First Photo from the Super Secret Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Beeb has released the first image from the Doctor Who Christmas special episode. Hit the jump for the image and more details.

Click to enlarge:

Good to have the doctor back. But where’s Pond, Pond, Amy Pond?..

As we previously reported, the Christmas episode will be written by showrunner Steven Moffat. As for spoilers? Matt Smith and Karen Gillan revealed that the episode will feature snow and..wait for it..a Tardis. Obviously the BBC take their spoilers seriously (and good on them!). Here are the aforementioned pair on yesterday evening’s One Show in the UK:


After recently completing my marathon Doctor Who catch-up, I’m really looking forward to the Christmas episode and eagerly anticipating the new season. It’s a crazy show but utterly, utterly addictive once your in.

The Doctor Who special episode regenerates on the BBC, Christmas Day 2010.

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