FRINGE REWATCH: 2.22 Over There Part 2 — Cross Over Part 2


Our Fringe Rewatch continues as we search for new perspectives ahead of the fourth season. Up next: Over There – Part 2 — or what we’re calling: “Cross Over – Part 2.”

Please note: these rewatches may contain references to later episodes.

In case you didn’t manage to rewatch this episode, here’s a promo to give you a sense of where the story was:

This retrospective is focused around two main areas: NEW PERSPECTIVES, where I look at the episode with new eyes. And FINDING PETER, where I share my speculations and thoughts – arising from watching this episode – in relation to Peter ‘ceasing to exist’ and the new timeline.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be making an effort to avoid going over old ground, but there will be links at the end to my previous rewatch articles should you wish to drill down on my previous thoughts.

  • The most relevant overarching connection for me is the concept of healing the two worlds through the BBM. At this stage Peter wants nothing to do with the Machine — indeed, along with his father’s deception, it’s the reason he hightailed it out of the AU. So, to see him strapped inside the BBM a season later is quite something. To see him willingly strapped inside the BBM is something else.
  • Then there’s William Bell and his little comments. Whether it was the intention at this stage or not, it does appear that Bellie was aware of Peter’s destiny — which is essentially the time-loop itself. Conceptually it’s quite interesting — in order to make a change, Peter and his loved ones had to repeat many mistakes, many times over.
  • I’ve mentioned it a couple of times already, but it would be great to find out the origins story of Peter and the BBM. It was created by the First People (and we know who they are) and attuned to Peter (or vice-versa), but when and where in time did this happen? Has the moment since been over-written? Was the so-called ‘original timeline’ not the original timeline? Hmm.
  • A lot of the season 4 speculation has, rightly, been about the new timeline, but I’m still intrigued by the fact our two sides have essentially joined together — if not in mind, then in spirit. I’m curious to see whether this brings them closer together or further apart, and what it says about Peter’s faith in his multi-dimensional family.
  • it possible to have both? To fix the problems of their worlds and have Peter? Perhaps what they do on the various stages of existence is all part of the process..
  • Peter to Walternate: “I don’t know what you’ve heard about me, but changing the laws of physics might be slightly above my abilities.” He says the darndest things.

Retrospective Rating: 8.5/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. Pwnsauce says

    This time around for some reason, I felt like I didn’t buy Olivia’s ‘You belong with me’ spiel. In fact, I bought Peter’s decision to return Over Here slightly more. It just seemed like Olivia ‘leveled up’ her love by 10 levels instead of 1. I always have wished the exchange between Walter and William in the lab was longer. So many mysteries to discuss!

    The prophecy must have been misplaced somehow if Walter knew he was supposed to find it, and I wonder whether Walter created the prophecy and sent it back through time as well, or if the Observers created it, possibly by Walter’s bidding?

    This is really a fantastic episode. Extremely well done. 9/10 for me.

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    • says

      “It just seemed like Olivia ‘leveled up’ her love by 10 levels instead of 1. I always have wished the exchange between Walter and William in the lab was longer. So many mysteries to discuss!”

      Agreed on both fronts!

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  2. MISSNETT says

    I have a question. Have we already been experiencing multiple time lines with season 1 thru 3? Will this explain the inconsistencies we have seen so far?

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    • says

      MISSNETT: There are one or two points during the rewatch were I thought it could be possible. Like you say, it would be another explanation for the memory issues. It would need to be followed through if it’s to rival the more grounded possibilities (repressed memories due to trauma, characters being made to forget, etc), but it’s definitely worth considering.

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