Fringe: 10 First People Facts; Exploring the ‘Vacuum’ Mythology

Thursday’s episode of Fringe“6955kHz” contained a huge mythology injection in the shape of the Number Stations and the First People. We love this stuff and we’re interested to see where it all goes and how it will tie together.

To help keep track of The First People storyline, we decided to gather together everything we know about the First People, the Number Stations, The Vacuum – and their possible connections to Sam Weiss, Peter, The Observers, and other mythology items.

We hope to keep this post updated as the series and the mythology progresses, so feel free to dive in – and if you fancy getting involved be sure to share any thoughts or speculations that you have.

My initial thought on the First People was:

“My immediate thought was that it refers to our early ancestors, or the first custodians of earth before known human civilisation began – the First People.”

Not far off. I’m sure many of you guessed similarly. Now let’s explore the First People facts and possibilities, and how they relate to the world of Fringe:

10 First People Facts

  • The initial First People reference was embedded in the red alternate universe-themed title sequence for Over There – Part 1.

Here are more facts we know about these ancients:

  • The First people pre-date the Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs.
  • The First people were technologically advanced homosapiens that evolved on the earth before the current human occupants.
  • They made the ultimate discovery – a mechanism known to them as the Vacuum – containing at once both the power to create and to destroy.

“Many religions speak of such a power, and science – the Big Bang and its counterpart the Big Crunch. The universe expanding and contracting and expanding, an endless cycle of creation and destruction.” – Walter (3.06).

  • The First people vanished without a trace.
  • We’re led to believe that the First People hid pieces of the Vacuum in many different locations around the world (possibly across two worlds, since Walternate already has much of the ancient device built on the other side).
  • The locations of the Vacuum pieces are recorded by codes known as Number Stations – a coordinate system detailing where the First People buried the parts – specific locations on the globe, latitude and longitude. (Numbers for First broadcast/Buenos Aires location: 12, 34, 17, 9, 15, 8, 42, 40, 27). These numbers also relate to days in their months.
  • A book titled The First People by Seamus Wiles was published in 1897. It only had one edition and contains theories on the First People. Seamus Wiles is an anagram for Sam Weiss, implying that Sam is the author and possibly related to – or one of these First People.

First People Calendar

  • The First People viewed time differently.
  • They say that when Guglielmo Marconi first invented the radio the first thing he heard was the numbers – like they were waiting for someone to listen. Further evidence of the First People were the early custodians of earth.

Sam Weiss and The First People

Is Sam Weiss related to the First People? Could he be one of these mythical ancients? It’s very possible based on the evidence:

  • When Olivia first met Sam in his bowling alley (2.02 “Night of Desirable Objects”), the song “Mr Fantasy” was playing in the background. Was this a reference to his true nature? If he is one of these First People, the ‘fantasy’ element could relate to his seemingly supernatural abilities.
  • Sam offers to play a game of CLUE with Olivia to help ease her burdens (and open her mind) in episode 2.16.

  • The anagram on a blackboard at the end of season 2: “A DEMONS TWIST RUSTS” or ” DON’T TRUST SAM WEISS“.
  • His comment, “I’m older than I look. I barely remember my childhood. I’m also taller than I appear” (2.16).

This would make sense because the First People were around millions of years ago. The First People treated time differently, and may have aged differently. Since Sam is ‘taller than he appears’, is this one of the First People abilities – to project a different physical appearance, or was his consciousness somehow implanted into a modern-day human? If he is one of the surviving First People, it’s worth considering how he survived?

Other Sam Weiss quotes with possible significance

“When you’ve been up all night, time is just a matter of semantics” (2.16)

“I detected that you needed company” (2.16)

“You’re a good person. One of the few I know. If you agreed to keep this secret I’m sure you had a good reason” (2.16)

The Observers and The First People

It is possible The Observers are connected somehow to the First People. Are they First People themselves, hybrid First People, or perhaps avatars or droids created by the First People to create some kind of course correction in the time-line? At this stage we do not know for sure, but there are many connections worth pouring over.

  • Both the Observers and the First People are known for being technologically advanced.
  • Both the Observers and the First People view time differently from present-day humans.

Peter go BOOM!

  • The Observers were keen to prevent Peter from crossing back to the alternate universe to power the vacuum – which we now know to belong to the First People. In 2.21 September provided Olivia with a ‘prophesy paper’ which seemed to illustrate Peter powering the vacuum and suffering devastating consequences.
  • The Observers writing resembles that of the inscriptions on the Vacuum parts.

Other possible First People references

  • In “Over There – Part 1”, Walter claims that all humans once had innate abilities that were suddenly switched off.

The Vacuum

  • Walternate already has much of the Vacuum assembled in the alternate universe.
  • The design was apparently William Bell’s – based on ancient technology, which we now know to belong to the First People.
  • In the alternate universe, pieces of the Vacuum respond directly to Peter – as if the Vacuum is specifically made to be powered by his DNA. It’s worth mentioning that Peter can also operate the Observers pulse guns – ep. 2.08.
  • Walternate claims that the Vacuum will ‘heal the problems of his world. The Observers indicated that if Peter operates the weapon it will lead to a global cataclysm and possibly his own destruction (at least).

The Vacuum Questions

  • Why can Peter operate the Vacuum?
  • Did the First People plan for Peter to be born with these abilities – if so, how? Dormant genes? Time-travel? Genetic modification?
  • Why this Peter specifically?
  • Does Walternate really want to use the Vacuum to destroy Over Here universe? Could it be used to heal, merge or create another universe?
  • Does Walternate still need Peter to power the Vacuum, or can it function without him once all the parts are assembled?

First People Questions

  • Why did the First People vanish?
  • Were they wiped out by their own Vacuum device? (if so, they seemingly had time to bury the parts first – unless time-travel is involved or other humans did it for them).
  • Did the Multiverse exist before the First People – or did they create it using the Vacuum?
  • Are the Observers connected, or related, to the First People?
  • Is Sam Weiss one of the First People?
  • How old is Sam Weiss?
  • How did Sam survive the cataclysm that supposedly wiped out the First People?
  • How did Nina meet Sam, and does she know who he really is?
  • Did the First People “shut down” our ‘primal abilities’ (inter-dimensional travel, thought control, telekinesis, etc) so that we wouldn’t destroy ourselves – or for any other reason?
  • As per the anagram in “Over There – Part 2”, why should we not trust Sam Weiss?
  • What is Sam’s mission in all of this?
  • Why did the First People transmit messages in modern-day languages? How did they know to use these languages? (thanks Observer1 for the question).
  • What do the “Period of Darkness/Light” refer to on the First People calendar? (thanks to William Bishop for the question).

That should be enough to get us started. We’ll be updating this post as we go along so that we can make it as accurate and useful as possible. If you notice any inaccuracies, or have any contributions or theories, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: The First People’s Book

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  1. says

    I have another question:

    If the First People made the Number Stations to transmit the numbers, hów come they were transmitting in modern day languages?

    We’ve heard Dutch, Hispanic and Japanese (or Russian). These are all modern languages. How would the First People know when and hów we used these languages; it would make much more sense (as in our own culture) that their language is ‘dead’ (e.g. not spoken or used anymore).

    In our modern culture we gasp at the Egyptian hieroglyphs, Mayan symbols and so on. It would make sense that the Number Stations would transmit in ancient ‘dead’ symbols, instead of modern languages.

    I know: for tv-land we skip a few details, but nevertheless….

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    • says

      Good question, Observer1.

      I would think that since they were technologically advanced and viewed time differently, they may have had some foresight about the future, or how to communicate with future residents of Earth. Another thing to consider is that the artificial nature of the voices (Nina’s speculation), if this is true then this might also come into play in terms of auditory perception.

      Not a ‘proper’ answer, but it’s something that the writers may drill down on to explain the communications.

      I’ll include your question in the post as it is worth asking.


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      • Residents Fan says

        On the subject of ancient symbols…Brandon mentions in “August” that some
        of the symbols in the Observer’s notebook were found on ancient artefacts in
        museums. Did the First People have a language that was shared with the
        Observers, and fragments of this language wound up on humanity’s oldest
        artefacts? Maybe this is a reference to the Biblical story of Tower of Babel.
        An ancient people that spoke a special language, scattered as punishment because of their hubris in building the Tower to Heaven? Maybe the Tower is a metaphor for the Vacuum machine-and there was the bookseller’s ref to “before Adam and Eve”.

        I’m sure there was an article in TV Guide where one of the producers said
        that the Observers are not the First People, but there is probably a link.
        Possibly the First People created the Observers as artificial life forms to
        look after the earth if the FP ever disappeared.

        Also, Peter Bishop has a gift for using unusual technology-he’s able to use
        the Observer’s energy pistol in “August”, and in “Over There” part of the
        First People’s machine attaches itself to him. Perhaps Peter is able to
        use FP/Observer tech that modern humans cannot, and this is why the
        Observers regard him as “important”.

        Finally, on a lighter note, it’s interesting to note that Sam Weiss, with
        his longish hair and beard,casual dress, and friendly manner, is completley opposite to the hairless,suited and emotionless Observers. What if this is deliberate, to throw people looking for a being linked to the Observers off the scent?

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  2. William Bishop says

    The story about First People and The Vacuum/The Machine sure brings LOTS of questions, but some thing made me intrigued: The First People calendar, I understand the part about the months (at least part of it), but why did they have those periods ” Period of Darkness / Dark meets Light / Period of Light / Light meets Dark ” ? Could they mean the seasons of the year (if it does it’s going to be pretty lame), or maybe during the existence of their civilization the only universe was “self-destroying” and that lead to the First People build the Vacuum creating the multiverse but destroying them?

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    • says

      Interesting thoughts William.

      The periods of darkness/light could indeed relate to their seasons, although we should bear in mind that they view time differently. The level of duality there also seems to imply ‘balance’ or some kind of inverse.

      This isn’t my first thought, but perhaps the calendar hints at a rotational system whereby the First People will return after a period of time? That said, there has to be something at stake – perhaps balance was disturbed and the device, as you suggest, led to some kind of imbalance which wiped them out, or sparked the next rung of existence?

      I’ll add your question to the post – lots to consider!

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  3. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I think there is a great similarity between the mythology of the “First People” and the story of the “Krell” from the movie “Forbidden Planet”. The Krell were also an ancient civilization that was technologically advanced. Like the First People the Krell also created the ultimate invention, a society without instrumentation powered by their planet and controlled by thought. What the Krell didn’t count was the “mindless primitive” that dwelled in their subconscious. Their, “monsters of the Id.” These monsters, channelled by their machine, destroyed their society overnight.
    The parallells between the Krell invention and the First People’s “Vacuum” are quite striking. The Vacuum is also the ultimate device that build or destroy worlds and it may have led to the demise of the “Firsties”. I’d like to think Sam Weiss is a survivor of that cataclysm and he and perhaps others sought to hide the Vacuum machine in order to prevent another apocalypse.

    There have been many references to the movie “Forbidden Planet” contained in Fringe. The most recent of which was a Krell door located at the Fringe Division HQ in the Red universe. I wanted to link a screencap of it from the episode “Amber” but could not locate one. (In the episode Broylnate stands before one as he speaks to his team.) I’ve included a link to screencap from Forbidden Planet so you can see what a Krell door looks like. If any of you can find a ‘cap to the Amber episode I would appreciate it.

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    • William Bishop says

      It’s possible that your theory is right, there are many references to “Forbidden Planet” in Fringe, but if Sam Weiss buried the parts of the machine in both universes (considering that the multiverse existed before the First People) why would he send the coordinates to the parts so we could find it?

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      • Inter-dimensional Dave says

        I’m not necessarily saying Sam Weiss is responsible for burying the parts. (He might be!) But if he is responsible for revealing the locations it could be because he believes in Peters solution or “third way”. Maybe the completed “Vacuum” can cure the rifts and anomalies that have occurred in both universes. Or, perhaps a completed machine is easier to destroy rather than leave the parts lying around for the wrong party to find.
        I originally thought Walternate was revealing the locations so our Fringe team could find them. (For Walternates own nefarious reasons of course.) Isn’t that the current accepted theory?

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    • says

      Very interesting connections, Brother.

      I hadn’t considered the similarities between FP and the First People but there’s plenty to think about there!

      Is this the screencap you’re looking for?:

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      • Inter-dimensional Dave says

        It is indeed! Thanks so much Roco. I see the Red-verse is using a modified version of the Krell door (maybe their tech isn’t that great after all) but the similarities are too close to ignore. Why include a door like that if they weren’t inspired by a movie they keep referencing. I’m calling it, “Krell door!”

        See the indoor architecture of the Massive Dynamic building in the Blu-verse as further proof of movie inspired set design. If that isn’t cinematic German Expressionism inspired I don’t know what is.

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        • says

          Good points Dave. I think you could be on to something here.

          I’ve also noticed that the door Walter used to kidnap Peter resembles an upside down version of the AU Fringe Division archways. It’s not quite as ‘Krell-looking’ as the archways, but the connection sprang to mind during “Amber 31422”.

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  4. FinChase says

    I can’t believe you left off “What’s up, buttercup?” from Sam’s list of notable quotes! Oh, you only want significant quotes! Oh well, who’s to say that won’t become significant in the future? :)

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  5. Valentine says

    We know that there’s “more than one of everything” so that would mean that there is a vacuum buried in each universe. I think what makes Peter different is that he and his alternate were supposed to die. If it wasn’t for Walter having that window to the other side he would not have witnessed Walternate discovering the cure. If we think of Peter as a “chosen one” it would make sense that he survied what is considered the unsurvivable. He was supposed to die but because of Walter and some amazing technology he lived against all the odds. And he had to be brought from one universe to the other inorder for that to happen. If there were a profecy for “the chosen one” that would certainly be contained in the requirements.

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    • Jesse M. says

      I think you’re probably right about a vacuum in each universe, but I don’t think both Peter and his alternate were supposed to die, remember that Walternate only missed seeing that he had come up with the cure because he was distracted by the Observer in his lab, and the Observer was distressed when he talked to the other Observers about this, saying he had made a mistake, and later made a point of rectifying this mistake by saving Walter and Peter when they fell through the ice (violating the apparent rule that Observers aren’t supposed to interfere in events).

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  6. ch8 says

    So far, I’ve done my research a bit everywhere, and apparently there is not such book itself. Now the real question would be, if apparently the book isn’t real, then why invent it. It’s not only for the show, but if you pay attention, that world that we see in Fringe, actually does exist. You may say or think, how? Why? When? Who? In fact, it’s all around us, it’s just specific people who know about it and few rarely say it in order to maintain it a secret. People think that it’s only on television, but everything that has occured in almost every episode is indeed possible. It is said, that we humans only use barely the 10% of our intelligence, those who use more than the 10% are actually those who can tell you about it. About those anormal things that occur around us, but we simply do not notice it because we follow a routine, that we have been taught to believe in.
    Now about the book, Internet says it’s fake, an illusion, pure science-fiction. Once again, we make true by only believing what we want to believe that actually exists. We believe what we want to believe. Internet is a branch of connections, the world itself is real, and so are we…
    Believe me, that book, somewhere does exist, if someone would find it, obviously it would be kept a secret. Since it would be the end for us, specially if it would fell in the wrong hands . But of course, nobody would tell this, would they?

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  7. Randy says

    Peter did start the alternate machine, but when he touched the piece of our version of the machine nothing happened. What if Olivia is our versions link?!

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  8. Residents Fan says

    Something that should be noticed about Sam Weiss; he helped both Nina and
    Olivia to recover after they had suffered injuries from contact with the other
    universe (Nina lost her arm, Olivia had injured limbs and amnesia). What if Sam
    has special knowledge of how to heal people, especially from contact with the
    other universe?

    As for how old he is; I think it’s a bit implausible that if Sam is a First Person, he
    was simply wandering around for millions of years, so I think he could have used either suspended animation or time travel to survive to the age when
    modern humans appeared.

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  9. Keith says

    Very interesting. I just hope with only two more episodes this year (it’s Nov. 23) and then a long jump to Fri. Jan. 28. That not too many people lose track of things.

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  10. mlj102 says

    Along the same lines of how Sam Weiss was able to survive the destruction of the first people, I think it’s important to consider why he’s apparently been able to live for so long. If Sam Weiss is one of the first people, which I believe we’re meant to conclude that he is, then what does that say about the lifespan of the first people? Were the first people essentially immortal, only able to be killed through their own invention of the vacuum? Or did they develop some technique that made it possible for them to stay alive for a long time? A sort of eternal youth type of thing, like what was implied in The Bishop Revival (Speaking of which, could Hoffman be another of the first people? Which leads to another good question: are there more first people survivors, or is Sam Weiss the only one?). Or is Sam Weiss able to be here by some method of time travel: he hasn’t really been alive for thousands of years, he “simply” transported in time far into the future. I tend to disagree with that one, as his comment of being older than he appears seems to imply that he has physically been alive for a long time. Whatever the explanation, that’s something they seem to have in common with the Observers… both groups of people seem capable of living indefinitely, with death being a very rare occurrence among them.

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    • Residents Fan says

      “Or did they develop some technique that made it possible for them to stay alive for a long time? A sort of eternal youth type of thing, like what was implied in The Bishop Revival (Speaking of which, could Hoffman be another of the first people? Which leads to another good question: are there more first people survivors, or is Sam Weiss the only one?).”

      Interesting idea-was Hoffman a FP, or did Grandpa Bishop and Hoffman have
      access to FP technology? Historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke has pointed out
      that in real life, Heinrich Himmler was obsessed with the occult and pseudo-scientific theories, so it’s possible in the “Fringe” Universe, Hoffman was part of Himmler’s research team into occultism/”Fringe science”.I also wonder whether Sam Weiss had encounters Hoffman and Bishop in this time period.
      While watching “The Bishop Revival” last week, I noticed Hoffman owned an
      old typewriter and a shaving mirror…of the same type the Shape-shifters use?

      If Sam Weiss used Suspended animation to survive to modern times, made this technology has connections with Walternate’s Amber (which also “freezes” people in time-and maybe it’s a homage to Jurassic Park, and the Amber in JP enabling living things to re-appear millions of years after they died out).

      In the First People book, there’s a chart detailing their calendar. The
      chart is split into four segments, with an X-shaped division (“Period of Darkness”, etc.) Now it may be a coincidence, but on the chart Walternate has of the weapon in “Over There”, there are four black circles, with a light crescent shape on each circle.Each of the four crescent shapes can be matched with a period on the FP calender. Perhaps the calendar has a link with the Weapon, or even prophecies a return of the First People to the
      modern world (in the shape of Peter?) .

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  11. says

    Great discussion/points, folks.

    I’m planning to do an update on this soon, so I’ll add any additional points from your comments to the post above.

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  12. Myrlin says

    This might be a pointless and stupid observation but the writings behind peters dooms day face look like letters repeating themselves and to me the letters look like G T A C. GTAC are also the letters representing the building blocks of our DNA. Maybe the sequence IS peters dna. The first people machines may of been programed to respond to the one person with this exact dna pattern. Im not as eloquent with my writings as I would wish but I hope you get the gist of what I am talking about.

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  13. says

    If there’s ‘more than one of everything’ and there are two vacuum machines, I believe this is important. It’s possible that both machines need operating in the separate universes simultaneously in order for the ‘third solution’ to work.

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    • William Bishop says

      It’s possible that you’re right about this, but we actually don’t know many about the construciton of the Vacuum so we can’t be sure about this
      And we saw in episode 3.08 (Entrada) that Walternate couldn’t find all parts in his universe, probably because the holes in the fabric of the universe destroyed then…
      Anyway, we can’t be sure of anything right now, we’ve just been introduced to the Vacuum mythology, so let’s wait for another episode.

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  14. Matheus says

    Fringe is so awesome and storys like The First People make it more awesome, it will be a shame if they cancel our show.

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  15. Ayisha says

    I have just discovered this site and the section dedicated to “FRINGE”. Work nights, found it after work, read for hours, all the various threads. Fascinated. by the ideas as well as the show. Have a comment regarding the query that Peter is not as solid or cohesive and connected character. Like Peter, I grew up in two different environments/universes. I was a military brat, with American dad and English mom. Lived in both US and Europe growing up. So I do not think quite like my American friends, and am not truly european or British in any sense either. I don’t fit in either world.Peter has the same disconnect going on for him. He started life in one universe, and was wisked away into another, where his parents were not ‘the same people’ as the ‘family’ he was born into. His memories of childhood are from both universes, and are incompatible in a sense, so he is disconnected and does not belong too or in either universe.
    Also, have a question about the newest episode: “Reciprocity” –
    It seems as if Peter has become adversary, going about killing Shapeshifters. Why? What do they know that he does not want discovered by the Over Here universe?
    Comment was made that he was ‘too eager’ to come back to Over Here Universe. He bleeds red blood, so he is not a shapeshifter, but is he the ‘Original Peter’ or a copy/clone/duplicate of some type?
    Now that I have these ideas submitted, maybe I can get some sleep! Will check back later to read any comments or reply.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Ayisha, welcome to the site!

      You make fair points about Peter. I agree that his ‘disconnection’, if you will, is perfectly believable. Where I think the character’s depiction sometimes falls short is that it’s not always illustrated in the most believable or realized fashion within the context of the show (in my opinion). Are they trying to make a larger point, or could they do better job by making him less plot-device-y? It’s probably a bit of both. I’ve long held the belief that the character is brilliant ‘on paper’, and to be fair, some of that is beginning to translate on screen of late.

      “It seems as if Peter has become adversary, going about killing Shapeshifters. Why? What do they know that he does not want discovered by the Over Here universe?”

      The machine is changing him in some way. Does the machine have a agenda of its own? It’s possible that might be revealed in future episodes/seasons. I think the primary take-away from Peter’s actions is that the machine is making him more unhinged, bringing out a deep-rooted side of him that, in this instance, sees him go after a bunch of hybrid ‘machines’ as way of justifying to his own ‘humanity’. Peter himself is a ‘machine’, you could say, so “Reciprocity” saw him respond to that by killing the machines who he believes also pose a threat to the blue universe’s survival. There’s a both surface level and internal conflict being played out there.

      And you’re right to point out that they may have specific info that Peter wants. We are yet to discover if there was anything valuable on the last shapeshifter’s storage device.

      “but is he the ‘Original Peter’ or a copy/clone/duplicate of some type?”

      Within the context of whether or not he’s Walternate’s ‘original Peter’, I think the answer would be that he is. Whether the two Peters (Walternate and Walter’s biological sons) are equal, and by extension, whether the two universes are ‘equal’ is probably another question. Is one universe the off-set of another? It’s interesting to consider..

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts/questions. Those are just my views, maybe others have slightly different perspectives to add to the pot?

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  16. Artemis says

    Glad that I stumbled upon your website while trying to find out if the book by Seamus Wiles was “real” or a plot device. Reading your comments & the posts of others is exciting and makes the tv show “Fringe” even more interesting to watch! Reminds me a lot of the tv show “Lost” that was religion, mythology, science, history coalesced into a mind-expanding experience.

    Have your watched the recent series on the HISTORY channel entitled “Ancient Aliens”? If you haven’t seen the various installments of this series, I strongly recommend that you make it a point to watch. The series actually takes the position that the earth was once visited by highly evolved beings who possibly (or probably) tampered with the DNA of the pre-homosapien species that was living on earth at the time (like Neanderthal or Cromagnon man) to create the current version of earth humans. The series speculates that it was this genetic engineering that “explains” the reason that our anthropologists cannot find the “missing link” between the lower form of humans and the intelligent form that we became (or are). Basically, there was no evolutionary change that occurred over time that led to intelligent humans. Also, some of the experts quoted in the series seem to believe that these “aliens” or “first people” are walking among us, disguised as us. In fact, the authors of the series even suggest that homosapiens were created “in the image” of their creator (aliens)–while the Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God.

    One of the episodes in the series examines various portals around the earth where the aliens come and go, generally unseen (i.e., the Bermuda Triangle, the Zone of Silence in Mexico), and through which humans sometimes get “lost.”
    They discuss the disappearance of several airplanes in the 1940’s in the area of the Bermuda Triangle and the subsequent disappearance of the search plane that was sent out to find them! Are these portals to “the other side”?

    The “Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel is crammed with mind-blowing information and hypotheses about what might be “the first people.” I urge everyone who is reading the posts on this site to watch every episode.

    I look forward to future episodes of Fringe, and I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say on this website.

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    • says

      Artemis – Excellent stuff. Personally, I’m not sure that Fringe will go down the “alien” route (although they have touched on it), the fundamentals of your post are intriguing. I’ll have to do some digging on the “Ancient Aliens” series – thanks for the tip.

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  17. bibi says

    in the picture with fire coming out of peter’s eyes, each letter on the page corresponds to a single piece of DNA. maybe significant?

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    • says

      bibi – I agree, they must be significant in some way. What does it tell us about Peter’s DNA?

      We know that Walter’s original son (and presumably Walternate’s Peter) was sick from a genetic defect. How ‘engineered’ is his DNA?

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  18. muzicoholicated says

    They say that when Marconi invented the radio, Number stations were the first things that he heard.

    Is it remotely possible that ‘The Beacon’ (1.04) is a kind of transmitter created by the first people ? We know that it vibrates at 2Mhz & 4Mhz, could it be transmitting these number stations ?

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Interesting. I’d say it’s possible. If so, it could reveal interesting motivations from the Observers and “Rogue Observer” towards the Machine parts.

      I’m not sure if that it meshes together (or that the writers knew exactly what the Beacon was when they initially introduced it), but it’s still an interesting shout.

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  19. Mos says

    If Sam Weiss is the last of the first people, could they possibly had their own version of soul magnets? If they were all dying millions of years ago, maybe his body was the second to last to go and he took over the last. Only reason I can think of on how he lasted so long is maybe an observer time travelled back and grabbed him after learning about first people themselves. Maybe he originally did die and observers going back and changing that is what caused the split in universes. Leaving him free to hop through bodies for a few hundred thousand years more. Just thinkin out loud. Just watched all 3 seasons for the first time over the last few weeka. Juat couldn’t stop!

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  20. says

    Interesting: who came first, the First People or The Observers? I guess with time the way it is on Fringe that might be a moot question, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

    One thing we do know (or have been told) about Sam Weiss is that he’s older than he looks. So I’m not sure the Observers would have had to go back to grab him. Though it doesn’t rule out the possibility that he has moved from vessel to vessel. It’s interesting to speculate, for sure!

    Welcome to the Fringeverse, btw!

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    • Mos says

      I guess the thoughts in my head didn’t come out in text correctly. It tends to happen haha. I was trying to say that if Sam Weiss was the last first person and there were no first person bodies left to take over, naturally he would have died, and did (if they don’t live forever without jumping to another host). So, after the observers learned of this they brought him back to the beginning of the new humanity hundreds of thousands of years ago, and let his host jumping run its course. He would still be crazy old.

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      • says

        Ah, I see your point. I’m not sure I agree in full, but it’s possible.

        Under your premise it sounds like the Observers would be responsible for the presumed split in universes? Again, that’s certainly possible. It would be a potentially interesting turn if they were revealed to be the cause of the problem, and not just the apparent remedy-makers.

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  21. James says

    Episode 1.15 Inner Child suggests that Observers might simply be an offshoot of standard humans. In the episode the boy and Observers share the following trait hairless, unique diet, long life span (boy looks 10 but is older), empath. Is it possible the Observers are standard humans with their abilities turned on?

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    • says

      It’s possible alright.

      Though it’s worth mentioning that September distinguishes himself from humans by saying things like, “they are all unique” (paraphrasing there).

      That doesn’t necessarily discount your theory, but it’s worth considering. At this stage the writers haven’t made a commitment in that regard (not in the narrative, at least), so it could go either way.

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