FRINGE: 4.14 The End Of All Things — REVIEW


The End Of All Thingspromised plenty, but did it deliver satisfying answers and overarching progression? Read our review to find out.


  • Central mythology and overarching story took main stage, picking up where the previous episode left off to deliver largely satisfying character and story development.
  • Much-needed conflict through the presence of a strong central antagonist (make that two), along with the Observers and main character obstacles.
  • Twists, turns and duplicity. And that’s just Nina. While the switcheroo wasn’t totally unsuspected, it was nicely executed and contained moments of pure LOLment.
  • The episode contained a number of entertaining performances.
  • The End Of All Things promised answers. Not that many arrived, in truth (and I wouldn’t want too many delivered by a September ‘quick n dirty’), but I found those that came largely satisfying.

  • Lincoln Lee. From a level of respectability, he’s really beginning to grate. He was like a little yapping dog. While he certainly had a point about Peter, his indignation didn’t feel merited. Pass me some Lincolnate to balance things out.
  • It was a bit contrived for Olivia to essentially tell Jones that Peter is key to her abilities. (though, granted, it led to a classic Nina moment.)
  • The drama still managed to be significantly resolved by the 42 minute mark, deflating the momentum somewhat. Obviously there’s still continuation but the sense of containment wasn’t helped by the eye-popping lack of importance placed on Jones’ escape.
  • Peter’s flip-flopping over Olivia still feels a wee bit contrived.
  • Olivia’s lack of reasoning over her gushing love for Peter is unbecoming of the character. The depiction of the character in these moments hasn’t worked for me.

  • As mentioned, Lincoln’s indignation at Peter possibly projecting his wants onto Olivia was a bit much. But he does have a point about him corrupting Olivia’s identity.
  • But how much does Lincoln really care for Olivia? He’s known her for a few months and in that time they’ve had coffee and re-heated soup. Confront Peter by all means, but please practice in front of the mirror first.
  • NinRed and David Robert Jones *swoon* make for a delicious partnership. She played Olivia like a fiddle, for the most part, while Jones worked the other end, applying the pressure to spark her ability.

  • I always felt one of the regrettable aspects of the original Jones arc was that we didn’t really get to see the culmination of what he wanted from Olivia. It was easily enough inferred but felt somewhat incomplete, so it’s great to see it sorta play out in this iteration.
  • I was pleased to see much more movement on the Observer front, it’s one of the storylines of the season that will make for interesting examination in terms of timing.
  • I stand by my ‘frustrations’ at the delay in follow up on September’s decision not to erase Peter. After all, I’m not watching the season on DVD (where it’s consumed at different pace) and serialized TV is largely about momentum, structure and timing. That said, the story is now progressing nicely.
  • September has gone off the grid. December seems royally peeved, while July (long time no see!) and the others are going to wait for him to surface. They didn’t graduate science class in the year 4747 by twiddling their thumbs, y’know.

  • Interestingly, December suggests that September may have directly had a hand in Peter’s return. September later confirms his mystification over Peter’s physical return, but I suppose it’s reasonable for December to consider the possibility.
  • The Broyles/NinBlue interrogation was interesting. As in the previous episode she seemed genuinely surprised, and Broyles was picking up on her innocence too, though he couldn’t be 100% certain.
  • It was great the see the old lightbox again. While the consequences were different this time around, Olivia’s ’emotional investment’ (so to speak) in Nina applied reasonable dramatic significance.

  • Peter going into the Observer’s mind is not the kind of thing you see every Fringe Friday. The set-up required was minimal courtesy of the show’s large backstory. Thankfully, Peter didn’t have to strip down to his bra and panties.
  • The journey featured some insightful moments, including Peter witnessing the beginning of all things, learning that he’s a father, and getting some dish on the Observer mythology; the best dressed scientists the world ever did see.
  • It was heartening to see September’s eyes light up momentarily when telling Peter “we are one of countless possible futures for humanity.” The light goes out when reflecting on his mistakes — as suspected, he was simply naive when it came to the moment vs the boy.

  • While simplistic, that explanation works well enough for me. Maybe it’s because I already suspected as much. The humanity and fallibility of the Observers has always been an interesting thread.
  • It is disconcerting that human-kind is still making a mess of things in the distant future, but it’s been a real journey with September. Watching him witness the fall of August and rising to the same emotional bait, has been a fascinating tale in itself.
  • Of course, this doesn’t necessarily make the other Observers villains. If anything, the reverse could apply. But like the serial viewer, September has been the most attentive, most vigilant, and he has applied both logic and emotion to his experience. It’s hard not to root for our hopeless romantic. Indeed, I’ll keep a bottle of hot sauce out just in case.

  • Olivia going all Ultimate Olivia when turning on the lights and frying Leland was indeed impressive. It was great to see this version of the character take command – a reminder of the two-fisted nature that stole our hearts back in the snow.
  • It will be interesting to see how Jones and NinRed pick up the pieces after scuttling back to the other side. It follows a similar path to the original iteration. However, since he’s recovering from his molecular degradation, he shouldn’t have to jump the gun this time round.
  • Credit to Peter for pulling back with Olivia. Given the circumstances, it’s the sensible thing to do for this Olivia and Dunhamnator 1.0, wherever she is. No-one wants another Henry situation, September knows we’ve all been through enough!

  • But Peter is not without blame, he almost took advantage of Olivia, as he admitted. Getting his internal view of the situation definitely stains him somewhat. He knew that Olivia might be going through mental trauma. Another reason why the overly gooey Olivia in the previous episode felt off to me.
  • In a round about way it’s good that Jones intervened. Of course, the story can twist back and forth, but this trajectory strikes me as being more authentic.
  • Not that I was particularly pleased by the way Peter thanked Olivia for all the fish before practically leaving her to fend for herself like a wet, discarded kipper. Not a good look, Pete.

  • Nina’s theatrics were hilarious. It was the cup of water that really did it. It’s hard work getting electrocuted! Water-cooler moments, indeed.
  • One of the many great things about Jones, that continue to manifest in this iteration, are his little comments which seem directly aimed at the audience. Such as “Yes, I think this will work nicely.” Oh Jones.
  • Jones: “Somehow, I knew he’d be trouble.” Oh Jones, again.
  • Jones: “It would seem there are some Fringe benefits to having one’s body reassembled on an atomic level.” Oh Jones III.
  • I’m really glad Peter got to witness Walternate. Take a good look Peter.

  • According to September, Jones’ goal is the same (as it was in the other iteration).
  • September’s name and those of the other Observers are code designations.
  • They are members of a scientific team from a possible future. They are, were, us, human.
  • Their technology allows them to travel within and outside of time to observe how it all began.
  • September confirms that baybee Henry no longer ‘exists’.
  • September doesn’t quite know how Peter managed to return in physical form.
  • Peter can put everything right by returning to the Olivia he was meant to be with.
  • Alternate Nina is working with DRJ.
  • Further suggestion that Peter amplifies Olivia’s ability.

  • Why was Peter originally important?
  • How did NinRed lose her arm? Cancer? Accident? Commitment to the ruse?
  • What consequences will September face?
  • How did September keep himself hidden from the other Observers for so long?
  • Who shot September and why?
  • What does September want Peter to do?
  • What happened to September? Did the Observers take him?

The End Of All Things promised a lot and mostly delivered. I wouldn’t call it a ‘Game Changer‘ as billed, more like clarification. But the episode worked and sets up the final run of the season, leaving plenty to mull over in the meantime.

Best Moment: Inside September’s mind.

Best Performer: Joshua Jackson.

Best line: “My WHAT!?!” Peter to September (re: Henry).

9/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. Olivia73 says

    true. I agree. Olivia trying to convince Peter of her undying love is not working for me . completely out of character. and Peter leaving her like that, what???!!! this conversation should have happened after she got out of the hospital,next episode. not that many answers, but enough for one episode. NINA was great like always. Henry is no longer with us??!!!, well I guess we can find something else to worry about ( with all due respect to Henry nugget)

    Like: Thumb up 6

  2. says

    LOL. Roco and Lincoln. (I totally agree though!)

    I loved this episode. Good to see a positive review. I totally agree, Blair Brown was awwwwwwweeeesssommmmme with Jared Harris. I’d love to see more of those crazy two scheming together. Michael Cerveris was also on point as September. I’d missed that creepy (future descendant time-travelling scientist) guy. His appearance in the lab actually made me jump.

    I can’t believe you didn’t talk more about the David Robert Jones being shot right through the neck and just straightening up and walking on!! That was crazy fantastic. Jared Harris is clearly having the time of his life with this character.

    Even September agrees Baby Henry never should have happened with Fauxlivia. Ha! Speaking of September, when he said Peter is supposed to be with Blue-verse Olivia, and him interrupting Walternate altered that, does that mean, though Peter would have grown up in the RedVerse, he would have somehow met BlueVerse Olivia and then gotten together with her?? My poor head.

    One more thing. Concerning this whole ‘timeline’ thing. I always thought that since this time line is simply a deviation from the original one because of Peter’s absence, not a completely separate entity like the other universe, that there was no ‘other’ Olivia, Walter e.t.c to go to. That somehow, it’d all just right itself to fit Peter back in (LeChatelier’s Principle kind of thing) , but then they keep talking about ‘this’ Olivia and ‘that’ Olivia, so…..

    Anyway, an all round exciting episode. 9 and a quarter stars. Now for that evil 4 week break……

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 21

    • sfuk says

      “Speaking of September, when he said Peter is supposed to be with Blue-verse Olivia, and him interrupting Walternate altered that, does that mean, though Peter would have grown up in the RedVerse, he would have somehow met BlueVerse Olivia and then gotten together with her??”

      Great point! Can’t believe nobody else mentioned this. If September had never interrupted Walternate and made his “mistake” then how could Peter ever meet BlueVerse Olivia? Plot hole but I suppose you could argue that something else caused Peter to cross over at some stage. Perhaps Olivia with her abilities??

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  3. kmk5150 says

    I understand what you mean about not connecting to Olivia’s “gushing” love for Peter, but this is a DIFFERENT Olivia. This one was raised by Nina and was perhaps nurtured more. I’m ok with it. It just underscores how different we all might be given slightly different circumstances. I think, more than anyone, Anna Torv has given each Olivia a new spin.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 23

    • MISSNETT says

      I also didn’t have a problem with “gushing” Olivia. Not only does she have “this” Olivia’s upbringing thus more emotional stability, but also the love she feels for Peter from “our” Olivia’s memories. Remember this is Olivia Dunham, she keeps everything close to the vest but I would think there would be a little bit of emotional breakdown from everything that has happened. All I could think of after that scene was Olivia’s response to Peter’s question about her dreams. Ouch! It was a little easier to take the second time I watched it. Kuddos to Peter for not jumping in too soon. We definitely don’t want another Henry mistake!

      I think more then anything I’m fascinated by the idea of all the timeloops that have been gone through to get to this point. It has been referenced before especially in the previews for next week. Walters remark in the first episode that he knew someone would eventually come and him looking into Peter’s left eye to Bell saying Peter was holding up better then he expected in “Over There” part 2. I know there are more but those are just examples. The thought that this is another timeloop outside of this timeline is awesome(hope that makes sense). We are in the right timeline just written over (or recorded over) like the surveillance tape. I hope? It would make a better explanation of how Peter will get “home” without totally making this season a waste.

      It was great to see Olivia’s abilities again. The Dunhamnater is back! I know that some people thought that Anna Torv’s acting wasn’t very good in the scene with Nina but watch a second time. Her face shows the slow realization that Nina is lying to her. And Joshua Jackson’s facial reactions when he’s with the observer. Man! You can’t get any better then that! How can one show have so many awesome actors in one place!

      No, this wasn’t the game changer I expected but it was still a great episode!

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 24

  4. lost_stef says

    Thanks for the great review once again Roco, you have to find something to help keep us entertained for the next 4 weeks! im lost without Fringe

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  5. Rae says

    I too find this iteration of Olivia more believable to be ‘gushing’ about Peter then the ‘snow’ Liv in seasons 1-3. It’s quite obvious, from the beginning of the season, that this Liv is more emotionally stable then our original Dunhamator. I believe that our Liv would have handled things different, especially concerning Lincoln and their ‘diner’ date early on in the season. It would seem it takes ‘riginal Liv alot longer to be open to trust people. Though this one doesn’t jump on the boat so easily, it feels as though she’s more willing to be accepting towards people’s confidences. Look how easily she brought Lincoln on board….

    I blame this on her bridged relationship with Nina, and the fact that she had a maternal connection to a woman who didn’t die when she was younger. Being shown that kind of love throughout your young adulthood would shape you to feel differently towards other’s with the same kind of affection. Instead of being consistently haunted by the stepfather you should have killed, and in response, becoming overwhelmed with the paranoia that you’re a loner in a big bad world and love is something you keep hidden so as to not show weakness.

    I think this season four Olivia has by-passed all of these character traits that our original Liv had simply because her past is exceptionally different in terms of shown and given affections. That’s why I can understand her current predicament with Peter, and her willingness to love him. It’s believable in the context that it would make sense, given her experiences, or in this case, non-experiences, that caused her to become the Olivia that she is. Remember though this Olivia has our Blue-livia’s memories, she is a completely different identity with a separate set of circumstances that molded her younger life.

    I think those circumstances to be more affectionately grounded then violently. Speaking of course after the death of her stepfather…

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

  6. Rae says

    Can’t deny Jones makes an episode every time he’s in it. Honestly, Jared Harris made this feel like the good ol’ Fringe days. And the way he delivered ‘…your love for this man must be something profound.” was mesmerizing to me. It’s as though, behind his eyes, he envied that kind of grand connection. I loved it. And it was SO Jones to have said something like that.

    And I’m with you Roco, kudos to Peter for putting his big-boy bridges back on and doing the responsible thing by thinking twice this time. Honestly, I’m all for Olivia and Peter, but I’m more for character development, and it’s genuinely concerting when I get to see it in the dialogue between the two. The last scene, thought be it it’s terribly heartbreaking, was extremely well done and everytime I watch it, I’m more excited by the angst and the even heavier, more meaningful Corsexyphan that’ll be coming up. And maybe I’m the only one, but I found when Liv said “….this isn’t the same as before.” a bit hopeful. I think it pointed to the assumption that this is, in fact, our Olivia, and she understands the differences between Peter’s self-suspected betrayal in the storm of his confusion, and what she feels is their reality now compared to before. Or maybe I liked that line in particular cause I expected her to say something like it in the car at the gas station last week.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 17

    • Jennifer says

      I TOTALLY AGREE!! I also think that THIS is Our Olivia & there are things that are making her act the way she is, ie vulnerable around Peter. And I did agree with Roco on Josh Jackson bringing the best performance..YOU couldn’t help but believe EVERYTHING he did & said and that this “Kennedy” as Walter calls him, Lee should be shot or just disappear & give me tons of AltLincoln! This one just plain sucks! I haven’t missed him AT ALL in the past couple of episodes. And about Olivia so conveniently telling Jones’ about Peter being the link to her ability….I thought it was great because you think she is having a heart to heart with Nina & actually she has realized (without us knowing) that this is NOT Nina & knew the way she would get out of the situation was to have Peter brought to her, & FINALLY it was recognized & brought up that it all started when they were kids in Jacksonville & he was the one that found her & old her that what ever she believed would happen, would. So I say that was awesomely played! And all of the POlivia moments in the past 3 episodes have been EPIC!! Very heartfelt & believable by both!

      Like: Thumb up 3

  7. scully8 says

    ■”It was a bit contrived for Olivia to essentially tell Jones that Peter is key to her abilities. (though, granted, it led to a classic Nina moment.)”

    Actually, she didn’t tell DRJ, she told Nina who at the time she thought was ‘her’ Nina. In any event, I thought it a bit contrived nonetheless.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Red Balloon says

      It wasn’t contrived at all, it was part of Olivia’s plan to cut loose. From the minute she asked for time to rest she hoped for time alone with AltNina to try to figure her out, and when she realized she wasn’t hers, she thought of bringing Peter into play:

      Peter: “How did you know how to concentrate your power?”
      Olivia: “I didn’t, I just knew that when I was a little girl I did something similar and that if they brought you to me, then you might give me what I needed to do it again”

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 27

  8. Schwakamole says

    Hey Roco. I love checking in and seeing your review all ready to read!

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Astrid’s comment about the table falling over. That has to be significant. Perhaps they will look back on some video and find that the other observers swooped down in a millisecond and absconded September, knocking the table over in the process.

    In the answers column you can also put that the rogue observer is a future “us”. He might be a criminal or something but he is from the future most likely. I’m pretty sure he isn’t a scientist though. But it begs the question, what are all the non-scientist “observers” like? Since scientists can be dry and, some might argue, less emotional, maybe that alone explains our observer’s behaviors. Maybe all the other future people are snappy and fun! :)

    I know I’m in the minority, but Lincoln’s snippiness seems justified. First Peter gives him the go-ahead with Olivia and now he’s caller her “His” Olivia. I can see why Lincoln would get a bit peeved about the whole thing.

    Lots of fun. Looking forward to the last chunk of episodes!

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • Red Balloon says

      Maybe he could ad that rogue man as a future goon, but more importantly from which group of scientist?, since September was trying to hide the beacon from him.

      So I would add into the mysteries section at least one of these questions:
      – Why was September hiding the beacon from the goon man (“The Arrival”?
      – Is the goon man (“The Arrival”) from another group of scientist?
      – Does September have a different boss than the Observers?
      – Did September went rogue and ally forces with Walter creating the beacon as a safe key for Peter?

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    • KeemaNeema says

      Technically Peter didn’t give Lincoln the go head. All he said was “she made an impression on you huh?” and that “she isn’t my Olivia”. Peter didn’t outfront and say, “she’s not my Olivia lincoln so if you feelings for her, I suggest you go for her”.
      If peter did, don’t you think Lincoln would be dating Olivia by now and sorry but nothing Lincoln has done so far screams “I love Olivia”. First of all, when Broyles told Olivia was going to die, Lincoln just stood there not saying a word and he didn’t even volunteer to help Olivia at all. While Peter was looking around, Lincoln was just standing there not even helping Peter.

      So, until Lincoln shows that he loves Olivia or admits it, Lincoln and Olivia have not earned a romance.

      Like: Thumb up 9

      • Sofia says

        You’re right! Peter had already decided that she was not his Olivia when he goes home to find her. And he didn’t mind in to risk his own life for her, anyway. Lincoln does nothing for her while Peter was on the edge, desperately trying a way to bring her back. Thank God, Roco is now seeing how useless Lincoln Lee is. The worst is that now he’s not only useless, he’s annoying and arrogant. Are the writers trying to make us hate him, even more?

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  9. DougieFresh says

    Curious to your thoughts on this:
    The computer screen during the mind meld of Peter and September referred to September as “Mr. X”…..I found this very interesting and had a theory I’d like some feedback on.

    In the cartoon episode, we met a Mr. X who Olivia said was “the man who is going to kill me.”. In the theatre when September came to Olivia, he told her that she had to die. Isn’t it reasonable to believe that at some moment in history that we haven’t witnessed yet September may have tried to kill Olivia…..this is why who goes back to her so she will understand it has to happen…..also, it could explain the gunshot wound that he has, while trying to kill Olivia in a future unseen, maybe SHE shot him……it was explain why September told Peter “that’s not the relative question” when Peter asked him who shot him…..

    Maybe I’m drawing too big of conclusions, but I could see this making sense.


    Like: Thumb up 6

    • Aria Mohtadi says

      I think it makes sense – it occurred to me as well…
      I always found the notion of “Mr. x” interesting, because it could apply to ‘anyone’; talking about countless possible features.
      Last season, it was Walternate who killed Olivia, and now that September is pretty sure Olivia is going to be murdered in every single one of the “outcomes”, I think it’s possible that “one” time around September might have tried to kill her, or even interfered with the event of her death.

      Thanks for the great review – I was literally ‘on the edge’ to read this one. :)
      Great job!

      Like: Thumb up 4

    • Red Balloon says

      JM, ok, I give in, add me too…unless Lincoln is/becomes a SS, there’s no reason to follow him around. Now I just want to know how he’ll be killed…yes, it’s that bad. o__o

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 15

      • lost_stef says

        Hahaha would love to know how Lincoln will be killed. Re watching the first epsiode of season 4 and he has a lot of screen time and me no likey lol! Thank god for Olivia

        Like: Thumb up 9

  10. Red Balloon says

    Roco thanks, it was pleasant to know that you enjoyed this one.

    I agree with your good parts, and I would add to the bad parts that they missed to end with a freakishly good cliffhanger, at least for the 4 weeks hiatus.

    As I said in a reply to Scully, I don’t consider contrived that Olivia displayed Peter to Nina, because it was part of her plan to cut loose.

    It was a very good episode, mostly because as you said, had lots of entertaining performances, and was packed with some really good stuff like Walter’s Deli, September’s Magic Trick, Peter’s acknowledgement of Baybee Henry, AltNina Freak and Hilarious moments, DRJ, well just being DRJ and the Dunhamnator’s Light Show.

    I missed original DRJ’s being more elegant and classy. This version is more sadistic and more . It felt with some kind of rush, in fact the episode itself felt that way to me. In the first scene with Peter and Lincoln “Question Machine” Lee, Peter was going crazy touching everything but seeing nothing (kitchen & Bathroom)…and Lincoln just standing there, was a bit frustrating (watch it again and you’ll know what I mean). Also the torture scene felt un-directed. I think the Director didn’t do a very good job in those scenes.

    Also the interrogation with Nina wasn’t that good from Broyles and Lincoln…Mostly Lincoln. If it wasn’t for Blair’s performance I wouldn’t felt connected.

    I was so content to see Joshua finally give a +A to his character, and to see my Dunhamnator back, that it was all it took to enjoy the ride with this one. Add to that the wonderful guest star and cast to become a classic one for this season.

    I’m a bit disappointed of The Observers being all exposed now, and to know that they are suppose to represent what the humans became…It’s just sad to know that there are no feelings, taste, contact, etc., that there’s only knowledge, scientific achievement?…and where the Fringe are all the women and children?, lol.

    Also disappointing to know that the child who we thought might be little September, isn’t even an Observer…

    All in all, I agree with the awesomeness of Fringe.

    Like: Thumb up 7

    • Rick Terry says

      What makes you think that the child isn’t a young Observer? He was underground for more years than he looked old enough to have lived. He was bald , and had no eyebrows, there was that strange look he shared with September. Is it not possible that some other scientist brought his kid to work and accidentally got him stuck in the past. A past so far removed from his own time that he had to learn to fend for himself underground rather than try to be found by his father’s colleagues.

      Like: Thumb up 3

      • Red Balloon says

        Well the simplest theory is that he’s not an Observer, because for one the child was an empath, and as far as we know, the observers are not; second, I thought about that too…that he could be missing in action from the future, but I remembered that there were others, so that would mean too many mistakes, and moreover I don’t think the Observers would just abandon their children. So I’m willing to accept him as just another freak of the week story with implications towards the military experiments of the present time.

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    • willg says

      BTW I read somewhere where episode 4.15 was supposed to be the last episode before the break just like BTWYNB was supposed to be the last one before the winter break.

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  11. lima alpha says

    what was the walters deli bit?

    re the table getting knocked over, considering there’s a camera on top of the monitor looking directly at september i’d say there’s a chance that the whole “witnessing the observers take sept” is a possibility.

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  12. lima alpha says

    almost forgot, when DRJ crosses with nina, there’s a man walking past the portal on the other side, can we assume that this means he wasnt surprised to see a portal to another universe in the hospital (it was a hospital right?) corridor? considering the other times DRJ has crossed he has needed teams on both sides setting up his portal, maybe in this location he doesnt need to do so? meaning that place in plainfield, could be (one of) his strong holds?

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    • jophan says

      The man who crossed the hall appeared to be dressed in scrubs. The hospital was abandoned on this side, but it looks like it is still in service over there.

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  13. Underseer says

    Thankfully, Peter didn’t have to strip down to his bra and panties

    Thankfully, Olivia did.

    They didn’t graduate science class in the year 4747 by twiddling their thumbs, y’know.

    Don’t you mean in the year 4545? 😉

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • says

      @Underseer… Are you thinking of the Zager & Evans lyrics of the song
      ” In The Year 2525, ” because there is a verse about the year 4545.

      It is a song about the end of our world, just like September alluded to.

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      • Underseer says

        Betty, yes, that’s exactly what I meant – click on the link in my post – it’s a link to the Zager & Evans lyrics for the song.

        It is about the end of the world as you say, but it’s also about a core theme at the heart of Fringe: the reckless application of science with little thought for the consequences for humanity.

        God help us if we end up like the Observers!

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  14. Pierce says

    But Peter is not without blame, he almost took advantage of Olivia, as he admitted. Getting his internal view of the situation definitely stains him somewhat. He knew that Olivia might be going through mental trauma. Another reason why the overly gooey Olivia in the previous episode felt off to me.

    I can never tell if it’s a back-handed compliment or side-ways insult when you address Olivia and Peter’s relationship. But you never cease to amaze in your level of disdain for it.

    That being said, it’s been my experience in relationship that it’s difficult to take advantage of a person when they’re encouraging the situation. It’s also understandable why both of these people are responding the way they have given the circumstances. As someone upthread mentioned, this version of Olivia wasn’t as emotionally stunted as Blue Olivia, so, with the culmination of her memories along with the love for Peter she carries, her encouragement of that relationship makes perfect sense, and isn’t some contrived part of the story. The same with Peter giving pause to moving foward with her until he’s sure. He was slaughtered last season for not recognizing Alternate Olivia wasn’t his Olivia. Now that he’s understandable uncertain and acting on it, he’s still pressed? Seems a bit unfair.

    As far as the relationship as a whole, if anything, it’s become central to both characters and the over-arcing narrative itself if Septembers explaination is to be taken at it’s word.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 21

  15. says

    Hi Guys! Why would you think that the blonde Olivia is not the original Olivia? HAve you forgotten that there are 2 universes? Peter disappeared and both universes stayed. I understand Peter being hesitant to accept Olivia but its the original Olivia right? There can’t be another Olivia in a 3rd dimension right? They are not even showing the happy-go-lucky alter-Olivia now I’m not expecting a 3rd one.

    Gotta love Fringe and i will wait 4-8 weeks whatever to watch how this will end.

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  16. lizw65 says

    “How did NinRed lose her arm? Cancer? Accident? Commitment to the ruse?”
    @ Roco: a recent interview with Blair Brown confirms option #3. She voluntarily had it chopped off to better impersonate her double. Ouch!

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • says

      Have you ever heard the saying, ” I’d give my right arm …”

      And here I thought it was just a figure of speech.
      NinRed sure takes her role seriously. Hehe.

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      • lizw65 says

        Yeah, and this also suggests that the ruse must have been planned some time ago. Even with the more advanced medicine Over There, getting your arm whacked off and learning to use a prosthetic is pretty major. Wonder if Alt-Nina had a Sam Weiss of her own to teach her how to eat French fries?

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  17. Red Balloon says

    Roco, After re-watching the episode, my take about Olivia being so certain and not scared now, has become clearer with these couple of episodes. Like when she got the strength to hold onto Peter in her mind when she was held captive over there, and now it strikes me as the opposite: she is holding onto herself to get Peter where he belongs.

    I think this Olivia is becoming a soldier discovering her true powers like Jones said: “Whatever you know, miss Dunham, whatever you think you know of your abilities, I assure you, your potential is far greater” ….and I think she’ll achieve greater when being in love and loved back…that’s why I like smiley Olivia, because that means we’re half way of that greater state.

    And I want to add that in both episodes now: 1.14 Ability and 4.14 TEOAT, Jones has mentioned that Olivia has to perform a series of tasks…of which, we can’t pass from #1….I want to see them ALL!!!…geezzz & lol

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  18. M says

    I’ve been a bit disappointed that no of the characters is addressing the issue of both universes collapsing. I don’t think it was even mentioned this season more than a couple times. Otherwise, the last six episodes have been excellent.

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    • Anya says

      I believe they mentioned in the first episode back from hiatus, when Peter and Lincoln crossed over at the opera house, that there weren’t any more rifts since the bridge: Alt-Astrid’s computers detected the breech, which surprised Broyles since there hadn’t been any since the universes merged, and when Fringe Division went out the the opera house, they couldn’t find any sign of a rift.

      Of course, you could be referring to what happened in “Welcome to Westfield,” which the universes merging and getting destroyed. It seems though that episodes 12, 13, and 14 took place within just a week of each other. With Olivia getting kidnapped after getting a flood of Blue Olivia’s memories, they haven’t really had time to address the universal implications of Westfield.

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  19. DadzBoyz says

    So many thoughts…
    If baby Henry no longer exists, does that mean that the timeline that he existed in no longer exists? If so, how can Peter get back to his Olivia in a timeline that’s no longer there?

    This Olivia was set up as the perfect bridge or UNITEr of the two timelines. She had no life but her work. She had no connections. I don’t think her sister was around. Her dad was dead (by her). She went to Nina concerned that she wasn’t bothered by the cases she worked and she didn’t know what she was meant to do or be. She was an empty vessel. The memories of Blue Olivia filled that empty vessel and she liked that. She took to it. She
    “likes the feeling”. Remember what future Walter said, “Olivia will be your failsafe.” Maybe that failsafe works by UNITing the two Olivia and thus the two timeliness.
    Or I could be totally off.

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  20. Marcus says

    I still think Peter is where he should be. This is his timeline, or at least becoming his timeline thanks to Septs interventions. It seems as though everything is snapping back in to place. I think this is HIS Olivia. Peter, obsessed with finding his way back to his Olivia has neglected to realize that she has in fact found him. When Sept told Olivia she was to die, I’m not so sure he was referring to a physical death. The Olivia he said that to has in essence cease to exist now that she has the memories and experiences of the Olivia that Peter loves. She has become his Olivia and whoever she was before that no longer exists. She’s dead. That little memory lapse Walter had in 4.13 when talking about Olivia’s condition seemed very deliberate (and possibly foreshadowing). It makes me think that maybe what is happening to Olivia is starting to happen to Walter. Maybe he will become Peter’s Walter as things fall into place.

    Another thing, Sept never tells Peter he is in the wrong timeline and needing to return to his. Peter assumes that is what he is telling him at first. He starts to tell Peter what he needs to do but is interrupted. Maybe he was simply going to tell him “I’ve paved the way, now all you need to do is just go home and be with her”. If Peter was in the wrong place and Sept needed him to be somewhere else wouldn’t he just take Peter there. I mean he took the boy Bobby to see his dad in the future in the Firefly episode.

    I have to say this…enough with Lincoln already! He came off so whiny and irritating. How can Lincoln say it’s not possible that this is Peter’s Olivia after all he has seen? Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in Fringe.

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  21. DadzBoyz says

    Marcus, I agree with you. That is the UNITing.

    I think September has to come back into the picture somehow though. He’s not dead. He just left the lab. There is more for him to say, and there is more for them to learn about him, what’s happened and what’s going on now.

    I think that at the beginning of the season, the timeline was reset. Not that a new timeline was created. That said, it’s been a matter of re-integrating Peter.

    As far as Olivia’s memories, no one has talked about what happened in the storage park in A Better Human Being. Olivie remembered something that Peter never knew about the explosive used in the John Scott story.

    I’m still concinced that Amber Olivia was an empty vessel. That September saying that in all possible futures she will die meant that Amber Olivia will die in conciousness and be replaced by Blue Olivia’s conciousness.

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  22. wolf says

    When peter picks up his phone while trying to resuscitate the observer, his phone is upside down, hahahahaha. look at 17:40 during the episode 4.14. thats the important event, hahaha, thats so funny

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