First-Look At Shawn Ryan’s LAST RESORT


Shawn Ryan‘s Last Resort was picked up by ABC late last week and here’s the first-look photos to give you a feel for the thriller’s seriable potential.

So what’s Last Resort about?

Last Resort is a thriller set in the near future when the country is very splintered and centers on the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who become hunted fugitives after ignoring an order to fire nuclear missiles. They escape to a NATO listening outpost where they publicly declare themselves to be the world’s smallest nuclear nation with 24 nuclear warheads. The show explores the society the fugitives create, the natives they meet and how what they’ve done affects the group and its unity.

It certainly seems to have seriable potential. It’s one of the most ambitious new seriable potentials on the block and should bring something a little bit different to the table next season. We’ll learn more about Last Resort over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, here are the first-look photos:

ABC | Sals

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