FRINGE: 4.11 Making Angels — REVIEW


Could Fringe‘s “Making Angels” take an ordinary case-of-the-week and combine character development and mythology to heavenly effect? Read on for our take.


  • An otherwise bland case-of-the-week was transformed into one of the season’s more engaging serial-procedurals, courtesy of the emotional weight driven by the central characters and the inclusion of Observer mythology that deepened our understanding.
  • The development of both Astrids was long overdue and, in the end, very welcome. Moreover, it was a poignant exploration that informed the case, Walter’s relationship with this version of his son, and offered a kind of cathartic experience towards greater understanding for characters on both sides of the coin.
  • Follow-up on September’s decision to not erase Peter!! A particular burning question of mine, the explanation to which was surprising but also contextualizes recent events in the overarching story.
  • The episode contained some very nice direction that added poignancy and intrigue to certain scenes.
  • Some very good performances and character moves that, for the most part part, felt authentic.

  • After making progress in their relationship in “Enemy Of My Enemy,” it felt as though Walter’s regression in his feelings towards Peter was less organic and more contrived for the needs of this episode.
  • It’s still distracting that both sides have seemingly given up the ghost on finding Jones and solving more ‘important’ cases. A problem that could be less of a problem if the characters just made reference to the previous continuity.
  • It was a tad convenient that Neil decided to die instead of using his ability to out-fox our team.

  • The cold open was one of the most intriguing this season, very well done, instantly presenting a level of mystery. The ‘stillness’ of this scene – and indeed most of the scenes with Neil — blended well with Altstrid‘s.
  • Altstrid’s own introduction to the the stage was also nicely done, instantly dropping us to her leaden boots as we follow her through a familiar process. The mystery was not who, but why and where she was going?
  • For a character who doesn’t show much emotion on the surface (although it’s always there in her eyes) this was an effective way to allow the audience into her perspective — again, ‘boot-cam’ conveys that sense of loss and searching.
  • When asked, Broylnate says he “can’t imagine” that Altstrid defected, which is interesting given his own defection to Jones’ cause. He did seem genuinely concerned — and I’d like to think it’s because he cares about all of his agents, even though he’s not on the up and up.
  • Peter’s badgering of Walter to help him get home still smacks of selfishness to me, but at least there’s some drive on his part to recall and reference what is obviously going to be an important aspect of the overarching plot.
  • Walter’s preference for that famous chess player known as Lincoln, was curious but amusing. At least someone loves him! And to be clear, I’m not an anti-Lincoln, he just doesn’t bring as much to the party.
  • Of course, this is all an extension of the ‘connections’ theme. Much of Season 3 was about the bonds between souls being unbreakable, and while that’s true in this timeline, the formation of these connections are different — and this continues to be a valuable exploration into what defines people.

  • In much the same way that Eliznate was able to recognize Peter within moments, it was interesting that Walter saw Altstrid for who she is — initially by her response, and then by looking at her, which is obviously a dead giveaway, but he was already tweaked.
  • The meeting of Astrids was a nice moment – of the kind that I don’t think we’ve seen since the season 3 finale. It makes sense that of all the people in the worlds, she would seek solace from her other half — after all, who would understand her better?
  • It’s a very interesting way of articulating the ‘self help’ that this episode refers to. I also like the fact that one of the overriding memories of her father’s funeral was the cold — it seems like a relatively new experience for her, which says something about what she’s feeling inside.
  • Her logic regarding ‘all personal meetings being in the flesh’ was amusing but also carries intrigue. While most personal meetings are in the flesh, I can think of one or two in the show’s cannon that don’t subscribe to this. Man X, and that whole LSD trip, for example.
  • I also think it was an important decision to have Altstrid cry. It further breaks down the idea that she’s not normal, even though this is one of her major hangups.
  • It was a bit insensitive of Astrid, perhaps, to take exception to Walter getting Altstrid’s name right, in such indiscreet fashion. A roll of the eyes would have sufficed, but the man must drive her up the wall, so I sympathise.
  • Altstrid’s Deus Ex Machina theory, concerning two distinct compounds being intentionally mixed together by a guiding hand, causing an unpredictable event, was a neat way to illustrate how the Observers see time. It also brought to mind Olivia’s experiences in the alternate universe in season 3, particularly in out-foxing Milo as the variable he didn’t factor into his outcomes.

  • Walter still can’t bring himself to love Peter in the same way that he loved his original Peter. I’m pleased that the story is making this point, because it’s something I long speculated within the context of the original timeline. To see it expressed in this new deck of familiar cards is intriguing, and I appreciate Altstrid’s perspective on this matter:

“Wouldn’t it be preferable if you chose to believe he was your son, then you could love him and be happy.”

  • This is something that makes inroads into another thematic aspect of Fringe, that of wish-fulfilment/imagining a better set of circumstances. It’s something we’ve witnessed in high-concept happenings such as Olivia and Peter in the tulip field of dreams, and in the more grounded concept of Olivia overcoming her doubts concerning Peter’s affection for the *drum roll*definitive her‘. And, of course, the alt-universe and timeline scenarios are sandboxes based on the very notion that somewhere over the rainbow..
  • Altstrid’s suggestion is simple, but insightful. I’m not sure it’s quite that easy given the complexity of the human heart and the specific conditions that define each — specifically Walter’s, in this case — but it might just go some way to knocking down some doors, and sometimes that’s all that is needed to bring a person to a better understanding of themselves and others.
  • I think this accounts for Walter’s reaction. As smart as he is, her cutting logic made a kind of sense. In essence, he’s both choosing and not choosing to be miserable, but what if he could really take Eliznate’s advice to heart for more than a hot-minute and see that his Peter is somewhere in this Peter?
  • If God is testing him (which he believes), then maybe part of that test is to take this moment — past, present and future — to let the boy in. Again, this isn’t as easy as Altstrid makes it sound, but nothing worth having for Walter was ever easy, as we’ve witnessed.
  • What makes this especially appealing to me is that she’s not just shining a light on Walter’s situation (or Neil’s), but her own. She’s reflecting a resolution that she herself is missing following the death of her father. Unsure whether she was ever special, or rather, normal, enough for him, she’s searching for piece of mind.

  • So it’s really interesting that, by the end of the episode, she finds a measure of reassurance through external and internal means. She had to navigate her way to the other side and open up in a way that she never has before, helping others in the process, before her other half was able to tell her the one thing she needed to hear:

“..I know he loves me. Least that’s what I tell myself. Even though it doesn’t really seem that way. You shouldn’t regret that you could have been more for him. It wasn’t you.”

  • Of course, we soon find out that Astrid has a fantastic relationship with her father. She lied to Altstrid so she wouldn’t feel quite as alone in what she’s going through. That took a good measure of self awareness to pay it forward like that, and symbolically it strikes me as one of the most powerful single moments of the season.
  • I also appreciate that Altstrid isn’t doing cartwheels by the end of all this. She’s still working through her loss, and might even suspect that Astrid lied. But either way, she’s given something and received something to take back with her.

  • I like the addition of the Observer storyline in this episode. The mythology is such that finding out September ‘lost’ his ‘flatliner’ at Reiden Lake is believable, while also making the case-of-the-week more interesting.
  • In turn, Neil’s use of this technology to save people from suffering, offers insight into the Observer mythology. It also further explores the question of what a ‘normal’ human would be like if they had access to the ability to see time as a convergence of events rather than a linear sequence.
  • In this particular case, it produced a ‘compassionate killer’ — someone who knew that these people, and those connected to them, would suffer more through their continued existence than they would if they died. Not that it was his place to make that decision, but, again, this tells us something about the Observers and sheds some light on September’s growing compassion for our heroes.
  • September has always been the Observer who got involved, and now that impulse is manifesting into genuine compassion for our heroes — the people he has followed most closely of all the Observers. We know how important connections are in forming relationships, unbreakable bonds, so it seems September has also caught this very human ability.
  • Following BTWYNB, I speculated whether September warned Olivia about her impending doom because it has major consequences for the universes/existence, because he cares for Olivia (all versions of her), or both. While I can still see it being both, from a dramatic standpoint, it’s not out of the question that he’s mostly trying to protect The Dunhamnator.
  • All of this is only heightened by the fact that we finally get our answer — September not only went rogue, but December somehow didn’t know about it until now. So the big question is, how did he not know that Peter Bishop was back in the building? Why was he unable to see that the ‘traces’ of PB had manifested into a fully-fringed boy wonder?
  • Has December (and the other Observers) not been watching closely enough? We’ve seen them observe our heroes at nearly every turn. I have to assume that following his decision to let Peter bleed on through, September took measures to somehow block or distract the other Observers from seeing the true picture.
  • This would be a fascinating possibility, as it would further tap into the nature of reality/timelines and the fallibility of perception.
  • Alternatively, since the Observers can see time all at once, March’s realisation could refer to Peter’s return at a later point in our linear view of time. Which, would also be a fascinating development.

  • I really liked seeing Altstrid looking up at the over here statue of liberty. A totem marker to convey where she was, but the symbolism also carried a lot of depth, particularly with the look on her face.
  • Altstrid corrects Walter on getting her name wrong because she hasn’t built up that experience with him, plus she lacks the social cues that the other Astrid might have.
  • It was neat seeing more Observerbilities, with March walking through solid objects and ‘disappearing’.
  • “God, or God-like powers!”
  • Walter’s “I think I love her!” and Astrid’s reaction, were nice touches.
  • The little interactions between Olivia, Altlivia and Peter were also quite amusing at times. Did Altlivia cop a look at Peter’s bum?
  • Altlivia’s “hey girls” was lol-worthy.
  • Altlivia telling Walter that he missed her was also a moment of amusement.
  • Altstrid pointing out how Walter talks through Astrid was one of several poignant moments in this episode.
  • Olivia basically suggests that Altlivia’s type is Walter/nate. However, she likes “the nice guys”. Little does she know that Olivia likes Lincoln-bot too, although she’s coming round to the idea of Peter, it seems.

  • I detected a weird, flirtatious vibe between Walter and Altlivia. Given that it was later referenced this was probably intentional.

  • Both Astrids mothers died of cancer when they were children.
  • Alstrid’s father died. Astrid’s dad is still alive.
  • The Observers can pass through solid objects.
  • September lost his flatliner the night he didn’t save Peter from Reiden lake.
  • September disobeyed December’s order to erase Peter.
  • Coffee is a new experience for Altstrid due to the Blight making it both rare and expensive over there.
  • Neil was able to see past, present and future at the same time, courtesy of September’s flatliner.
  • As expected, September is still alive, given the nature of the March/December conversation. (Though it’s possible that his gunshot wound stems from their discovery of his disobedience, further illustrating the flux of time.)
  • Who’s Lincoln’s goddaughter? Or rather, why was Lincoln really benched?
  • How did September conceal the truth about Peter’s return from the other Observers?
  • Is there additional context to March’s claim that Peter has “returned”.
  • Did Neil catch a glimpse of Olivia’s impending death?

An episode that captured poignant themes offered just enough character and mythology to make it resonate as an episode of particular importance. A nice journey for the two Astrids, filled with special moments.

Best Moment: Astrid and Altstrid final scene.

Best Performer: Jasika Nicole.

Best line: “You shouldn’t regret that you could have been more for him. It wasn’t you.”

8.5/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. runthegamut says

    Great review as always. I appreciate it being here the next morning too. I agree with the rating, especially compared to last week.

    One question. Was it confirmed the new Observer’s name is March? It makes sense based on the glyph last week, but I don’t remember hearing it in the episode.

    Like: Thumb up 3

    • says

      One question. Was it confirmed the new Observer’s name is March? It makes sense based on the glyph last week, but I don’t remember hearing it in the episode.

      It’s more speculation on my part. Like you said, following the “March” glyph code from the previous episode. Not sure if it’s his official name at this point, but I think March would make sense.

      Like: Thumb up 2

        • Ben says

          Ah yes, March. Strikes me as something of a backstabbing weasel. He’s been waiting for September to slip up, hasn’t he? Must want his parking spot or something.

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  2. Underseer says

    “September has also caught this very human ability”

    We’ve seen that Observers can bleed and require immunization. Thus their bodies at least are human, even if their achronal consciousness is not. Perhaps they were once human?

    If so, then it’s not so much that they don’t feel but that their mode of existence and their purpose requires detachment, like a doctor.

    Has December (and the other Observers) not been watching closely enough?

    That, or the fact that Peter is from outside the timeline. Thus he could represent an anomaly that the ‘flatliner’ transchronal device cannot account for or detect. The device, and therefore the Observers, cannot ‘see’ him.

    Also the introduction of the flatliner device implies something else. The Observers themselves do not ‘see’ or ‘experience’ ‘all time, past present and future’. The device does. So they’re not like the cortexikids in the sense that they’re using technology rather than some psychokinetic ability to do what they do.

    And it could mean September is now flying blind through time.

    Another implication is that they probably also use technology to time travel. Peter on the other hand can do this without any tech (albeit involuntarily thus far) – he effectively has chronokinesis (OK, yeah, I just made that word up, form ‘chrono’: time and ‘kinesis’: to move or manipulate).

    I hope the writers will exploit this. Peter warring with the Observers across time could be very cool.

    Like: Thumb up 5

    • Red Balloon says

      So, if they really are evolved humans (“Inner Child”) or in mode humans (GGGR), who is manipulating them?. We’ve seen that they receive pictures of their next target on a briefcase. And in that episode “Fracture”, we were led to believe that the government had its hands on it. Just saying that MD has a lot of connections and contracts (technology, experiments, etc) with the Military.

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  3. mlj102 says

    “I speculated whether September warned Olivia about her impending doom because it has major consequences for the universes/existence, because he cares for Olivia (all versions of her), or both. While I can still see it being both, from a dramatic standpoint, it’s not out of the question that he’s mostly trying to protect The Dunhamnator.”

    Here’s a thought: perhaps he’s not trying to warn her, but trying to prepare her to accept her fate when it comes. These last two episodes have involved people who had an awareness of the future and what was going to happen to certain people. So it all comes down to, when someone knows what’s going to happen, what do you do? In Forced Perspective, Emily saw when people were going to die, and in her own small way, she tried to tell them. Not so much so that they could try to avoid their awful fate, but so that they could maybe be ready to die — as she said, “maybe they could say “I love you” to someone. Or just do one good thing”. She was doing what she could to help them be ready for when they died. Then in this episode, we have Neil who sees people who are going to have miserable lives, so he decides to mercifully kill them to spare them and those around them of what would have been if they’d gone on living. This knowledge of what is going to happen is also central to the Observers. In a way, September is doing the same kind of thing Emily and Neil were doing with the knowledge they had. He sees how events are going to unfold, all that could happen, and what has to happen for things to work out in the best way possible. And telling Olivia of her pending death isn’t so much trying to help her to avoid that fate, but trying to find a better way out of it. So he wasn’t necessarily telling her that it’s inevitable that she’s going to die, but that she has to die in order for things to turn out the best way, to avoid additional suffering for herself and countless others. He was informing Olivia of what is going to happen, so that when the time comes, she’ll be ready. If her death is for the greater cause, if her death is somehow the necessary thing that must happen for the universes to survive, this could be why September is telling her she must die. And if she understands that, and she has prepared for it before the moment comes, then maybe she won’t try to fight it.

    “Peter’s badgering of Walter to help him get home still smacks of selfishness to me”

    Why shouldn’t it be selfish? He’s somewhere where he doesn’t belong, and he wants to get home to his life and the people he loves. Who can blame him for that? Should he be expected to just make himself at home here and not be actively invested in finding a way to his real home? Should he just accept this is where he is and forget everything he left behind? In my opinion, it makes perfect sense that he will be anxious about getting home as soon as possible. And there’s nothing wrong about that selfish desire. Olivia was the same way when trapped on the other side. Despite having grown to care about the people over there, and despite taking time to help them with cases and difficulties they faced, her main focus was on getting home. It was selfish of her, but it also made sense because she didn’t belong there. Isn’t it the same with Peter? (That said, somehow I do find Olivia’s journey and desire to return home to be more compelling and believable, that it flowed more smoothly, than we have seen Peter’s journey portrayed.)

    “It was a bit insensitive of Astrid, perhaps, to take exception to Walter getting Altstrid’s name right, in such indiscreet fashion.”

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but how was it insensitive? I think she is well within reason to take notice of the fact and point out that he always messes up her name somehow, but after less than a day, he has mastered alternate Astrid’s name. Especially since it’s the same name. I see nothing wrong with her reaction. Although, personally, I think Walter intentionally messes up Astrid’s name, kind of like a sign of affection or a term of endearment for her.

    “It was neat seeing more Observerbilities, with March walking through solid objects and ‘disappearing’.”

    I’ve long suspected that they had this sort of ability — that they could just appear or disappear, moving from one place/universe/time to another — so it was neat to actually see that happen. I thought they did an especially good job with those effects.

    “Neil was able to see past, present and future at the same time, courtesy of September’s flatliner.”

    This part sort of confused me. I was sort of under the impression that September’s devise was simply what allowed him to kill the people quickly and mercifully, and that it was his research and his ongoing efforts with the equations the MIT professor mentioned that allowed him to discover the ability to see past, present, and future. Or are they saying that it all came from the device he found at Reiden Lake, and his background as a brilliant scientist/mathematician was just coincidence?

    “Who’s Lincoln’s goddaughter? Or rather, why was Lincoln really benched?”

    I figured his goddaughter was the daughter of his partner who was killed in the season premiere. I believe he has mentioned that they were like family to him. As for why he was really benched, I think it was nothing more than an issue of time. With the double Astrid emphasis in this episode, plus Alternate Olivia, plus our main three, along with the case, there just wasn’t room to do anything with Lincoln. They probably figured it would come across better to make some excuse for his total absence rather than have one token appearance that would stand out as nothing more than an excuse to have him in the episode.

    Well-loved.: Thumb up 19

    • scully8 says

      As almost always is the case, I agree with you on all points; although I don’t disagree, I do hope that Olivia doesn’t have to die to ensure the two universes survive . . . “there has to be another way” right? :)

      I absolutely LOVED this episode! I’d give it a 9/10 — one of my favorites of the series.

      Not having Lincoln hanging around was definitely a treat. :)

      Well-loved.: Thumb up 14

      • says

        If Lincoln helps to restore and bring back Peter into the original existence, will you still have a hate on for him?
        I do not understand all of the backlash from so many viewers.

        Like: Thumb up 6

        • scully8 says

          Betty — don’t mean to offend the Lincoln fans.

          As I’ve said before, I don’t hate the young man, I just don’t think the character adds anything to the show. Now, I could be wrong . . . the showrunners have said that he’s important to Peter’s story, so we’ll see.

          For the record, what I don’t like, and this is truly my love for Polivia coming out, the way they forced the Lincoln/Olivia coupling. It doesn’t feel organic. Also, after seeing this last episode, you can’t deny that the episode had an easier flow — the chemistry was on fire. I’m with Olivia when she said, “(Peter) you make a good partner.”

          I’m not saying eliminate Lincoln, as he has had his moments — I thought he was good in Enemy of My Enemy.

          So, I’m not hatin’. I’m just not feelin’ the Linc. :)

          Like: Thumb up 6

        • says

          @Betty – “‘If Lincoln helps to restore and bring back Peter into the original existence” Funny you should mention that – and if you have more of an idea of either scenario, please share.

          As for me, I had a similiar, terrible, awful idea (to me) that I must share. On the first (live) viewing I had a sinking feeling while watching Walter with Peter. What happened to the beauty of the character-and-plot-advancing encounter with Eliznate? (isn’t forgiveness what he has always wanted/needed?) And the equal beauty with Peter, where he seemed to not only accept; but almost, almost ‘remember’ again? And then to add insult to injury Pinkner/Wyman…er, I mean Walter…states that he prefers Lincoln. Feh.

          On the rewatch something else that was nagging at me became glaringly obvious: When Walter says “The other boy” he makes it sound like “The OTHER Boy”. With a possible Observer-like emphasis…

          Ok, follow along cuz here we go down Worse-case Scenario Lane:

          = Pinkner/Wyman have stated that Lincoln’s Purpose will be revealed and that it will be Important. Petah? Petah who? Olive? Olive who? *
          *This theory brought to you with serious sarcasm

          = The Clark Kent/Superman glasses symbology…thing.
          And to think Peter actually helped with this in a truly selfless act of trying to get Olivia a ‘substitute’ for himself…at first. “No, Lincoln’s not replacing Peter.” Hope so. Just stay away from The Peacoat. And Olivia.

          = Red Alt-Lincoln knowing (a) Nick Lane – via the Cortexiphan Trials?
          Who else thought this had to be the reason at the time? We now know it wasn’t; because Cortexiphan is an unknown substance Over There. But not Over Here. Still. Maybe Olivia isn’t the only Cortexi-Kid working for the FBI in this new timeline?

          = The BBM(s) is now somehow a blank slate not tuned to Peter’s DNA…or anyone else’s.
          I know the plan is to tune it to Peter’s DNA… but the best laid plans and all that.

          Honestly, this season I understand less and less about what I thought I knew about The Machine; since many personal and mass assumptions seem to have been contradicted the few times the BBM has been mentioned this season: Did they or did they not ever perceive it as activated? What do you mean it’s not a Bootstrap Paradox? The big dramatic reveal that Peter created The Bridge was done offscreen? I feel cheated.

          And there goes my Peter Origin Theory #2 that (the)Peter(s) was created using Walter and Elizabeth genetic materials, and as a blueprint the DNA coding from The Destiny Papers. Which don’t exist in this new rewritten timeline/reality, right? Sorry, Sam Weiss family line.

          = “The End of Days. That’s one of my father’s favorite sermons. When the world dies and a savior arrives to end the suffering and usher all the worthy into Heaven.” — ASTRID: TDWD.
          What if all this wonderful epic potential messianic timeline-reality changing/fixing/melding with Peter (or even better Peter and Olivia) at it’s heart has been just one big stinky red herring fish biscuit? What if Hurley is The Island Guardian, and not Jack? No offense meant to Hurley, dudes.

          The fact that Pinkner/Wyman (and I’m glaring at you too, Jackson) still insist that the idea of Peter deliberately sacrificing his existence – therefore leaving everybody in this very same, but seemingly permanent Peter-less existence they/we were in – would have made a “satisfying” end finale continues to scare the heck out of me; in terms of the future end finale. Believable, yes. Satisfying…NO.
          But neither is anyone else using the BBM – to make goodness. Can’t we do this with the OTP; and with nobody dying? Please?

          = And last but not least we have The Observers, who coined the name ‘The Boy’; and are continuing to use it to refer to Peter. Who has nevertheless served his Purpose (as far as they’re concerned) and whom they seemingly still want to truly erase for whatever reason.
          Can’t The Observers find Peter to still be Important somehow? I don’t want to hate them…

          Or do one or both The Boy and The Girl have to die? This time fer realz? Leaving a certain other character to carry on probably post-sacrifice as The Other Boy?

          And there possibly goes my Peter Origin Theory #1 that (the)Peter(s) was created using Walter and Elizabeth genetic materials, and a dash of Observer DNA – which would have explained both their interest in The Boy; and his Observer-like abilities, back when he sure seemed to be manifesting them. And which, if you squint, may have resurfaced in his pe-empting of what Walter was saying. But probably it was just to show that he was a good partner, already knowing both them and the crime scene routine. Is it too much to ask for it to be both again?

          Anyway, I hope none of what I have written will come to pass. And if that makes me a Lincoln hater… well, @scully8 explained some of my reasons for “just not feelin’ the Linc” (either of them) perfectly, IMHO.
          But if he helps out with putting things right – in some other fashion… in answer to @Betty’s question: In all seriousness – how can I hate him for that? I just don’t want him to steal the spotlight in any way, shape, or form doing it. Just sayin’.

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    • Red Balloon says

      “This part sort of confused me. I was sort of under the impression that September’s devise was simply what allowed him to kill the people quickly and mercifully”

      Neil used the flatliner on the airport choosing his “victims”. I imagine it is a multipurpose device (you can see someones past, present, future, you can also kill someone with it…Maybe is patented by MD’s… lol)

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      • lizw65 says

        Neil actually had TWO devices–the flatliner he obtained/stole/found/whatever at Reiden Lake, and the vehicle for his deadly nasal spray (though apparently he used the former to help him find the right combination of chemicals for the latter.)

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    • JustJoan says

      I believe there were two devices; Septembers enabled Neil to see all things in the round, past, present and future, all happening as one. The device that killed and resulted in bloody tears was of his own making, a delivery system for the Tears of Ra.

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      • JustJoan says

        Sorry — I did not see these comments when I replied. In the words of the immortal Emily Litella, Nevermind

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  4. Roneo says

    A great episode. Of those that squeeze your guts. Jasica’s been truly amazing, both Astrids heartbreakingly lovely.

    Just a side note.

    I found somewhat too easy that AltLivia’s “reconciliation” with Walter. That is, what did AltLivia do during those hours in the lab for Walter to look at her with different eyes and even forgive her? Being corky, sexy and sweet-giving? Damn, she is the chick who abducted and supplanted Olivia for weeks. Okay, it was a wartime mission, and now they are not so “enemies” but I have not heard her to say nor “sorry” or “were the circumstances” or “it was nothing personal, just following orders “…. 
    I may be too partial to our beloved Dunhamnator, but AltLivia still does not finish winning me (what is funny, considering they are both played by the same actress…XD).

    Except for this Walter’s behaviour, I’ve loved it.

    Like: Thumb up 6

    • Red Balloon says

      I got to admit that Walter’s isn’t surrounded exactly by fun people, so when someone like Altiv shows up, with light jokes, and playful lines, there’s got to be a good impact on him. She payed attention to Walter’s angry issues, so maybe he enjoyed that kind of attention at the end. The mint stuff did it for me 😉

      Like: Thumb up 5

  5. Jim says

    You’re right, Steven Weller (the actor playing the new Observer) was credited as ”March” during the promo for the next episode. :)

    Btw, regarding the flirting between Fauxlivia/Walter… Did you notice they edited Walter’s ”He (Peter) fell right into her vagenda” line to ”I fell right into her vagenda!” in the recap? Kind of makes you wonder what Fauxlivia did in this timeline. :p

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    • lizw65 says

      Yep, there’s already been quite a bit of fan speculation that Fauxlivia seduced Walter in this timeline–after all, his giving her back her things kind of looked like something a former lover would do after a breakup.

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      • Red Balloon says

        ok, “V+AGENDA” has its own doppelganger now over food: vanilla custard,
        vanilla cupcakes, vanilla ice-cream…

        Obviously she seduced him over food….there’s no other way with Walter 😛

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  6. jmm4 says

    There is so much we don’t know about Astrid.
    Astrid’s father is not necesarily the guy Astrid calls “dad”.

    Cook guy could have adopted Astrid after her father died.

    [speculation mode]
    Let’s say Astrid father died when Astrid was 10. Astrid’s recollections on her biological father could be true. Then at age 12 she was adopted by cook guy.
    A love deprived child in 6 years could warm up enough to consider cook guy her “dad”.
    [/speculation mode]

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    • says

      jmm4, that’s possible but I don’t see much evidence to support it. I think the conclusion to the episode specifically points out that Astrid lied about her lukewarm relationship with Dadstrid. Anything beyond that feels kind of clunky to me and would undercut level of growth and appreciation attained by both Astrids. That said, nothing wrong with speculation!

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  7. Red Balloon says

    Roco, Thanks, your review is fantastic and I agree with your Astrid’s moments, your case notes are spot on, though I think this time Walter didn’t deserved the Bad part.

    I’m having trouble finding the right place to watch the episodes with subtitles, because of the SOPA matter, but I finally did!.

    I’m glad they balanced the Astrids encounter with fun situations and mythology themes because I think it helped to highlight how epic it was. In fact, the whole episode I felt as if I was sitting on a Broadway Theater, It was wonderful how they alternated the poignant moments with the fun ones, and adding the procedural and observers into it. Plus, It looked like the cast was having their time of their lives in this one. Good for Jasika.

    They really think of every little detail, in the opening scene, the bus has the sign “Boston’s green way to go”…and then poor guy went to Paradise as Walter latter puts it in a “painless and instantaneously”, compassionate way.

    The part when Altivia goes to grab a red vine and Walter denies and says she is breaking his concentration and she replies “Oh, I’m sorry, where you solving World hunger or perfecting the perfect peanut butter milkshake” Reminded me of when she infiltrated our blue side, and stated that she underestimated Walter and the team on this side, when they realized about the cube boxes and the SS.

    Same thing happens when she is with Olivia and says “You say that with such a conviction becaaauuuse…” and Olivia answers “Because if there is no link, then we got a killer on the loose and no lead to find him”….She acts surprised of Olivia’s determination and even a little uncomfortable by her.

    I’m loving the reactions on the amber characters when meeting Altivia and Altstrid: Astrid’s scream, Olivia’s nerdy retraction (Whenever Altivia arrives is like Olivia thinks she’s being watched naked by everyone present in the room).

    Walter’s turn over on Altivia’s positive qualities, not before all the words’ fight they had with each other: all of them cracked me up!

    “Mata-Hari…Deceived and Betrayed anyone today?, it is almost lunch time afterall”
    “Wow!, I really got into you didn’t I Walter?”
    “Admit it Walter, you like me”
    “Did you asked?, May I?, Certainly NOT”
    “Sometimes suffering is worst than death”
    “Are you flirting with me”, “In your Dreams”

    Walter was fantastic with the eggs dream, I loved it!…To Peter: “What would you say to some eggs? I had a marvelous dream were eggs played a prominent part” lol!…I mean, he’s in a very happy place, and then Petah just wants more obnoxious machine…lol, no wonder he likes Lincoln more!… I just can’t…

    I think he doesn’t deserve to be in the Bad, because despite Alt-Eliznate convincing him to help Peter, he hasn’t have the time to be comfortable with the situation. Is like if someone tells you, you’ve got to love him/her…and you think “hmmm, No, I really don’t”, but then it just happens…it’s just not the time yet. Besides, Peter’s attitude to get the hell out of there ASAP, is not helping them to find that bonding moments. I think they’re both with the wrong attitude with each other, and that’s why I think their reactions seems organic now.

    Peter vanishing from the room with the line “I got a challenge for ya, why don’t we fix the machine”…it felt theatrical, preparing the silence for Altstrid’s entrance and the “You are not you, are you?”

    These are just curious things I noticed:
    -Olivia and Astrid were having a “girls talk” again when entering the lab.
    -Nice touch when Astrid hand-scanner said “Welcome agent” on this side.
    -The “frog rectal” Walter’s phrase with the Astrids’ face plus the What?, What?…had a nice domino effect.
    -Olivia’s face when Peter says “Hold on a sec”…is like “sure Boss!”…she even looks to Astrid with a “Is he THE MAN or what?”
    -In the same scene Walter’s face when Peter says “…body back to the lab to examine”…OMG!, he reminded me of Jack Nicholson on “The Shinning”…priceless. He’s definitely jealous of Peter stealing his job, and even his agent Dunham…lol
    -Olivia’s reaction when shooting is truly honest every time…I think the real sound is always loud.

    My only complain is about Neil’s motif…he went through all that trouble, with the formulas, and the device, and quit everything in his life, just to “save” 3 people?…his grand plan wasn’t worthy of the theme about angels. Good thing he didn’t have the flat-liner when Olivia and Peter arrived…he would’ve died of a hart attack seeing their future… I think!

    Sorry for the long post…And I left some things behind, it’s a low Monday I guess. 😛

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  8. scully8 says

    RB: Don’t apologize for the long post . . . I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Another note:
    What about Olivia’s double take of Peter when Altliv mentions that he’s cute, but not her type . . . very telling. Olivia’s starting give Peter those looks . . .

    Polivia, rise up and take your rightful place in this new timeline! :)

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    • Red Balloon says

      Thanks Scully!, I’ve said it since the 2nd. episode…”I don’t think they are going back to the original time line”…

      So all the winks they’ve been giving us: the “He’s not my type” about Lincoln, she feeling awkward when he first approached her in the lab, the “Why would I if you’re a stranger”, “the “HEY” in the hallway, and now the “I imagine he’s your type” (that can only mean he is her type, because she assumes the same for Altivia’s 😉 )…plus the “You make a good partner” and the look she gave to Astrid after the “Wait a sec”….

      Oh yeah!, she’s definitely in denial, so is he with the “This is not my Olivia”, but lets see how much they can hold on that thought..

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