FlashForward: 5 Reveals from Revelation Zero

FlashForward returned last week with the disjointed, yet intriguing Revelation Zero – Parts 1 & 2. As promised by the producers, the episode delivered many more answers that we had previously come to expect from the ponderous first half of the season. Below the jump are 5 of the most important answers or reveals that I gleaned from Revelation Zero.

1. Simon and Lloyd “amplified” the Blackout. That makes sense as it seemed an odd for the writers to have Lloyd (and Simon) publicly accept responsibility so early in the game, without there being a twist in the tale. The idea that they are also pawns in the grand scheme of things widens the FlashForward lens a little bit.

2. It’s not Fate vs Freewill, but Fate and Freewill. I’ll buy that for a dollar. It’s a concept I can easily subscribe to and it works well within the context of the show. We’ve already seen certain characters change their future (Al Gough), whilst others seem bound by their flash-forwards in an almost self fulfilling kind of way (Mark Benford, et al). This gives us a different handle on the flash-forwards. In a sense they are like templates of what COULD happen should freewill not be exercised at opportune moments. I do wonder about the ripple effect of any changes to such a template – Is there some form of cosmic course-correction, or perhaps a natural knock on effect? Either way, I still believe that the show is delving into alternate realities – perhaps the blackout unstuck these realities and allowed them to bleed over into one another. One reality being governed by fate, the other by freewill?

3. Simon is Suspect Zero. A magic ring – most bizarre reveal thus far, kept him conscious during the blackout. No big surprise on Simon being the suspect though – who else could it have been? It’s nice to have this confirmed though as it makes me feel that there are much bigger fish to fry.

4. Simon is connected to the mythology a lot deeper than many thought. Apparently he’s been a part of this secret society since he was a teenager.

The Simon story was definitely the most interesting part of the episode – disjointed though it was, it advanced the story and contained a couple of tantalizing moments, such as the Suspect Zero implications (not so much the reveal), and his decision to cut out the ‘middle man’ – nicely done.

5. D. Gibbons is pulling the strings. At least that’s the inference from Revolution Zero. But is he really the ‘Big Bad’, or another layer of middleman filling?

Episode rating: 7.5/10

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