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24: Live Another Day 9.07-10 5:00PM – 9:00PM – AFTERTHOUGHTS

Note: If you missed them, you can find our Afterthoughts for Episodes 9.01-9.06 here and here. On the upside Heller confronting Davies for his unwanted intervention starts off with a blasts then suddenly extinguishes like a half-lit matchstick, which is still okay, thanks to the top-notch performances from both William Devane and Stephen […]


24 Season 10 Dodged At Comic-Con; Movie ‘Still Potentially Out There’

The future of 24 remains open-ended, if uncertain. Fans hoping 24 Season 10 would be announced at today’s Comic-Con panel were left disappointed, but the series remains open to future continuation. Executive producer Jon Cassar and Kiefer Sutherland didn’t address a possible tenth season during the panel, but did talk about the […]

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24 Has ‘More Stories To Tell’, Says Fox Boss – When Will It Return?

Fox CEO Peter Rice believes 24 has “many more stories to tell” and hopes to open discussions on a tenth season. Speaking at Sunday’s press tour, Rice reiterated the stance of 24‘s producers by leaving the door open for Season 10 without committing to a specific timeline for a potential return, per @TVGuide: #Fox CEO Peter Rice loved […]