FRINGE: 4.14 The End Of All Things — Episode Guide & Poll


Peter and the Fringe team take extraordinary measures in an attempt to stop life-threatening events.

4.14 The End Of All Things — Episode Guide

What did you think of Fringe 4.14 "The End Of All Things"?

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  1. July91 says

    This may be a weird theory, but after viewing this episode,does anyone think that maybe Olivia is an ancestor to the Observers?I know it sounds crazy,But when Peter was in September’s mind he told him that they where many generations after their lifetime and they traveled time to observe their beginnings,And it seems to me that they have been spending a lot of time on this particular timeline.Seeing that September’s ability also mirrors Olivia’s made me think of this.

    Any thoughts on this?

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  2. Rae` says

    I really don’t think September is Henry. Keep in mind that, with September’s own admission, the kid wasn’t supposed to exist, so if he wasn’t supposed to be, it stands to reason that little red Henry has nothing to do with the Observers at all. He was simply a ‘repercussion’ of a warfare that wasn’t supposed to exist either. And it exists, because red Walter never saved red Peter like he was meant to. Instead, Blue Walter did, and therefore, sent red Walter into a masochistic tailspin against Blueverse when he’d later discovered what’d been done.

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  3. YourPique says

    Agreed…the ‘Olivia’ is an ancestor to the Observers theory is plausible, but more generally, Olivia + Peter being together (probably creating a child) will ensure the Observers’ existance.

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    • YourPique says

      Also…awesome episode!

      Very satisfying. We learned WHO the Observers are. We learned that alt-Nina exists, and is working with DRJ. We learned that Peter realizes the consequences of starting a relationship with THIS Olivia, after learning of Henry.

      What we need to think about…is back in the old timeline, knowing the DRJ and alt-Nina were probably also working together, does that change anything? Any perceptions or motives?

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    • YourPique says

      Also, when does Olivia start being treated for being a schizo? She now has in her mind:
      1) Olivia Over Here #1
      2) Fauxlivia #1
      3) William Bell
      4) Olivia OH #2
      5) Potentially, Fauxlivia #2 (if they tried similar tactics as in the original timeline)

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      • says

        @YourPique … I think the proper diagnosis is Multiple Personality Disorder. I wonder if Olivia will ever start to question her sanity, because she did suffer psychological trauma in her childhood.

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