What is Seriable.com?

  • Seriable.com is the online source dedicated to serialized television and serialized television shows.

What Is Serialized television?

  • Unlike self-contained TV shows which consist of a beginning, middle and end (i.e. procedurals), serialized dramas have continuing storylines that evolve over episodes, seasons or entire series. This overarching format allows for character development and plot progression that unfolds and flows from episode to episode. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way – but that’s the idea! Further reading…

What Is Binge-viewing — is it something I can drink with my eyes?

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Why is continuity important in serialized drama?

  • Continuity is important due to the overarching structure of serials. In a high quality serial, facts and details established within the canon of the story are not forgotten or wiped away at a later point. (however, continuity mistakes are sometimes made, while narrative devices such as rebooted timelines or memory wipes, etc, can allow for continuity flexibility).
  • As a result, episodes of serialized TV should be watched in the intended order to avoid confusion.

Seriable.com features shows that are not ‘heavily serialized’ alongside the pure serials, why is this?

  • We cover shows at different levels on the ‘seriable’ scale, hence the name of our website.
  • The nature of television (particularly on network) for serialized drama is such that more and more serials are made in this way. Such shows may start out serial-lite in the hope of appeasing networks/attracting enough viewers (hence ad views) to avoid cancellation. If there’s enough serialized-intent then we’ll likely cover these shows as they have the potential to become more serialized the longer they run.

So, who exactly is interested in serials?

  • Anyone who enjoys serialized TV; exploring characters, seeing story arcs develop over long periods of time, experiencing layered, complex, and suspenseful storytelling.

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