FlashForward Promises to Bring Answers, Guest Stars, James Callis

ABC‘s drama series FlashForward returns next Thursday with the first of its remaining 12 episodes of season 1. The series has always had potential but has never quite managed to get into any sort of rhythm – for me, the storytelling has lacked depth and pacing and the characters have not been worth investing in.

However, with the series having undergone something of a ‘retooling’ of late, executive producer Jessika Borsiczky spoke glowingly of what the show has up its sleeve from March 18th.

Continue past the jump for more on this, and some mild spoilers.

Borsiczky said that we can expect better pacing and more answers..lot of ’em, including whether or not poor old Demitri Noh is going to die at the bullet of partner Mark Benford:

“The first date we have to deal with when we get back, though, is the March 15th date, when Demetri’s found out he’s going to be murdered.”

More on what we can expect:

  • Does the future come true? “The really exciting thing is that by the end of the season we will find out whether everyone’s future has happened. Have they been able to avert it, did they try and avert it and by the act of averting it make it happen?” Borsiczky said.
  • Does Bryce (Zachary Knighton) find Keiko? “We’re going to find out about Bryce and Keiko, whether he’ll be able to ever find his Japanese love.
  • Who’s behind it? “It’s going to be all laid out. And I have to say, we’re in the middle of working on that episode, and it’s so much fun just to get to finally tie up those things from the pilot. The things we had talked about when we were making the pilot, that we couldn’t wait to get to—we’re finally here.”
  • What caused the blackout? “There are some bigger questions to the show that will be ongoing. But we’re going to get a lot more information about the cause of the blackout,” she added.
  • Who is Suspect Zero? “We’re going to find out who the man or woman [who was] awake in the stands was on the day of the blackout.”
  • Does Olivia (Sonya Walger) wind up with Lloyd (Jack Davenport) or Mark (Joseph Fiennes)? “We’re going to see the relationship between Mark and Olivia, and Olivia and Lloyd, take its course, and whether they arrive at their … destiny.”

You can read the entire article over at SciFi Wire.

*Spoiler Alert*

Elsewhere, it’s also been confirmed that Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, will be making another guest star appearance on the show. He’s not the only familiar face who will be turning up – music producer Timbaland will also appear, as will X-Files Alum, Annabeth Gish.

Remember we told you James Callis will have an Olivia-related arc towards the end of the season? Well, according to Zap2it, Callis will enter the show as a “strange guy, who possibly helps, or hinders Olivia Benford”. His character will be called Gabriel McDow, a mysterious guy who has experienced multiple flash-forwards. Interesting – so we’re definitely heading further into the alternate reality terrain by the looks of things. What opportunities will this raise for our characters and how will this effect their choices going forward, if they have a sense that there is more than one outcome? Anyway, we’ll have plenty of time to dig further into all of that – let’s just hope FlashForward manages to present these themes in an interesting and captivating (and fresh) way, like Fringe and Lost.

Here’s a short video of Sonya Walger (Olivia Benford) describing this mystery man (again, via Zap2it):

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