Can ALCATRAZ And FRINGE Form A Formidable Friday Partnership?

Ever since FOX picked Alcatraz up for series, I’ve been wondering where they’ll put it on their fall schedule. With Terra Nova and X-Factor certain the get the plumb seats along with the likes of House, it doesn’t seem to leave much room for the JJ. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff […]


FRINGE REVIEW: 3.22 The Day We Died – Season 3 Finale

Welcome to our Fringe review for the Season 3 Finale, chapter 3.22 – “The Day We Died”. In this review we provide completely honest opinions on the good and the bad aspects of the episode. We identify the answers that were provided and the mysteries that remain locked away. We take an in-depth […]


FRINGE Producers Talk Mythology, Finale and Future

HitFix caught up with the Fringe showrunners, Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman to get their feelings on the Fringe Season 3 finale and the future landscape of the show. Head past the jump for the quotables. (contains some mild season 4 spoilers).

FRINGE Producers Explain The Day We Died – VIDEO

Still stumped over the Fringe finale? Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman provide some explanations on the events that unfolded in “The Day We Died” while teasing the next chapter in this intrepid journey. Head past the jump to watch the video.

The Bridge

FRINGE: Building Bridges – Peter’s Final Act Explained

One of the many interesting developments to come from the Fringe season 3 finale was Peter’s decision to ‘bridge’ the two warring universes. But how does this bridge work, exactly? Head past the jump to see what exec producer J.H. Wyman had to say about it.


Another Look At The FRINGE Future Intro Sequence – Screencaps & Video

If you tuned into last night’s dramatic Fringe finale, you will have noticed that the usual blue-embellished ‘Over Here’ titles were replaced by a gray-future-themed intro sequence – one that provided insight into the ‘fringe sciences’ of 2026. It was the latest thematic change-up to the famous Fringe intro. But in […]


FRINGE: Fan Thank You – VIDEO

In this new video from FOX, the cast of Fringe tip their fedoras to the fans who have supported the show throughout the ages. Head past the jump to check it out.


Seriable Ratings: FRINGE 3.22 The Day We Died

Here’s what happened: As the thrilling third season propels to a climactic close, questions will be answered as Peter confronts his destiny and a beloved team member meets an untimely demise in “The Day We Died”. ..but how did you rate Fringe 3.22 “The Day We Died?”

The Adjustment Bureau: FRINGE Producers On The Roads Taken

As the clock ticks down to tonight’s Fringe season finale, we have yet another interview for you. Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman spoke to AV Club about their willingness to explore mini arcs, the show’s committed fanbase, and staying true to the overarching stories. Head past the jump […]