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Seriable’s 10 Best Serialized TV Shows of 2013

It’s been another golden year of serialized television which has seen the continued rise of long-form storytelling, not just putting to bed claims that serial is dead but tucking them in with a bedtime story and bottle of warm milk. One of the most pleasing aspects of 2013 has been […]

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Fringe Season 5 Now Streaming On Netflix Canada

After a long delay, the fifth and final season of Fringe is now available on Netflix Canada. Related | Fringe Final Season Vanishes from Netflix While US Fringies have been able to stream Season 5 of Fringe on Netflix since September 12, 2013, Canadian Netflixers have had to wait to […]


According to Jim: 13 Best Serialized TV Shows of 2013

Hello, everyone! As another great year of serialized television has come to an end, I thought I’d look back at some of my favorite seriables of the past 12 months. Think of this as a precursor to our official list that we’ll shortly be releasing. Those of you who […]


Seriable Awards: Best & Most Disappointing Serialized TV Show 2013 – Voting

Voting is now open for the Awards 2013, giving you the chance to vote for the best and most disappointing serialized TV shows from the past 12 months! Your nominations have been counted and the seriables with the most nominations in both the ‘best’ and ‘most disappointing’ categories have […]


Almost Human Promises ‘Lots Of Fringe Actors Coming’

Almost Human EP/showrunner J.H. Wyman has further stated that multiple Fringe actors will appear on the futuristic series. It’s nearly a year since Fringe wrapped its five-season journey on Fox. While Almost Human doesn’t share Fringe‘s inherent serialization (Fringe started off as ‘serial-procedural’ but developed its mythology and characters to […]


Seriable Gift List: Whopping Deals On Serialized TV DVDs & Blu-rays!

With the holiday season upon us, Amazon are offering some whopping discounts on a range of serialized TV shows – from currently running favorites like Game Of Thrones and Homeland, to classics such as Fringe, LOST and The Wire. Discounts of up to 83% are available at the time of […]

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Fringe: The Burning Man Competition – Winner Chosen

Earlier this month we ran a competition to win a copy of the Fringe prequel novel, “The Burning Man” by Christa Faust. We asked: Olivia Dunham was once Subject..?: a) 47 b) 13 c) 100 Many of you of correctly stated that the Dunhamnator was of courseĀ  Subject 13. Thanks […]