kept showing him in the flashes, and I completely agree with the idea that P/O are the first people, and their child is the first superhuman-type being that the Observers are descended from.

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  10. Brian says

    It was in ATWLB that Peter gave up on the idea that he was home. Before Olivia lied to him about her dreams, he believed he was home. I remember him (trying to) reason with Walter that he was “erased from this timeline and thrown back in.” He also firmly told Olivia that “THIS IS my home!” It was only when Olivia lied and when he learned that he wasn’t the sole nor primary reason of the time skips that he gave up on the idea of being home.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 22

  11. jade86 says

    I think September said Peter he was already home because there isn’t another timeline for Peter to come back, but the point is because of his erasure this universe is differerent and the relationship peter built with all that people don’t exist anymore and won’t come back. The only way is to build another kind of relationship. This is Peter’s home but it’s totally different at the same time, so it’s normal for peter believe that wasn’t his timeline.
    So..September said Peter’s connection with Walter and Olivia didn’t allow his total erasure but “love” can’t be the answer for everything. Love allowed Peter to communicate with walter and olivia but, judging from what wyman said on twitter, there’s still more to learn about Peter’s return.

    About the activation of the beacon, i’m intriguied by the way it was activated. I don’t think Peter’s device worked because there was no response from the cylinder but September said “i needed you activated it” so Peter somehow made the beacon work. I suspect this has to do with Peter’s speculated abilities to bring everything mechanical back from the death 😉 So we have Augus’t gun, the machine (because i think it’s not only about DNA) and the beacon 😉
    I hope to see more about that in future episodes!

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    • Christine says

      If my theory is correct, that P/O are the first people, and their baby Henry is the first of a superhuman sort of race that the Observers are descended from, your idea that Peter brings back all mechanical things from the dead makes a lot sense. The Observers can make mechanical objects work just by touching them, they are highly empathetic (in that they can predict what people will say). When you combine Peter’s “ability” with machines, his IQ and Olivia’s abilities and her empathy, you can easily come up with something like the Observers many generations removed.

      At least, that is my opinion. :)

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      • jade86 says

        The theory about a future Peter/Olivia child is interesting, but what september said may have nothing to do with that. I think he meant that Peter and Olivia are destinied to be together in every timeline/universe and baby henry was a mistake that would have ruined their future as a couple.
        I could see a future child but i don’t think the writers would make this baby significant for the whole mithology aspecially the observer’s origins. September said they are so advanced that they invented technologies to travel between timelines and universes. If that is true, then the observers have not some of olivia’s abilities. I remember ZFT says that there are “beings” who discovered a way to travel between universes before us. These beings maybe are the observers but their advanced “state” is based on technologies.

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      • Zeek says

        If Observers were direct descendants of Peter and Olivia then:
        a) they would never erase Peter
        and (cause)
        b) they would disappear when Peter was erased

        just saying …

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        • Dan says

          I agree with you on point a, but September tells Peter that they have learnt how to travel “outside of time”. This would imply that they should not be affected by any changes in the timeline.

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  12. Dac says

    Nice review Roco!

    While I’ve never been a shipper, I don’t mind them being together. My hope is that now the relationship will take a backseat in the story. It doesn’t need to be at the frontline. I do wonder how much Peter will tell Olivia about what September told him. Will he confess to knowing he fathered a baby with Altliv?

    It seemed to me that Peter has been growing on Walter. His line “well, you didn’t tell me” (or something like that) seemed to come out more as a father than anything else.

    I liked the explanation. I think it was the only way the writers could make the last three seasons count while keeping this season relevant as well. Perhaps not the most original or shocking, but it works for me.

    I loved Nina in the episode and I missed Broyles. Why can’t we have both in every one?

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  13. Tallulah says

    Am I the only one who think what Olivia did in her scene with Nina, the decision she made, was completely horrible?

    She basically just goes – I have two versions of myself in my head; this one I like better, and I’m going to choose that one, even though I never actually experienced any of the memories I have, will become quite a different person, and FORGET MY OWN MOTHER. She made this decision without knowing Peter was going to come back or understanding any consequences there might be!

    Of course Nina is…just the most beautiful creature on the planet for letter her go like that but what the hell, Liv?! If you are ours, which I suppose I have to accept now, gosh, I’ve missed you so much and this is the first thing you do? D8

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