FRINGE REWATCH: 2.21 Over There Part 1 — Cross Over Part 1


Our Fringe Rewatch continues as we search for new perspectives ahead of the fourth season. Up next: Over There – Part 1 — or what we’re calling: “Cross Over — Part 1.”

Please note: these rewatches may contain references to later episodes.

In case you didn’t manage to rewatch this episode, here’s a promo to give you a sense of where the story was:

This retrospective is focused around two main areas: NEW PERSPECTIVES, where I look at the episode with new eyes. And FINDING PETER, where I share my speculations and thoughts – arising from watching this episode – in relation to Peter ‘ceasing to exist’ and the new timeline.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be making an effort to avoid going over old ground, but there will be links at the end to my previous rewatch articles should you wish to drill down on my previous thoughts.


  • OTP1 is one of the most relevant overarching episodes primarily because it takes us to the alternate universe with our heroes in ‘real-time’ (and introduces the BBM). Season 4 will deliver a similar sense of discovery as we view our heroes through yet another lens.
  • The concept of choice will still be a factor, since the story is predicated on it, but we’ll get to look at it from another level. Whereas the parallel universe scenario is a more side-by-side comparison of different choices, the introduction of a new timeline will, I imagine, make the story even more dimensional.
  • OTP1 introduces us to what Olivia would be like had she made different choices in her life. As we enter season 4, the conceit will be centered on what she’s like without Peter (the same will apply to all characters and the wider worlds), providing an intriguing glimpse behind the curtain of what makes the universes the way they are.
  • Which brings me back to the warring state of the two sides and the moment (or moments) that brought them to this point. We’ve been given couple of clues but it will be crucial to know the context behind this repeated pattern.
  • Then there’s the fact that Peter seemed to know that his solution wouldn’t immediately fix the problem, yet failed to realize that he’d be zipped from existence.
  • The other thread that I find relevant is Olivia’s commitment to crossing over for Peter and basically laying her cards on the table. Much of what they share now was defined in this finale, and it ties into the whole ‘how far would you go?‘ concept that may be expanded in season 4.
  • Without Peter, who ate all of mama Bishop’s bacon during the early 80s? It’s these important questions that shouldn’t be overlooked. Of course, Peter might have existed up to a point (perhaps dying from the illness that Walter saved him from in the sideways.) Though I’ll be honest, Peter not existing, period, seemed to be the implication at the end of TDWD. We’ll see what happens.
  • In light of Subject 13 it’s interesting to once again hear Peter blame himself for Elizabeth’s death and to hear Eliznate tell him, “In the end we have to take responsibility for our own decisions, the good and the bad.” Quite poignant given the way young Peter came to his decision to buy into his adopted world. No doubt influenced by Elizabeth, but Peter still made a choice. Has Peter being paying for it ever since?
  • On one level it’s neither here nor there since he was destined to go into the BBM one way or the other, but I still find it important to look at the experiences our characters have been through, however fixed their futures appear to be. Even the Observers, God bless them, are aware that choice is important to the roads taken.
  • As for the other bits and pieces (the mystery of Lincoln’s father, etc), I think it goes without saying that it will be interesting to see which character paths are predicated on Peter’s existence, and to what extent.

Retrospective Rating: 8/10 Seriable Stars

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