FRINGE: 4.10 Forced Perspective — Episode Guide & Poll


Olivia continues to cope with the ominous warning from the Observers, while Peter and the team track a girl with the mysterious ability to predict death in the all-new “Forced Perspective”.


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  1. He_knows_not says

    Started off a little slow, but really paid off in the end. I gave it a 9 but really it’s more of a 8.5. Loved the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep/Blade Runner reference – A candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long – though I think it was rephrased a little bit. (Nice tongue-in-cheek nod to S3. Ep4 – Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?) Next week’s episode looks like the one we’ve been waiting for, both sides working together over ‘here.’ Can’t wait! Thanks!

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  2. Cody says

    These last couple of episodes have been huge! The writers sure took their time this season to bring us better episodes! The beginning of this season started so dull and slow. If this don’t make the ratings improve, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL! I feel as if we have lost our audience!

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  3. Rick Terry says

    I liked the exposition of the Observers, but I would rather there have been some actual scenes, I suppose maybe one day we’ll get to learn more than just snippets about them. Speaking of that, since when does Peter just happen to know that they are timeless, or omnipresent? I mean yeah one could glean that from their sudden appearances, and as an audience member I too have been pretty sure that omnipresence was at play, but the way Peter just kinda nonchalantly threw that out there was kinda strange…like Olivia should know or something. Why the hell has Peter been keeping this so close to the vest all these seasons? We should have found this out long ago. Plus since when is Peter the go to guy for all things Observer?

    Like I said I did like the little mythology touches they did this week, but I must say the guest stars were lacking in the believably department. The girl was just not that good at delivering lines. Her physical acting was good, but her delivery was off. Plus the dialog was rather predictable and kinda blase’ this ep. It certainly wasn’t the worst this season, but it definitely wasn’t one of the best either. I gave it a 7. Next week looks a little better, at least from the promo. Two words; Astrid, and Observer.

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    • Pwnsauce says

      I also thought it deserved a 7. It seems as though the writers are really trying to build up to something big a few episodes down the road, and I respect that, but at the same time it just feels like I’ve sort of seen this kind of episode before. Clearly there were callbacks to ‘The Ghost Network’ – the drawings, precognitive behavior, the bus, and it was definitely a better episode than 1.03. However, I just feel sort of..unimpressed. Maybe I’m being snobby or greedy, but I just want more, especially after the previous two episodes set a high standard for Fringe’s return. Also, no mention of DRJ or shapeshifters.

      Still, this is much better than 4.06 or 4.07, so I’ll give it that. I’m just getting hungry for Man X, DRJ, and Devious Nina payoffs.

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    • JM says

      Yes i agree, it was a bit odd, because the way peter explained the observers to olivia, it felt like he was “in the know” but in seasons 1-3 he’s just as relatively clueless to them as we as the audience were, maybe he learned of it in the 15 year period after he turned on the machine (isnt he supposed to have retained all that knowledge?)

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      • number six says

        Well, he interacted with September in the comics (the ones, that Josh wrote, which are canon). He could have inferred it from his adventures in the comics, but he also had some previous knowledge about how they interact with time. In S2, he had that explanation/demonstration by Brandon at Massive Dynamic, where he told his theory about the Observers observing time, like they exist outside of it. What about “Firefly”, where the whole team watched September bringing Roscoe’s son from the past? Since the Observers don’t seem to be constrained by time and they can go back to a point in the past, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to experience the future as well.

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        • JM says

          lol i didnt know those comics were canon!
          Yes i like your arguments, and it looks like the observers travelling into the future will be a key component in the next episode.

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  4. Sofia says

    The first time that I watched this episode, I didn’t like it soooooooooo much, maybe I expected more. But now that I saw twice, I really enjoy it

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    • scully8 says

      Sofia: I feel the same about it not be a favorite, but I will re-watch and see how I feel. Also, Lincoln was kinda snippy to Peter at the lab . . .

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  5. JM says

    Well……It wasn’t bad.. per say. It was certainly the best mythalone weve had this season. But the universes had just joined forces, the show had great momentum, then we have this episode? dosent make sense. Its kind of like marionette (although that was way better) after entrada, a really exciting episode followed by a slow paced episode, its a bit jarring.

    Anna torv as always was great, but she was the only person who was in the episode throughout, every other character was pretty much in the background, which i didnt really appreciate, as i feel the show works better when it utilises its ensemble (example:entrada), minus lincoln of course (who was a bit arsey to peter this episode i felt). Sidelining walter and peter (as they have been for most of this season) is not a good idea.

    Conclusion: this was another episode of fringe where the last 3 minutes were probably all you needed to get what was going on.

    P.S: im very excited the astrid episode coming up next, looks great.

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  6. Avro says

    So based on the conversation Broyles (Funny he is the only character that has never mentioned by his first name among the fans so far) and Olivia had, we now know that last 3 episodes (8.9,10) have taken place in two days in a row. So what happens to all the inpatients Olivia had to give as many as information as possible about DRJ from Peter right away(I’ll have some one pick you up in the morning)??

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  7. Underseer says

    Yes, not bad, 7 out of 10, but there was a bit of a hole over Peter’s knowledge of the Observers, as others have… erm… observed ;). He did mention the Observers early on this season. What, they never pursued that?

    It seems very unlikely indeed that this Fringe division wouldn’t have subjected Peter to an exhaustive debriefing about all he knew, almost from the day he appeared in their timeline. They would know all about David Robert Jones, the Observers etc.

    And if Peter chose to hold some things back, the reaction of the other characters to his dropping snippets here and there is not credible. In many cases they’d be saying “so why the hell didn’t tell us about that before? What else aren’t you telling us?”

    This would engender distrust and in the real world, so to speak, Peter would find himself in a cell until he did indeed tell all.

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    • Rick Terry says

      Yep! Exactly. This seems so unrealistic, that I hope it speaks to the reality of this timeline, and doesn’t reflect the laziness of the writers. In other words, if this timeline isn’t truly reality as we know it, then logic can get tossed to the wind as it has been, but if this is indeed reality, then unfortunately I see it as lazy writing.

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  8. Samuel says

    I think all the info Peter knew about the Observers came from Firefly,
    because I remember Walter making the same remark in that episode.

    The episode was good, but not super,
    though I do strongly suspect the “terrific” drug Nina is going to give Olivia is somehow related to her little experiment and Phase Two…

    Next ep will be awesome!!! Or so I hope…

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  9. RB says

    Does or doesn’t peter have memories from the time in the future? I have been wondering that for a while..

    This episode was ok.. i didn’t really care much for the girl’s story and the dialogues troughout the episode were a little predictible…
    though I liked the idea of nina wearing an apron in the kitchen making soup!

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  10. tc says

    Maybe not the best forum for this but two questions:
    1) The boy they found in the abandoned building in S1 (the kid with no hair and pale skin on his way to being an Observer) had issues w/ oxygen levels b/c he’d been stuck underground. Perhaps his needed that oxygen deprived environment to survive. So didn’t Walter say Emily had some kind of sensitivity to oxygen as well? So perhaps her precognitive abilities stem from what makes the Observers the Observers? But she died to young b/c of living a more normal life?

    2) From last week: Is it possible that Nina thinks she is communicating w/W. Bell in the red universe? I know he is supposed to be dead in this timeline, but is it possible he crossed over. In S1 Mr Jones was trying to get to the other side to get to Bell. Perhaps in this timeline, Jones succeeded, killed Bell, then took his place. Perhaps this evil Nina thinks she is acting on orders from him?

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    • Rick Terry says

      I had the same thought about the girl too, but I had to wonder if it was a valid theory, then why is it we haven’t seen any other female Observers, so I sorta ditched it until you just got me thinking again.

      As far as your second theory, I like it a lot! That would at least make Amber-Nina a little more likable to me. But still, what does she want with “Olive”?

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