Find Out Which Seriable TV Shows Are Going To COMIC CON 2011

The early list of shows attending the July 21-24 Comic Convention in San Diego is out. As you would expect from the genre-friendly event, there are plenty of Seriable TV shows presenting panels/getting in on the action this year.

Hit the jump to find out if you favorites are attending.

True Blood (HBO)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
Spartacus: Vengeance (Starz — hey, it’s a new name for season two!)
Torchwood (Starz)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Fringe (Fox)
Glee (Fox)
Once Upon a Time
Grimm (NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Walking Dead (AMC)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
The Secret Circle (The CW)
Eureka (Syfy)
Warehouse 13 (Syfy)
Being Human (Syfy)
Sanctuary (Syfy)
Alphas (Syfy)
Mythbusters (Discovery)
Penn & Teller Tell a Lie (Discovery)
The Simpsons (Fox)
Family Guy (Fox)

via: EW

Note: This is only an early list – more shows and information to be confirmed soon, I’m sure.

I’ve bolded the panels/presence I’m most looking forward to this summer. How about you?

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    HBO should supply a lot of hankies for those who shed tears for (spoiler alert!) Ned Stark. (I have to admit I was pretty shocked myself). It’ll fun to see what Torchwood brings to the table but I’m really looking forward to hearing from Spartacus! (Love that show).

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