Falling Skies Web Comic Chapter 2: Of Skitters and Mechs

TNT has released part 2 of their bi-monthly Falling Skies web comic produced by Dark Horse Comics.

The comics serve as a prequel to the upcoming alien invasion series from Steven Spielberg, with part 2 offering more insights into the aliens (or “skitters”) through the eyes of the character, Tom Mason. Head past the jump for more.

The first chapter introduced us to Tom and his two sons walking around town. They are looking for Tom’s other son, Ben, who was taken by the aliens. They hear a noise coming from nearby, ballsy Tom goes to check it out and comes face to face with one of the aliens..

Falling Skies Web Comic Chapter 2 (click to enlarge)

Here are the other pages:

One of the more interesting lines from the chapter reveals the relationship between the aliens and their “mechs”, and provides insight into the strategies that Tom and the other survivors may have to adopt if they’re to avoid becomingĀ skitter food:

“The mechs take orders from the skitters, and they come down on us if we travel in large groups or use heavy weaponry.”

If you haven’t already seen chapter 1, or want a refresh, you can check it out here. You can also find more Falling Skies goodies via the official TNT link below.

credit: TNT

Falling Skies arrives on TNT from June 2011.

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